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Hello everyone looking for some advice about symptoms I am having which are like electric shocks in my head shaking arms legs hands go stiff like claw shape blank expression on my face I am under the mental health team and are waiting for my first MRI this month

Hang on in there & wait for your scan results to see whats going on.all the best gus

Thanks Gus not long to go now just so frustrating what's going in my head

All the best

Many thanks I'll keep posting and will sure to post scan findings
Well just an update finally had my scan yesterday had to go in a mobile one at canteberry they are so noisy in there. Just have to wait for the results now 2 to 3 weeks they say then find out what's going on bee long 3 months but getting somewhere now no thanks to my so called team.

hope you get the news you want

Hope so to Gus there thinking more along the line of Parkinson's with my symptoms

keep your chin,

Hi, colin-read-andrews  ---

Waiting and not knowing are the hardest things to deal with.  If you do get a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, at least you will then be able to start getting treatment for those symptoms you have to endure at present.  And PD is not the worst diagnosis by any means.  For most of us, it is slow-moving and its symptoms can be counteracted with medication.

Best wishes to you!

Thank you all so much for your support and comments had a rough time lately just the waiting around now for my scan results think its going to be Parkinson's but gonna keep my chin up had a more test score was 26/30 ace-r 72/100 not had these test results explained to me or what they are for would be grateful for information as to what these test results mean

Hi Colin

welcome to the forum

good luck with your test results

i have tremors in my hands rigidity in my arms and bradykinesia  i dont have electric shocks but i do have a problem with my leg  all of a sudden my foot will go  really rigid and like you say claw like i have no control over it at all

As far as i know a MRI will not actually diagnose parkinsons it is used more so to rule out other conditions msa , stroke etc my neurologists words were he would expect a normal mri scan with parkinsons

it can be a long process getting a diagnosis of parkinsons as there is no test for it your neurologist will go by symptoms and ruling out other possible causes although some neurologists can and do give a diagnosis of parkinsons fairly quickly  i was given a parkinsonism  diagnosis at my first neurologist appointment then a few weeks later we found out my mother also had Parkinsons so i was given a diagnosis of familial parkinsons

I hope you do not have to long to wait as the waiting and not knowing is as j of grey said the worst part

Good luck all the best


Hi Michelle thanks for your reply your right the not noting is the worst but hopefully over the next 2 to weeks should find out my symptom with the electric shock is more like pins and needles but get all the other symptons you outlined in your reply it is very possible my father has Parkinson's but not diagnosed has he s moved away with his new partner and can't be found

Hi Colin

Parkinsons is  very individual  no two people will have the same symptoms , rate of progression etc thats what makes it so difficult to diagnose by doctors but i do hope the next few weeks pass quickly for you and you finally get some answers








Had a really bad weekend I actually scared my 7 year old grandson whom I worship this bloody Parkinson's had my grandsons over the weekend and my second oldest seen me in the kitchen frozen but responsive and totally unable to move my legs where my muscles had gone so rigid my partner had to get me a dining chair and help me sit down I was I can tell you in floods of tears now my grandson is scared to come round in case I scare him again

Hi CRA, that must be really tough. It's hard enough sometimes to manage oneself without having to manage others, especially youngsters. And it's a vicious circle: your grandson gets scared for you, you get scared for your grandson. I know PUK does a series of booklets to help children understand about PD. Maybe worth having a look at http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/content/my-grandad-has-parkinsons-childrens-book just for yourself and your partner?

I'm sure others with grandkids will be able to help, too.

Take it easy


Hi CRA, I am so sorry to hear of your problems.

We talk to our  5 grandchildren about my husband's Parkinson (aged 2 to 14), and they all have little jobs to do if Grandad gets stuck! They can put a ruler down for him to step over, sing a marching song etc.

It's a bit of a game and takes the fear out of it.

Even the youngest accepts his brain has forgotten how to tell his legs what to do.

Good luck!




Many thanks to golden girl for your advice will certainly look into. Ways to income the grandchildren and hopefully for them to try understand by means of play about PD and what's happening to there grandad
Thank you semele for your reply I will certainly look to purchase some of these books on PD I wasn't really bothered abt myself having PD u till I saw my grandsons reaction then it tended to hit home its my wife I am concerned abt I always take it out on her she says its not me its the disease but feel guilty iam rude to her and started throwing things at her going to get advice from my pd nurse see what he comes up with many thathanks again xx owen


I can relate to the rude bit. It astonishes me that I can treat my OH badly, given what they have to put up with. Yes, mine too recognises it's the disease. Yes, I feel guilty too. Let me know what your PD nurse recommends.

And BTW, most PUK publications are free!