Hi Tommy how are you feeling today. Better I hope.
I’m just back from hospital so got my botox again so that my eyes stay open. I look as though I have been punched with the bruising coming out.
Hopefully speak later. Hopefully today will be a good day. Trying to get Peter to come back. So

will see what happens.

Babs x x. X


botox, sounds grim. Hope you soon feel much better.


Hi Babswood
Just received a letter myself to have Botox injections on the 19th November .
Not looking forward to that LOL
Methinks I’ll be extra shaky when I turn up for that appointment.


That’s good Tommy does make a difference. I get 7 injections. It’s not that sore just like someone nipping you. But worth it. X


Hi Lesley it’s actually not too bad sounds worse than what it is.
Hope this finds you well. X


Hi Babswood I presume it must be for my left hand which doesn’t close and couldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding .
So I expect a few injections in all the joints on the hand
I don’t think I’ll need a manicure for that day as my nails will be bitten to the quick.


Hi @peter_corcoran,

I’m really sad to hear that you have decided to take a break from the forum. You can be rest assured that the forum is a place where anyone affected by Parkinson’s can share information and support.

We appreciate that you are a valuable member of the forum community so do reconsider your decision and if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact our feedback team at or give them a call on 020 7963 9324.

Best wishes,


Well I’m the opposite I cannot open my left hand so on the 26 November I am seeing a hand surgeon.



Whit Ur we like eh


early bed, I fell badly in the middle of the night, lay there about an hour. very sore and stiff…WD40 for humans?/


Hi Reah thanks for your email sorry for the late reply as I’ve had a tooth out not been very well as tooth was bigger than the dentist thought took 10 minutes to get it out I am still going to be posting but I have had problems with my old dentist so I have a lot more to do also I managed to get disabled tickets to see Liverpool fc play (top of my bucket list) so have been trying to sort out accommodation those who I am in touch with know they can still contact me between mam and me just need to devote more time to that
Thanks for your concern though Peter


Hi just up for pain killers I assume you have heard from francesco I really do feel for him and hope he stays in touch catch you later


Morning babs, Tommy, Keith and Mrs T hope you have all slept well me, m up again for more painkillers had some sleep but not much so may be hit and miss posting today so will apologise in advance for late responses I will get back to you as soon as I can take care all


anybody up?


this is getting spooky


Morning Mrs t sorry you were left on your own took max pain relief and slug of single malt think I got up once but could have dreamt it anyway hope you are okay


so glad you slept, massive relief:smiley:


Morning Peter

How are you and Mam this morning.
I just can’t believe that the dentist has left YOU In so much pain.
Well another day don’t know what to get up to to day.
Speak later on.

Babs x


Looking at the gap where tooth was I think it will take a while to heal give antibiotics a few days to see if they work strange not getting so many posts never known my tablet to be so quiet in all day if you want anything


Hi @peter_corcoran,

Glad to hear that you’ll be sticking around on the forum and great news about the Liverpool FC tickets! :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope you’re feeling better after having your tooth taken out.

Take care,