Morning musketeers peace and tranquility reign in tank hope you are all OK and have a good day will be off for 2 hours midday but will catch up have you seen francesco, s reply to carebear3 Tommy? Both mam and me are OK though not looking forward to Tuesday still onwards and upwards as they say
Pete and mam YNWA


Hi Peter and Mam
Onwards and Upwards but not alone my friend .
I’m so glad to see Francesco replied to Claire and in such a well informed and hopeful manner.
I think you and I have the knack for seeking out good caring human beings like Francesco.
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill: X


Wish I could say same about male guppies on a serious note you are right he is a good guy hope you and Sue are well your fav girl sends you her regards speak to you later
Pete and mam


Hi Tommy just wondering what is going on nobody seems to be posting anything I, ve missed?


Hi Peter and Mam
I know it’s been extra quiet today it’s like I said last week whenever one of us is missing for any reason Kieth in this case probably because he’s tired after being in hospital it just seems to slow down I honestly don’t know the reason.
Tommy :pill:


Evening. Not been on much, cooked Sunday dinner today and have been rearranging my listening room to incorporate a new amp


Hi Roy all I can say wow man
have you heard anything from Kieth?


No, not heard from Keith Tommy. Lesley said to text him but I didn’t want to disturb him if he’s resting?


The games a bogey the man in the loaby
come oot come oot
wherever ye ur
Where are you Babswood
And Mrs t I’m going to have two discs one a little outside the box for me , going forward I hate that office meeting talk
passive aggressive Whits that awe aboot ? .anyway I digress
I’ll choose Barbara Streisand evergreen and David Bowie all the madmen.
Tommy X :pill:


Hi Roy and Lesley I am not just impressed by your music collection I am so glad you posted a photo of it mam always said I doubt anyone else has as much music as me well now I can tell her she is wrong I guess I have 20% less than you keep on rocking


:love_you_gesture: Rock on Pete :sunglasses:


Good morning to all my friends including Mam. I hope you are all well.
What a music collection Roy. Looks amazing!!

I won’t be on for a few days as my Best Friend is taking me away for a few days up north for my 60th Birthday so really looking forward to it. We are leaving tomorrow morning.
So will speak later on today.

Cheerio for now



Good morning everyone.

About 40 years worth Babs! Enjoy your time away x


Morning Babswood and all musketeers .
Enjoy your break Babswood and try to catch me a Haggis
Hi Keith hope you’re getting better and we’ll hear from you soon .
Tommy :pill:


Morning again everyone
Just thought I’d share this with you .
I just took Sammy for a walk and he only did a Mr whippy on his squeaky toy and couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t give him it back .
Jumping up on me and all that malarky but can you imagine if I had .
He could have squeaked it on the way round the park and some people would have got contaminated by a dirty bomb
TOMMY :pill:


Hi babs have a great time we both hope you really enjoy mam has gone very quiet now about my music :notes: collection so huge thanks to Roy for that I, m about 20%short of his taking mam to town for hairdresser and flowers for tomorrow catch up with you all later
Pete and mam


Pleased it helped your situation Pete. There was a bit more vinyl hiding the other side of the screen.


Hi My Friends
I lost track of time with sleep I’ve had over the weekend but that’s No excuse for not leaving a message if only brief
Everything is good here I’m on level ground
I had a routine checkup this morning for my blood pressure and it’s almost normal 122/82 heart rate is down aswell to 70 BPM
My A- Ds started to kick in over a week ago and even I notice the change

I hope all my friends and families are well
I have missed you


Good to hear things are a bit better for you Keith.


Hey Babswood
I forgot to mention I want that Haggis alive so that I can take it walkies with Sammy.
Anyway I’m a vegan
Live Long And Prosper.
Tommy :pill: