Hi just got up I know that you babs, Keith are there for me it’s just I am so used to working things out for myself I, m OK giving help but not so much for asking for help but I’m getting better can’t count how many fry in the tank but they have eaten some not big enough to move so it’s down to mother nature thanks for being a good friend
Pete and mam


You be careful what you say in front of those babies.
Try giving the fastest one a proper breakfast like eh! faggot’s and peas! LOL


You won’t believe this but if you take shell of pea and squash it they will eat it not doing faggots as don’t want a windy tank


Morning babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley I have already posted Tommy in case you were wondering well hope all is well with you all eventful start to fish hobby evicted one lunatic male and at the last count I still have 9 new born guppies in tank so much for relaxing with them catch you later mam sends her regards to you all
Pete and mam

Trikeman still fundraising

Good day all,
well I was only away long enough to put my wee bro in order. Does anyone else just cry at the drop of a hat?
Keith, well done. You are humbling the way you take on all-comers, meaning illnesses. What a trooper.
Babs enjoy the loch, Scotland is so very special, am biased but driving down the A9 makes me feel sick, driving up the road is just the biz. Perthshire, Cairngorms… so beautiful. Have been driving it for 30 years now and never get bored.
Roy, ok musically up there, so organised. We have some vinyl and a NAD amp, forgotten deck…
Can hardly believe the fish story, on the other hand this thread is so funny sometimes everything is up for grabs.
Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells
Led Zepp, anything
Me and bro are ok again. The family take on PD is a difficult one: they have to want to know the myriad of effects that the disease+meds can have. It is so diverse that you really do have to actually live with us to understand.
I see ( phone ) a neuropsychologist every couple of months: her main line of attack is that I see so much of what I can’t do as “failure”. This is counter productive in so many ways but I still find it hard to alter expectations of myself.
Melatonin is superb as aid to proper sleep. Am happy to talk to anyone who wants to know more.
Love all round.


Welcome back Mrs t glad you’ve sorted issues with your little bro.
(I must admit though I read your last post totally out of context as I thought you were in a boat with your bro funny how language reads sometimes,) one question though .Why don’t you turn the table on your neuropsychologist by a asking if she would be able to find the positive in 30-40 hours of insomnia and being so tired that she was unable to get up on a beautiful day to join family and friends for a lovely excursion . I fail to see how even she would not feel failure in such a situation.
XX Tommy


Hi Mrs t I can tell you that the fish :tropical_fish: storey is true I have five fry hidden in corner of my tank if mam could use tablet she would tell you was wondering if you were OK as not heard anything from you


Sometimes I do put her on the spot, the cumulative effect of no sleep ( sleep deprivation used as torture for good reason ) is quite simply indescribable.

" I’m not surprised you can’t sleep after that huge nap this afternoon…"
" are you really trying?"
" have you tried----------------------?"
" try a good walk or some exercise."
" what you need is to get up earlier."
" have you tried staying in one position?"
" an electric blanket helps me."
" I just get up and paint a picture."
" have you tried gardening?"
" you’re not working any more, what does it matter?"

To all of the above I say,

not that I am an angry individual……………


I think she could do with a bit of therapy as well as me for picturing you and your brother in the middle of a picturesque lake with an island and surrounded by swans .LOL
Tommy X :pill:


I knew it. We’re all nuts.


Well I don’t mind being in my own world at least they all know me there!

Glad you’re back
Tommy X :pill:


Hi all musketeers
I’ve been in bed all day today and very cosy it is too.
I did get up twice to take Sammy walkies though.
Anyway I’m looking forward to Monday when I see my new neurologist at the Oxford centre for enablement.(O.C.E.)
Where their mantra is treating the whole patient apparently.
Just as well as I wasn’t planning posting my shaky leg
stiff hands and screwed up head to them,
I was hoping to go with them actually.
I’m rather hoping they will rebuild me a bit like Steve Austin.
And I should be able to run alongside train’s , maybe even pull them along when they break down therefore getting them to their destination on time bonus eh?
Also if they fix my eyes to super human qualities then I won’t need these specs that I have been wearing since spending 3 years being single
thinking about that it must be true what they say if you get my drift.
Anyway once I’m cured and rebuilt I will have amazing intelligence and I won’t have a short memory and forget about you all.
I shall use my superior brain part time of course to find a cure for all conditions known to man .
But I’d like to think we can all still be musketeers after I’ve sorted everything out.
I shall endeavour to keep you posted on my progress.
Must go for now as someone has just come in with a big syringe.
Tommy :pill::pill:


not at all sure the world is ready…………


Morning to the gang Trust everyone has slept well things back to normal managed to save 10 baby guppies to breeding tank a few left in main tank alas the rest went for supper did askif they wanted chips lol hoping to add another 6 today or tomorrow
Pete and mam


Morning Pete & Mam, Tommy, Babs, Keith & Mrs T, hope you’re all in fine fettle on this bright autumnal morning.

Had a crap day yesterday, I’ve put it down to taking the rasagiline & ropinirole at the same time, my neurologist had been quite specific about taking them 2 hours apart but the PD nurse said it didn’t matter so I’ve been taking them together for nearly a week. Basically yesterday I just couldn’t function & spent most of the day dozing despite having had an apparently solid 7 hours sleep. Today I’ll revert to taking them separately & see what happens.

Have an enjoyable weekend all!


Morning Roy and Lesley , Peter and Mam , Keith , Mrs t, Babswood and Phil
Roy hope you have a better week coming I’m sure you’ll sort it out yourself by self medicating , experts what do they know , Kieth I hope you are ok and I’ll hear from you soon, Mrs t enjoy strictly, Peter look after Mam and the guppies in that order , Babswood please thank Phil for catching and sending me the Haggis .
Unfortunately though he forgot to put air holes in the box (easy mistake) but however all is not lost I’ve put it in the freezer and shall Address it in January with a few apt poems and basically munch the little monster . Wee sleekit coorin timerous beastie oh whit panic in thy breastie an awe that stuff .
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi had a busy day so sorry for not getting back to you and Roy female guppy had around 70-80 live fry the other ones ate most of them but I saved about a dozen so been searching with my mate for liquid live food and small heater so now I have a nursery as well hope you sorted meds Roy and sorry to babs, Keith and Mrs t and Lesley regards to all
Pete and mam


Hi Peter

Well you certainly are busy with your fish Tank.

Give my regards to Mam and I do how she is keeping okay.

I had a brilliant time away. I’m having a family party next weekend for Both Phil and I so looking forward to that. As Phil will be 60 next month.


Hi babswood
Glad you enjoyed your break
Has anybody heard from Kieth?
Is anyone talking to me
Oh well at least I’ve got a jar of worms to munch while watching casualty.
Tommy X :pill::crab:


Not since he last posted on here Tommy.