Hi glad to hear you enjoyed your break got two tanks taking to baby sit lol mam says hi and hope s you have a great party in regards to Phil all best people were born in December!!! I was just telling mam I, m bit worried about Keith sleep well speak to you tomorrow and goodnight to all musketeers
Pete and mam


Goodnight Peter and Mam.

Feels like ages since I spoke with Keith.

Hoping that you are both okay Roy and Lesley
Also Tommy and Suzanne I hope all is well with you both.i do hope you did not eat the can of worms.x x x

Take Care my Friends x x x


Goodnight Babswood
Too late for the worms though
I was lonely .LOL
TOMMY :pill: X


Hi Roy, Peter and Babswood
I’ve just spoken to Kieth and he’s alright .
He said he’d post tomorrow and I’m not saying anything I’m going to let him explain I think you’ll enjoy it.
Tommy :pill:


Okay dokay


Morning babs, Tommy, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley up early hoping to clean the fish tanks before breakfast Trust everyone got some sleep looks like first cold blast is coming this week ful week of appointments this week Parkinson’s clinic on Wednesday think I, ll have to increase pramipexole last time if balance is still same try different tablets wishing a good day to all whatever your plans
Pete and mam


Hi just took this


Good Morning Peter
Well you have had your ups and downs with the guppies but it’s worth it to wake up to such a colourful, beautiful tank, the guppies have a fantastic home
Best wishes for a peaceful day


What beautiful colours Peter.

Looking great.

Enjoy your day. Mam hope you are well and have a good day

Peter let me know how you get on at P D appt.

Babs x x x


Hi thanks for kind words something I have always wanted to do only been just under a month and have 9 baby guppies in a small tank will post pictures when they get bigger thanks again


Yes I will let you know how clinic goes mam just up and sends her love first thing she does is check the fish out considering she was against it she spends fair amount of time watching all the best toyou and Phil


Looks really good Pete :slightly_smiling_face:

Morning all. Les says I was shaking and shouting through the night, seems I have a more exciting time asleep than I do awake!


Morning Roy. You will most prob need another sleep later.
Have a good day whatever you and Lesley are doing.



Been fine all day, mended some weatherboarding on Les’s house and we’ve just had dinner so feeling a bit heavy eyed now I must admit. Hope everyone’s had a good day, been waiting with baited breath for Keith’s return to the fold?


Hi my friends
Tommy knows of my absence so now I will tell you all
Thursday me and my friend Mike went to Harlow hospital to meet the nurses who took care of us both when we were in the CCU and to donate £200.00 to a charity of the nurses choice as a thank you
We both felt good at what we did so went treated ourselves to a steak dinner and a few beers. Unfortunately a few beers lead to many on top of those a number of shorts
I was in no fit state to drive as you can imagine
Mike is in a wheelchair because his leg is still braced
I admit as I was pushing him we were both a little unstable
We were then stopped and questioned by 2 police officers and subsequently arrested for being drunk and disorderly
We were drunk but not disorderly
We spent the rest of Thursday night in a cell separately
They were not interested that I am now officially a Stroke victim or that Mike is now disabled
I won’t say what we said as I’ve already been banned for 2 weeks . What we said would get me banned for life lol
At the point of arrest we were only 200 yards away from my house
We were handcuffed and put into separate cars
We were told we could face the magistrate but when the duty sergeant realised our conditions we were realised on Friday at mid day and no charges . We are now making a claim against them especially the 4 officer’s . Who were disrespectful. Foul mouthed and rough .
The police do a fantastic job and have my FULL respect
But these 4 useless A holes have put a plight on that


Rotten thing to happen after such a good day Keith.


All I can say is unbelievable but this will cheer you up the psycho guppy left his mark on one of female I had around 50 fry managed to save 10 before they were eaten now got a nursery tank in kitchen so much for relaxing lol


I told you it would be good
Worth waiting for eh?
Ronnie and Reggie got their collars felt.

TOMMY :oncoming_police_car::oncoming_police_car::policeman::policeman:


What an end to your good day. Did the police let Kay know where you were?.



No . They didn’t at first now till after booking then we had 1 phone call . I phoned my solicitor and Mike phoned his son and told him to tell kay