We tried to make a getaway . It’s amazing how fast a cripple can push a wheelchair uphill
Lucky I wasn’t charged with an offensive weapon ( my walking stick )
I was contacted yesterday afternoon by Essex cheif super intendants reception with an offer to discuss the matter as was Mick.
We have come up with a solution benefits all except the 4 idiot coppers


Hi Tommy how are you doing. What a carry on for Keith eh? Police officers obv had nothing else to do. I hope that Sue is keeping well


Morning Babswood
Yes I know I thought plod was under pressure in London .
What a fiasco!!

Got hospital today to see new neurologist for assessment.
New Neurologist you try and say that cos I can’t LOL
TOMMY :pill: X


Let me know how you get on Tommy. Yes it is a mouthful to say. X


hi all
hope everyone is well
i am in no way a trouble maker , but i will not allow people to walk over me because they have authority or that they carry a badge
i respect the police in every way shape or form but when i am dis respected then i will come out all guns blazing

Here’s an update
Got them by their googlies
about 10.30 i received a phone call from the secretary of the chief super intendant that he will meet with us in regards to Thursdays incident ( wrongful arrest more like it )
but told he can not make the officers pay any donations to the hospital, as donations are of a personal choice so i told her then there’s no deal that they know what i want and i have now raised their donation to £250.00 each plus a personal apology from all 4 officers and if this is not done i will see them in court along with my solicitor Mikes solicitor and the solicitors of the Stroke association with all my medical records then i hung up ( knowing full well they would ring back ) and they did lol
but this time it was the chief super intendant himself
he seemed like a reasonable officer but did give me the usual BS about it would have to be investigated after our meeting
i told him i am not going to wait , that they were fast enough arresting 2 drunk disabled men put in handcuffs where we were of no threat to them and that if i have not got what i demand i will sue the 4 officers for thousands of pounds each and will donate all of it to the hospital , i told him the only person who had common sense was the booking sergeant he saw we were disabled and he had the officers remove the handcuffs there and then offered us both tea or coffee
he even let us sit in the same cell after an hour and didnt even lock it as we were of no threat
i told him i dont want the officers suspended but they cant get away unpunished so a reasonable donation of £250.00 each and an apology to me is acceptable and that he was welcome to accompany us to the hospital to hand it over
i stated that this will be the quickest cheapest and easiest way to resolve this problem
he said he will have to speak to the officers involved and will call me again today before 5pm
now lets wait and see
i am not doing this for personal gain every penny will be handed to the hospital


Hi Tommy how did your app go today been catching up with the jobs around the house and moving male guppy after he attacked one of the neons and made the other three female guppies pregnant so guppies are going and change housemates so sorry I forgot about your appointment regards from us both
Pete and your fav girl


hi , got a good result
myself , mike and our families will meet the 4 officers for their apology
when we meet the super intendant on thursday with the officers and if we sign to say this is the end of our claim which we will he will hand myself and mike a cheque for £2,000.00 , he said he will welcome our invitation to him to join us when we hand it to the childrens ward after we have spoken to him
he seems to be a fair officer but he did say i drive a hard bargain and as we are donating our settlement to charity they will double it and donate an extra £1,000.00
it may make the children a little happier over christmas
still wasnt worth a night in the cells but hospital profits


Hi Peter and Mam and all the brexiteers sorry watching too much TV I mean musketeers.
I had a long talk with neurologist today he remembers me well as he treated my brother and was very sympathetic when I told him that he has died .
He said it had passed him by as he had been on holiday and still assumed that he was still on his patient list.
He quizzed me for an hour and he is very observant and clever as he asked me why I had gone off on another tangent at the end of the chat which I hadn’t noticed but he was of course correct .
I was quite pleased with that as it proved he was listening and trying to figure me out at the same time.
He acknowledged that the stiff hands don’t fit with an FND diagnosis but could still be a separate issue also he said he didn’t see any signs of bad depression but agrees that shaking for 3 years would get anyone down .
Therefore he can’t pair that up with FND either.
So he is going to talk to my other neurologist and see me again in 3 months.
Without a proper psychological assessment he however can’t rule out FND .
So in summary I seem to be back to almost the beginning except that the pd medication trial made no difference to the tremor but he seems to be interested in my violent dreams shouting and hitting out while asleep.
And is interested in my head injury record of which there are a lot .
Sorry for the long post but on the bright side you might be asleep before the end LOL
TOMMY :pill::pill:


Morning Tommy and all musketeers really cold here but still dry Trust all is well with you all catch up with you later
Pete and mam


Hi Tommy

On the bright side you appear to have someone who is interested in you. 3 months seems quite long till you see him again.

Well ma Cronie I hope you still keep upbeat. You have so many friends on here. I for one will be rooting for you until you are told properly what is actually wrong.

Keep smiling and telling us funny stories.

Take Care my friend and I also hope Suzanne is keeping well.



Hi Peter and Mam

Hope your fish are behaving now and giving you the peace and relaxation that you wanted.
Does Mam like to sit and watch them?

Thinking of you both. Winter is deffo here now as so cold.

Take Care my Friends x



Thanks Babswood
Sue is fine for the moment .
I was impressed by the neurologist I saw yesterday I have a feeling he is also a psychiatrist .
What was nice is that he faced me whilst talking which to me means a great deal as I hate doctors who just stare at computer screens.
3 months will pass in no time as I’ve waited 3 years to find someone who seems remotely interested.
Hope Phil is ok and thanks for caring it means the world having support
XX Tommy :pill:


Not at all Tommy that’s what friends do.



Hi @itsmylfe,

Wow! It’s shocking what happened to you and your friend, I’m really sorry that you had to go through this. If you need any emotional support, you are always welcome to give our helpline a call.

Do take care.

Best wishes,


Hi babs and all musketeers sorry I have not been able to get back to you as I have been watching the 4 female guppies give birth last one is just finishing god only knows what I am going to do with them first I have to stop them from eating them sad to say 2males are now in my mates tank and will have to be satisfied with photos hopefully by tomorrow evening I should be able to get back to normal whatever that is mam is totally lost for words lol
Pete and mam


Hi Peter and Mam
Loved the photo of the tank
beautifully designed you’re a professional already .
Good Luck for tomorrow my friend .
Sue wants to know if you have a fish called Wanda or from her favourite animated film finding Nemo .
I have told her to grow up but she just says “why” .?
And I can’t fault that sentiment can I?
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy X :pill:


Hi I am watching the last female giving birth right now will get back to you hope you and Sue are well mam is speechless
Pete and mam


Evening all.

Les calls me Dory cos of my fantastic memory :thinking:, I’ve even got the key ring


Hi Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley chaos over sad to say they ate all eggs overnight so tank is clean and quiet with no males unless Danny la rue got in on a better note found 5males and 1 female from 1st batch so rescued them 6 more to finish stocking tank and hopefully sit back and relax hope all is well with everyone off to pd clinic in an hour be back on later
Pete and mam


Hello Pete. Hope you can start enjoying your aquarium now things have settled down a bit & that all was well at the clinic.

Hope everyone else is ok? Been awfully quiet…