Hi Roy tank is so calm now just in from pd clinic increased sinamet to four tablets a day


Where is everyone today have you heard from anyone or have I missed something


Not a dicky bird from anyone Pete?


Hi Peter and Mam,Roy and Lesley.
I’m still here but I was thinking the same as you.
I’m getting a wee bit paranoid and thought it was just me.
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill::pill:


I’ve had quite a busy day today
Cutting my nails .
Apart from that just the usual stuff going on.
Please don’t underestimate the nail cutting thing as it is no easy task for me anymore LOL


Hello Tommy. I cut my toenails today, it didn’t end well


That’s exactly what I mean
now at last some meaningful conversation.
Mine pinged off in all directions in a very dangerous manner if they hit anyone they could have caused real injury and I only found 16 haven’t found the rest yet.


Fella I worked with used to cut his fingernails in the office, ‘shrapnel’ from him used to end up in your coffee


I’d better not show this to Sue then Ha Ha .


Hi Peter
Back to serious stuff
Have you heard anything from carebear 3 or Francesco?


Might do my eyebrows tomorrow I’m like Dennis Healy
It takes a bit of planning to get round to doing these things now.
Maybe I’ll do my ears and nose by Christmas in fact I could use them as the tree this year


I helped Les do hers but drew them on too high, she looked surprised


I’m so glad that was your reply because after I wrote it I thought oh oh he’s going to send me a photo of his ears


I have to shave them these days


I’ve got a Braun multi I liked it so much I bought the company.


Ok Victor


Hi Tommy not heard or seen anything since francesco replied to Claire a few weeks ago hope you and Sue are well mam sends her regards but I have to say that her breathing is not so good just hope having done so much to get tickets I, ll be able to go neurologist increased my siemet to 4a day and told me to take extra 2 half tabs when I go to game
Pete and mam YNWA


I’m sorry Mam is not so good
also I hope you make it to your game .
Has she got a blue inhaler or nebuliser ?
I shall message Claire and Francesco to see if there is any update.
Good luck my friend
I’m sure she’ll be fine as long as someone is with her even if she does call it babysitting which it definitely isn’t.
Tommy :pill::pill:


She is not willing for anybody to stay with her I don’t think she realises how bad she is


That’s such pity
I’m. aware this is an odd offer
but I suffer C.O.P.D and I’m very good at controlling it so I would be willing to travel and look after her till you return .
I would be happy to help you two in return for all the support you have given me however at the same time I would not be offended in the slightest if you both think differently as I understand she will be set in her ways as she is entitled to be…
Tommy :pill: