Hi Tommy thanks for your offer of help but as you say mam is stubborn and has told her sister in no uncertain terms that if she turns up with intention of staying the night to forget about it I spoke to neighbour and she will keep an eye out for her as will my mate who is calling whether she likes it or not I, m going early Sunday morning and back around tea time on Monday so its only one night the thing that gets me is when mam says I don’t know where I get my stubbornness from really!!!
Pete and mam


Morning all.

It’s so cold here today I don’t think the snow is long away.

Peter I hope Mam is okay it is such a worry eh.

You will get to your football. I’m sure you will have a brilliant time.

Roy and Lesley hoping you. Are both okay.
That’s a sore toe you have given yourself.!!!

Tommy I hope you are still looking after the Haggis I sent you.
It cannot be fed on toenails so be sure they are all picked up.
Have you decided on a name for him yet.

Think I turning as daft as you ha ha.

I hope all is well with you and Sue. :grin::grin::grin:Xxx


Morning all. Yes, it’s a cold one here to, quite a frost first thing.

I should know better Babs, it usually ends up getting infected & taking a week or two to heal but I’ve been applying copious quantities of germolene. Les is seeing her chiropodist this morning perhaps I should have as well?

Have a good day everyone!


Awe bless
As I said she is entitled to be anything she wants
We’ll say no more on the subject .
I do hope you make your game though because you deserve it.
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill:


Morning Babswood, your cold poor McTavish has been in the freezer for as
week .
Yes maybe you are getting as daft as me but it’s not a bad place to be, in your own world.
Francesco has been in touch but unfortunately he’s heard nothing from carebear 3.
Tommy :pill::pill:


Hoping you all have a good day will speak later x x x


Hi babs hope you are OK cold here too I, ve been shopping and cleaned up two fish tanks got seven baby guppies all rest got eaten mam says she is fine thanks and sends her love got my mate to take last two male guppy
Pete and mam


Morning babs, Tommy, Keith and Mrs T, Roy and Lesley lovely here wet and windy topped off with a visit to the dentist so if I am slow getting back to you sorry hope you are all well catch up with you all later


Morning Peter and Mam
Babswood, Mrs t, Kieth, Roy and Lesley , Elvis,The Queen, my dentist, my GP , the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker and anyone else who knows me
It’s cold outside but me and Soo are toastie in here oh morning Mr boiler man
Anyhoo shopping today and I love it (sarcasm) .
Have a happy Friday everyone
Especially my favourite girl
Tommy :pill::pill::pill::pill: (extra meds)


Uncle Tom Cobbley’s offended!

Morning all!


To all the characters who sent me PM’s GOOD MORNING
Buzz Light-year , big bird ,he man , foghorn leghorn, Minnie and Mickey ,woody woodpecker , batman and robin , Nemo and Dory Tom and Jerry , Spiderman, iron Man , Brian Griffin , Stewie Griffin and Roy your the second to ask about uncle Tom cobbley
may I remind you all that I don’t have all day and if I don’t mention you it’s because the list is not exhaustive it doesn’t mean I don’t like you .
Tommy X :pill:


Good day all.

Hope you all have had a good day. Well for me tomorrow is party time. So most prob won’t be on till Sunday…

Take care all. I’m shattered as had speach therapy today so going for a nap.



Hi have a ball not been on till now as I have had two fillings and then my mate took me to get the final few fish :tropical_fish: tank is now complete mam says enjoy the party
Pete and mam


Thanks Peter and regards to Mam x x x :grin:


Is this still for your 60th Babs? Hope my celebrations next year go on as long!

Have a good 'un x


Have a ball hen
Tommy X :pill:


Hi Peter and Mam
More fillings! I wouldn’t want to be the one that bought you a cordless drill for Christmas
who knows where it would end up.
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill:


Hi got one more in new year plus fitting for gum shield I got tmj jaw problem which means I grind my teeth beginning to think I, d be better off seeing the vet your fav girl sends her regards
Pete and mam


Good morning to all hope everyone is well and got a good night’s sleep just can’t believe how quick this year has gone I, m not superstitious but won’t be walking under any ladders before this time next week finally got aquarium sorted so I, m back to normal if you’re still partying babs good for you just want to say thanks Tommy for your offer of help but mam is OK her brother called yesterday so he will check on her but appreciate the thought nice to have good friends
Pete and mam


Hi babs hope you sobered up mam says she hopes you had a really good time regards to you Phil and family at last my tank is settled and fully stocked catch you later
Pete and mam