Hi Peter glad all okay.

Our Party was great. It lasted until 3.30 am can’t believe I managed it. I got to my bed at 4am.

My sons had got us a brilliant birthday cake made as a day at the races as we both enjoy going to horse racing.

We all had a great sing song. At the end. Was to Mam. X x x


Really glad you had a good time this time next week it, s my turn counting down the hours saw neurologist wed increased my siemet to 4a day and told me to take 4half tablets 2 for Sunday and 2 for Mon if I need to think you should start getting ready for Xmas party now mam sends her love she has to have chest x-ray tomorrow or Tues
Pete and mam


Some years ago I struggle with Insomnia. I tried different drugs, herbs, but nothing seemed to help me. Unless I gave birth to my lovely daughter. The whole day caring for her made me strengthless and exhausted in the evenings. I was sleeping like a small baby.


Hi Ayed 1954
I must agree that you seem to have found the perfect answer to insomnia unfortunately for me I only have a springer spaniel who is older than me in dog years and a son of nearly 39 who is only capable of wearing out wallets and if I ever brought the subject up of having more children I’m sure my wife would have me sectioned LOL
However I am delighted for you not only for getting the better of insomnia but for having the joy of a new baby
Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi all musketeers
I’m afraid I’ve had a sleepy day again after being up all night .
Hope you are all well and Mam has a clear X ray.
Kieth sends his regards to you all as he is in Yorkshire visiting his sister.
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Hi Babswood
Sounds like you and Phil had a great weekend and you two certainly deserve it.
Hope all is well ma wee cronie
Tommy :pill::pill: x


Hi Tommy just had shit day will pm you if your up


Me too Peter catch you tomorrow
Regards to my favourite girl


Hi Peter that’s me just about caught up from my party. Hoping scan goes OK for Mam give her my best wishes.

Well not long till Weekend and your football match.
Will speak before then.


Hi my friend Tommy

So sorry you are having a rubbish time.

That’s me just recovered from. Party.

My sons had got a cake made for. Us both of a horse race was amazing did not want to cut it.

Sorry not been in. Touch time is just flying away…

Hoping you feel a bit brighter tomorrow.

Babs x


Hi babs sending you a pm


Hi just asked Tommy to fill you in on what is happening glad you had a good time


Late greetings to all, I’ve got flu or some kind of lurgy, joints even stiffer than usual.

Hope everyone’s ok, very quiet round here these days.


Hi Roy
I’m still awake (wait a minute can I catch flu over the interweb . Oh I’ve had my jab)
Anyhoo as I was saying I’m here Peters got his earphones on probably doing the birdy dance round the living room , Babs is probably in Dreamland and I think Kieth is still in Yorkshire eating their famous pudding ( he loves sweet stuff)
I haven’t heard from Mrs t since that comedian got voted off strictly . Mam is giving it big zzzzz apart from that everything is normal
Oh and I’m wearing my new tena lady pants (that’s not normal but incredibly comfortable and I can do all sorts of sporting events with an invisible panty line)
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Just got a touch of fomo there Tommy.

Les keeps reminding me that I could/should have had a flu jab, really helps…

Peter’s taste is better than that, he’ll be pushing pineapple & shaking the tree at least.

Thought Keith was busy battling the forces of law & order?

Pleased about your vpl but you’ll have to give up on the sussies as well mate.


Yes your right Peter will be rocking it to Frank Zappa or similar.
Kieth won his battle with plod
And don’t knock my pants till you’ve tried them I’ve never felt so energetic .


Hi Peter

Did you get my PM.



Hi babswood
What are you doing up at this hour.
I told Roy earlier that the sandman had visited you
Tommy X :pill:


Just can’t sleep. Are you. OK Tommy.x x x


Yeah I’m fine thank you
Just not sleeping and a sore shoulder when lying down
Tommy X X