You are dead right Roy (hi to you and Lesley) I was listening to my pick me up album eagles 71to 75 every track agem hope you feel better soon
Pete ps followed that album with beatles love songs not often seen (brown album) another gem


Have you heard much from Keith.?

Hoping you are not in too much pain…



Good morning everybody.

2 good shouts there Pete, I’m currently working my way through 15 cds from the charity shop - £3!


Hi Roy if they are not damaged you got a helluva bargain thought I was good at bargain hunting but that takes some beating


Hi just got emails from lfc asking me to be available on the phone to pay for the tickets and check what time I need to get there so maybe a bit behind with my replying have a good day all
Pete and mam YNWA


About half way through them Pete & they’ve all been fine, Toploader one needed a wash, someone mistook it for toast & put marmalade on it (that’s what it looked like).


thank you for your attention and suggestions.


Hi babswood
I eventually got a snooze
As for the shoulder pain the powers that be put it down to a fall I had some months ago but I’m not so sure and you know how hard it is to get them to listen to their patients
So now in my opinion they are wasting our money giving me physio .
If I move my arm out to the left I can’t raise it beyond there (ouch) see? But if I move it forward and up no problems .see? LOL
Tommy :pill:


You are very welcome Ayed
Why don’t you come and join us on the insomnia thread and chat I’m sure you’re input would be most appreciated and it’s funny (sometimes)
Tommy :pill:


Hi Peter and Mam
Roy and I were wondering what was coming through your earphones last night .
Turns out we were both well wrong.
The Eagles eh?.
Never understood why they were running down the road trying to loosen their load.
Was there no senokot or syrup of figs in the 70s LOL
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Hi babs, Tommy, Keith and Roy and Lesley my tickets for Liverpool v Everton are on the way


Yeah ynwa
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Hi Babswood
Kieth is back home to find a letter informing him that due to his dominant right hand still working he is not disabled enough for ESA .
However he’s taking it very well for the Kieth we know.
Good medication methinks!
Also he is now taking people from the old folks home shopping for a token fee of 50p.
Although they try to pay more he returns it as he said it gives him a good feeling to help others.
This is why he is not posting as much because he’s spending time with his new friends ( joking) but he seems to be in a good place at the moment.
Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley here is the news match tickets on the way, hotel confirmed, taxi to and from ground booked so keep everything crossed for me we have not lost Merseyside Derby for 10 years only thing I can, t control hope you are all well and happy whatever you are doing be missing from 8pm till 10pm tonight will catch you later
Pete and mam


Hi Peter and Mam
I think I might be just as happy as you Peter .
And I will cross everything for you .
I am aware that we have not met yet but believe me even my eyes are crossed but I must admit that’s because I refused to wear those little round NHS glasses with a plaster over one lens when I was a child.
Funny thing is that I would love to get a pair now .
Maybe it’s the John Lennon effect.


Hi Tommy apologies not been on all day as feeling so tierd I just want to go to sleep all the time. So Phil is enjoying the peace.

I hope Sue is keeping well. Thanks for letting me know about Keith and his new band of friends. We’ll that’s me off to bed may be speak to you if we are up during the night.

Take Care Babsx


Hi Peter

Glad you got the call and everything sorted for your football trip.

You deserve to go and enjoy. I do hope your team wins. Regards to Mam. How did she get on. At hosp this week.

Take care YNWA. BABSX


Hi Roy and Lesley

Hoping you are both well. Is that you getting ready for Xmas.?

I am putting my tree up this weekend. When does Lesley put your tree up.? I just love Christmas.

What a bargain with your LP’s.
People pay a lot for certain ones as long as they are in good condition.

Take Care. Babsx


Hi babs mam has to wait 2 weeks for results but got appointment for results of heart scan she had almost 6mths ago next Thurs all our best wishes to you and Phil
Pete and mam


I’m sure it’ll be a great match Pete. Not really into football but went to one premier league match some years back at the Riverside (Middlesbrough) to see them lose to Leeds. Just remember the great atmosphere & sense of occasion (my then partner who sadly passed in 2011 was a lifelong fan).