Think the tree might be going up this weekend (at Lesley’s, I won’t bother round mine) once I’ve got it out of the loft. Her daughter who still lives with her (well kind of, she’s got a flat in Les’s garden) is off to Jamaica tomorrow so once I’ve shook off the remains of this lurgy I’ll be stopping round there. The CDs were a real result, wish I’d carried on listening to them today instead of trying to get chromecast to work (turned up today, a groupon purchase, with german instructions?) it’s a music streaming device only it doesn’t seem to like my music!


Well Babswood
I’m up (again) got up for the little boys room.
Went back into bedroom to find a snoring wife on one side and a deaf snoring spaniel on my pillow.
I didn’t have the heart to move him as he looks so comfortable.
What can I do I’m a softy when it comes to my furry boy.
TOMMY :paw_prints::paw_prints:


Hi Tommy was a good night for me slept from 10pm till 5.20am so really good. Absolutely rotten weather here rain. Rain. Rain.

Well Tommy you are a big softy I bet the dugs the boss. Ha ha.
I’m in Stirling xmas shopping. But have taken a break for a coffee.
Take care. Babsx


Hi Peter

Everthing will be fine I’m sure of it have a great time. I will be thinking of you.
Take care and regards to Mam.



Hi Roy

You must have wondered what I was talkin g about. I thought it was Old Lp. s you had got. Not always so stupid.

Hope you are both well



Would have been really over the moon if they had been vinyl Babs.

Enjoy your shopping.


Thanks babs it’s been so long since I’ve done something for me I, m beginning to feel like a kid at Xmas if my memory is right enjoy the shopping sun has just come out here
Pete and mam


A kid at Christmas eh?
Well don’t be eating all your selection box before the half time pie and Bovril .Ha Ha
I can’t think of anyone else who deserves a bit of me/you time (that got me confused )
than you my friend.
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Hi your fav girl says thank you and hopes you, sue and Sammy are well she’s been to town with her sister went to local garden centre to see the aquatic section saw what I thought was amazing Xmas present a 4ft tall camel with nodding head most lifelike animal I ever saw then little boy started stroking a sheep we, d not seen when the sheep moved his head and gave out a bah boy took off crying couldn’t help but laugh I know I, m sad lol
Pete and mam


Hi Roy and Lesley had a good deal on cd, s then know where to look now never noticed any in our charity shops but will be taking closer look from now on hope you are both well
Pete and mam


Yes, there’s a couple locally that do 5 for a quid. Shame it’s not vinyl, I’ve given up looking through records in charity shops, don’t need any Perry Como/James Last/Harry Secombe/Johnny Mathis etc… Anything decent is usually ebay equivalent prices these days but I guess it’s all in a good cause?


Alfie Boe
He’s the one you’re after.?


I can’t believe the price on new vinyls they are like 4or 5 times what I remember when I was collecting them crazy now they say cassette tapes are on the way back


Prefer Micky Bubble


The worst media ever! (I do still have a functioning cassette deck & tapes however…)


Hi Roy
Sue has a lot of vynyl in the attic .
Can’t remember much of the genre though.
Probably not up your street.
But I know there is a copy of tubular bells still in cellophane and a yellow vynyl copy of goodbye yellow brick road in mint condition.


Hi Tommy in case you think I did not reply to you I did earlier on.

Or maybe your not speaking wi me.
Anyhow thought I would say in case you missed it.
You had better get to bed before Sammy Tonight or you may lose your space.

Hope you are doing OK. Do you think Keith is finished with forum?

Babs x


Hi Babswood
I’m sorry I didn’t realize I hadn’t replied.
I couldn’t fall out with you if I tried.
It would hurt too much (ouch)
It’s not getting in before Sammy he’s got his own bed and gets tucked in.
It’s when I get up for anything he sneaks in with sue the little tike .
Yes I think Kieth will be back he’s just sleeping better now
and always tells me to say he’s asking for us.


Worth about £30


Och well Tommy you will just not need to move all night so that Sammy does not get your bed.
I am. So tierd just going to my kip see you the morrow.

Yer Cronie fae Glesgae. X x x