Was just wondering Is anybody. about.?


Morning babs and I didn’t say good as it’s wet and v. windy here hope you got some sleep I, ve been up since around 2am muscle stiffness and back pain took max dose of pain relief this had to flare up now with 4/5 hr car journey to face hope you finished your Xmas shopping when you went earlier in the week? If you need to get in touch with me Sunday gave number to Tommy earlier as will be taking different phone
Regards to you and Phil from mam and me


Morning Babs, Pete & Tommy. Woke up coughing like a chain smoker, was hoping this lurgy was abating last night but it’s worse than ever this morning. Haven’t opened curtains yet so don’t know what weathers doing, might try and catch some more zs


Morning Peter

I am sure you will be fine once you are there. Do. Not panic.
Say hello to Mam from me. No still lots of Xmas shopping to be done.
Really wet and windy here too.
Will speak before you leave YNWA. Babsx


Hi Babswood
Sunny here today
Sue and I are at the CAB
Getting help with one of the dreaded forms and then going shopping
Have a good weekend
Tommy X :pill:


Hi Tommy hope you got all your shopping done.

I am now sitting wrapping up Xmas pressies.
As I’m feeling quite good today I thought I had better make a start.
Hope you and Sue doing okay.

Yer wee Cronie Bbabsx


Hi Babswood
We’re just settling down now after dinner and everything seems calm for now.
Tommy X :pill::crab:


Hi Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley have you seen the petition for free medication for people who have pd I just signed up as you can see another sleepless night though did manage a few hours catch up with you all later


Morning Pete, Tommy, Babs & absent friends :wink:. Had a solid four hours (but spent most of yesterday afternoon/evening nodding on the sofa anyway). Think I feel well enough to go round and get on Lesley’s nerves later. Good weekend all!


Hi musketeers
Apologies for the late response I’ve got the usual problem of no notification but I’ll try to fix it today already tried the off and on reboot
Have a great weekend .
Peter enjoy your trip my friend .Roy hope you’re well enough now after your coughing week.
Babswood keep wrapping .
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Hi thanks just finished stuffing my sports bag intend giving fish house a good clean so I only have to have a shower in morning and then off to mecca my old phone 'doesn’t have lnternetso I will apologise in advance if I Don, t reply I will get back to you as soon as possible (text only ") hope you all. enjoy what is left of weekend will catch up with you all when I get back
Pete and mam YNWA


Hope you have a great day Pete.


Cheers Roy


Fixed my notification problem. it was auto sync switched off
I’m a proper tech wizard only two days to work it out !
Enjoy tomorrow YNWA
TOMMY :pill:


Thanks Tommy will be thinking of you all honestly well maybe not during the game will catch up with you all Monday night your fav girl is OK and sends her best wishes
Pete and mam


Hi Peter

Hope you have a brilliant time and your team wins.


Babs. Regards to Mam X


Have a good weekend Tommy. Have spent nearly all afternoon putting my tree up. Shattered now away for a lie down before dinner.

Roy hope you. Have a good weekend too. I hope Lesley gets you to help puttting xmas tree up. I said to Phil think I will get one next year if I’m still here that you just plug in and its da Ra. All done.



I put the Christmas tree up myself… Thank Heavens for the NHS LOL.

Have a good weekend
Tommy :pill::pill:


Thanks Babs never thought this day would ever happen really looking forward to it will catch up with you soon as I am home mam sends her love
Pete and mam x


Is there any truth in the rumour that Kieth has ran away with Mrs t ( well I say ran but!)
Answers on a postcard please.