Well that should maybe make him come back. I had actually thought about asking if anyone knew anything earlier but thought better of it.
In reply to your question Tommy
I would say maybe Aye or maybe NAW.


Ha Ha Babswood
It’s only a rumour.
I should know because I started it LOL
Tommy :pill:


You must think I’m really stupid as if.
Babsx I’m.only putting my wooden soon. In the mix.


Hi Babswood
I don’t think anything of the kind.
You know my sense of humour.

Anyway just spoken to Kieth and he said he would phone you soon .
Tommy X X


Och gonnae no dae that.

Goodnight my friend hopin that you sleep well. Will speak Ra morra. Babsx


If you are a good girl
I’ll explain soon it’s just that sometimes my post doesn’t read as I’m thinking.
But things have been getting to me recently and I might let you in on it by PM soon
I care about you two so much honestly.
Tommy X X


Hi morning Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley well I, m showered and fed just finished listening to the boxing sort the tank out next then as soon as my cousin turns up we hit the road hope you all have a good day will catch you all soon Tommy you know how to reach me should the need arise I only need one thing to round off the day and that’s a win
Regards to all pete


Hi Peter
That’s a given

Regards to my favourite girl


Hi Peter have a Fab day.



Thanks will try my best
Pete and mam


Hi Tommy

I hope you have slept well.

I have my family coming round for dinner today. So I’m going to tidy up a bit and put all the things out of reach that I don’t want my grandchildren to touch. Yet they always find a way. I usually go into my bedroom and find them with makeup and lipstick all over their faces.

Hoping all is well with you my friend and will speak later on.

Cheerio for now. Babsx


Morning Babswood
Afraid I didn’t fail asleep till 7oclock this morning
On my way out with Sammy now.
Yours sounds like a busy day
Is that Phil you find playing with your make up.LOL
Got a nice post from Jackson this morning which is for you and Sheffy and anyone who replied to her very sad poem.
Tommy X X :tulip:


Morning Tommy.

Hope you OK did not realise how bad you felt. I am so sorry. I am not. Much. Of a friend eh.
Off out to garden centre.

Will speak later when I’m back…

So your a poet
And I never
Knew it.!!!

Yer wee Cronie Babs x


Hi Babswood
Yes I am a poet and don’t know it.
And what you say that your not much of a friend.
Well I’m here to tell you that is not true.
Your one of the best from my point of view. LOL
TOMMY :pill:


So whit ye been up tae the day?


Jist a wee walk tae Tesco
an oot wi ra dug twice.

Did ye get ennyfing at the gerdin centre?


Aye a got lights and some green stuff to go alang ma stairs. Tae make it look guid for Santa comin. X


A hope ye gote karrits furra reindeer!


Only 22 sleeps to go
Or about 4 or 5 if you’re me LOL.


Hi Tommy, babs, Keith, Lesley and Roy not long got in brilliant weekend knackered so will be in touch tomorrow wisdom tooth has come through was warned if it did I would have to go to hospital to get it removed mam is OK
Pete and mam YNWA