Glad you enjoyed it so much the game was certainly a fairy tale ending you couldn’t have hoped for better.
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill:


Hi just going to try and get some sleep also managed to squeeze in the beatles tour before coming home today so managed to do all I wanted to will catch up with you later today
A very tired and sore (but happy) Pete


Goodnight Peter
Goodnight Mam
Goodnight johnboy ( oops wrong show)
Tommy :pill:


Hi gang. Am in London with hubby and daughter. How do people live here? Afraid have not run off with Keith, yet. Cripes a woman can’t be absent for a while before the rumours abound. Looking forward to school carol service in Westminster Abbey, hubby doing a reading. Simply love carols, something so predictable, like the Beatles, I know all the words. London teeming with lonely people trying to be happy. Oh me oh my, since when was only the latest 'phone ever enough? Am sounding like grumpy old woman. 23yr old daughter feels bereft coz I forgot to buy an advent calendar.
Tree up, will stay up until March.
Love ‘n’ hugs to all.


Cheers Mrs t
I’m afraid it’s hands up from me as I started the rumour.
I was just practicing for my new job as Sun reporter .
But it is a good one though!
Tommy trouble maker :spoon::pill::pill::pill:


Hi babs, hope you and Phil are well home safely absolutely wiped and very sore but have some special memories to cheer me up whenever I feel low need to sort out all photos to put together the best for my cave if I can find some wall space will speak to you later on mam just relieved she’s not killed my fish!!!
Pete and mam x YNWA


Good morning Peter

Sounds as though you had a brilliant time. Glad your home safe and sound. Your team won eh. Great stuff. Will speak later regards to Mam.
Enjoy your sleep.



Good morning Tommy

Hoping you got some sleep.
Today I’m off to Southern to see PD nurse…

Will speak later on



Good morning Babswood
Good luck

Tommy X


Morning Babs, Mrs T, Pete & Tommy (wherefore art thou Keith?).

Well Babs the tree’s up & Les & I had a nice anniversary dinner last night (met 4 years ago). Here’s a pic of my just dessert

Pete, sounds like you had a fantastic day, nice one!

Mrs T on the subject of advent calendars Les got me a pork scratching one, much prefer my favourite savoury hairy snack to all that chocolate

Tommy, what news from our comrade in arms Keith & how are you getting on?

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Hi Roy

Well that dessert looks delicious.

Happy anniversary to you both that’s so lovely… :heart:

Well I have not seen an advent Calendar like that one.

Thats me got all my deckies out. Quite enjoyed putting them all out. Its when they all go away and the place looks bare… Usually by hogmanay I’m sick looking at them and start getting the place back to normal.
Well enjoy the rest of the week.



Hi Tommy loved Ra poem bye the way.

Well today I saw my PD nurse who told me that my parkinson’s is getting worse. So I have to up the sinimet by another half one 5 times a day.
So just got to get on with it but must admit by the time I had left I felt quite down.
She told me that with my eyes closing so often there is nothing they can do but to see how I get on with increasing my meds.

When I got home I phoned the royal to see about my hand op. To be told that they were so busy now with people falling on the ice that I would be really lucky if I had my op by end of January. So looks like a long wait ahead. My fingers have now been stuck for 3 months.

Thats just my moan for today over with.



That’s not a moan it’s frustration
Which you are entitled to be .
True story that poem thanks for the like.
I’m aware you’ll be tired after your appointment but I have an announcement to make by PM not about me me me you’ll be glad to hear .
Sorry it’s not the time for funnies I’ve been asked to do this so if you could let me know if you are staying up for half an hour or so I will send the pm and if you are too tired it can wait until tomorrow.
Tommy X :pill:


Pete, via whatever means.
wherever your head is allow yourself the time out in the full certainty that we shall be going nowhere fast. knowing when to butt out is just as important as anything else.
I wish you hugs, love and serenity.


Hi Mrs t
May I thank you on behalf of our friend Peter for your wise words and concerns.

Tommy :pill:


Morning Tommy and Roy

Well we are certainly dwindlimg fast.
I hope you are doing okay I had a bad day yesterday. Feeling better today. Trying to get all my Xmas shopping done so that I can concentrate on phils 60th birthday.



Hi Mrs T I am sure Peter will be back in the not too distant future he will be pleased with your nice words. Hoping that you too are keeping well
Are you getting organised for XMAS.


Hi Babswood
Glad to see that you seem to be a bit more upbeat.

It was a horrible day for you yesterday .

You are certainly a lot tougher than me.
Tommy X :pill:


Hi there,
you have been through some proverbial merde, yet you keep so smiley, you are inspirational.
xmas for me is all about my tree.
it stays up for as long as is humanly possible. I sit at night when all are tucked up and I just stare at it all lit up: pure magic.
as a child my parents put the tree up on xmas eve. we would come downstairs to another kingdom.
another habit picked up was that my mum used to create a huge number ( depending on age ) and put it on the lawn outside our bedroom window. come b’day, open curtains and your new age would be on the lawn.
I have done this for our daughter on the patio doors ( January baby ) since she could count. A bit like the advent calendar, some things are all about comfort.
we underestimate ‘tradition’ at our peril.
as for pressies/food/wine etc that has to wait until xmas eve.


Hi there that sounds lovely with the number of whatever age you are going to be on. the door. /lawn.

Like you I love sitting at night staring at my tree. It just feels so cosy. With the lights all down. On Christmas eve I aways. Put out 2 champagne glasses out and the bottle of bubbly put int he fridge for Phil and I to have a glass while opening pressies.
We have done this since my boys were small.
I just love Christmas. Now it’s just brilliant that I have 2 granddaughter’s ages 2 and 5.
Nice to see you back on Lesley.