Hi all . I’m glad Mrs t has dis-spelled the rumours that we have run off together lol
I’m at hospital for another of many CT scans to come.
It feels like I’ve given my body to medical science and I’m not even dead yet
All I can say is with the amount of blood I’ve given the blood bank isn’t running short anytime soon lol
I hope Pete finds his good headspace soon to Pete I give my utmost respect
As to you all I hope you are all well
Take care till later


Morning Babs, Mrs T, Pete, Tommy & hello Keith mate.

Today I’ll be sanding some repairs I did to Les’s weatherboarding (why doesn’t it warn you that gorilla glue dries bright yellow??).

Hope you all have a top Thursday!


Hi Keith
Is that the reason your glasses never fall off .
You have been magnetised lol
Welcome back my friend
and sorry for the rumour but you know I’m a little mixer :spoon:
Morning Roy can you get yellow gorrilla’s now .
TOMMY :pill:


All done & the yellow gorillas have had a generous coat of black Cuprinol.


just had my phone stolen today in marks & Spencer of all places
the aggro i now have of changing every password

its got to a point where the OAPs are robbing people

i hope who ever stole it get hits by a car
preferably by mine


tommy if you never mixed things up a bit with fairy tale stories
i would concerned id have to come round because id know something was wrong lol


well im going on amazon to find a new phone
wish me luck


Hi Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley hope to be back in a few more days but thank you all for support and understanding just wanted to share with you all mam, s news heart scan done in August and today’s ecg all clear no heart disease which means she is only one of her family to have no probs hope I, ve not offended anybody
Pete and mam YNWA


pete you could not offend me if you tried
i dont know where your head space is but i know ive been there too in my own way
take your time and dont rush ,
we will all be here to support you on your return
just as we supported you when you needed a break
come back in your time
we will be here
fantastic news about mam
give her my love


Hi Kieth
Sorry you’ve had your phone nicked .
Could you not have run after oh wait a minute forget that

Hope you’re not too shaken
Oh hang on

I don’t know what to say Bruv
because nothing sounds right
anyway hope you’re ok and over it .
Tommy :pill:


HI Keith glad your doing OK apart from no phone did you have the phone in your jacket pocket and I suppose you have tried ringing it or could it have fallen out.

Well whoever has taken it will only ever have bad luck. You just wonder about some people.

Take care. Babsx


Hi Peter

What brilliant news so happy for you both give Mam my love.

I do hope you will be back soon as really missing you. already. YNWA☹️☹️☹️ X x x


Hi Tommy how’s you today.
How Will you survive with out a long phone call from Keith tonight.
Only KIDDEN pal
That’s a shame eh!!!.

What have you. Been. Up to apart from starting. Rumours.

Well I’m wrapping my Xmas pressies. Miss organised eh?.

Speak soon.
X x x


Hi Roy

So what you going to Paint tomorrow.

Is this you keeping inthe good books for Santa coming or are you always like this?

Hope Lesley has got a long list of things for you. To do. Will certainly keep you busy Best wishes to you both Babs x


Hi Babswood
I’ve been asleep most of the
day again.
But hey ho
Aren’t you little miss organised right enough.
Good news about Mam
That will go some way to helping Peter and maybe even keep Kieth in a cheerful mood .
Because it’s really hard when some idiot takes something belonging to you but other things that happen make it less important and I believe in Karma the person responsible for the phone nicking will get their just desserts.
Tommy :pill:


Happy to help where I can Babs & it keeps me active & out of mischief (and not seizing up in my armchair)

Lesley can be a little demanding but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Nothing planned for tomorrow except a visit to a spiritualist group in the evening (unless they have to cancel due to unforseen circumstances :wink:)


Hi Bruv
I tried calling your other number but only voicemail
text me and I’ll have a chat when you are ready
Jock Bruv :pill::pill:


Yes they certainly will as that’s what I believe what goes around comes around.
It’s the nuisance of it all eg. getting all the nos again.

I hope Sue is keeping well.
It’s really quite cold up here they are saying that the snow is not far away.

As long as it does not come this Monday as we are off to Musselburgh horse racing. With my brother and sister n law. This is our Christmas day and night out good to ourselves eh?.

Will speak later got to get this wrapping done while no one else is in.



To my friends as you know by now from my partner in crime tommy
Some filthy animal pinched my phone ( look no swearing )
So could you
Private message me with your mobile numbers again
My network managefd to remotely wipe my phones memory and block IEMI number, so ic can never be used again

So take a lesson from me
Even though we are clearly disabled the SCUMBAGS out there will still steal from you
Take care
Phoneless keith


More impirtantly ( to me ) that mams results were good
I truely hope pete gets back on his feet soon but in his own time, i hate seeing good honest caring men knocked for six
He will not be judged by me only surpported
Take care pete my friend and love to mam xx