Ok Roy
Do you know why when I try to add a pic on the forum my fone always says it can’t complete the request due to not enough memory yet I can send pics easily by sms


I’ve not encountered that, could be a limit on the file size you’re able to upload to the forum?


Well Babswood ah Wiz oan aboot Spotify nat but ah ken with ye mean wi yon ither stuff
it’s awe right oor ma nut .
Tommy :pill:


Suzanne likes the blue fish the best (maybe she’s a closet Evertonian) as she lived in Liverpool for a few years from 1976 and even passed her driving test there.


I, ve always remembered a school mate having a tank with those neon tetra in when mam saw them she changed here mind about an aquarium if you feed them frozen live food the colour really glows mam don’t know there is fish food in freezer just hope she Don, t use it for gravy!!! Good to be back with you all
Pete and mam


Hi Babswood
Enjoy yersel’s in muscle burra ra morra.:horse_racing::horse_racing::horse_racing:

Tommy :pill:


Hi @T1,

Are you still having issues with uploading pictures to the forum? It sounds like you may have a problem with your phone, or the size of the image might be too big to upload to the forum.

If it’s the former, you’ll probably need to contact your service provider and ask them to look into this.

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes,


Hi Reah
I think you are correct as my phone only has 8 gb internal memory .
Due to the fact it was cheap
(well I am a jock)
I’ll probably update if Santa approves that I’ve been good.
(Don’t answer that LOL)
Thanks Tommy :pill:


I’m sure Santa will come through for you. :relaxed:



Don’t forget to leave the brandy and mince pie or he may leave you with nothing
Pete and your fav girl


Hi Peter and Mam
Have you heard anything from Babswood today .
I know she was going to the races with Phil.
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill:


You are the only person I have heard from but was out for most of the afternoon with mam perhaps they hit the jackpot regards to you and Suzanne from your fav girl and me
Pete and mam


just been to carol concert at Westminster Abbey. Hubby did a beautiful reading, needed some coaching but nailed it. it sure is one swanky place, I kept looking at the ceiling and almost fell over.
Anything by John Rutter sends me to somewhere very special. It was also a moment to remember my dad who died 2 years ago.
xmas has arrived for me.


Sounds like a great night.

I quite like Satie’s Gymnopédies but other than that I struggle with classical music.


Morning Babswood, Mrs t, Peter and Mam, Roy & Lesley and Kieth .
Babswood ,Mrs t have you seen my latest work , the sound of the police, it’s written in our vernacular
Hope you enjoyed the horses :horse_racing::horse_racing::horse_racing: Babswood.
Mrs t you’re carol night sounded like a great time
Roy I found some vynyl in the charity shop for you but I decided against it as it was a Glasgow choir and orchestra
Anyway for the English language lovers I’ve written some more poetry ,.Mr sandman. Oh it’s not easy being so multi- lingual and talented.
Regards to my favourite girl

Tommy Mc Burns :rose::rose:


Morning Tommy (or do you answer to Rabbie these days?), Babs, Mrs T, Pete & Keith.

That record sounds like quite a rare find, I’ve actually given up going through the vinyl offerings in charity shops, got sick of seeing Harry Secombe’s face gurning up at me…

I think I’m finally over the dreaded lurgy, at least when I got up this morning I didn’t cough like a chain smoker for ten minutes. So I should be well enough to go to my old works xmas do on Friday. I understand from the chap who organises it that a lady I worked with years ago is a fellow PD sufferer so it’ll be interesting to compare notes with her.

Well I hope everyone has a pleasant & peaceful Tuesday, I’m off to cook a full english.

Cheers you lot


oh yes, leaving London today flying to inverness to join one daughter and boyfriend at home. Spending xmas with mother-in-law in the Lakes. She is 88 and counting, luckily we rub along just fine, so long as she drinks her gin and giggles.
Although this time is supposed to be all about family etc I find myself succumbing to a false kind of joviality and as a non-believer settle myself down to a midwinter bash.
Apart from my tree, carols and some wine, the company of my daughter and hubby, I find myself a bit Tom Lehrerish and cynical. Aren’t I a grumpy moo?
Giving should be an all year round event. I can remember looking forward to new school shoes …
Can’t see that happening today.
Don’t get me wrong everyone, it is just so much work, usually for women, ( my daughter and hubby now do all the cooking ), but I still get anxious…

Thoughts on xmas?


This is the fourth year my mother in law is coming to dinner but there’s a difference this year .
I might let her in LOL
Enjoy Inverness
Tommy :pill:


Hi all late today as been out sorting out our tablets for the holidays and sorting some Xmas tipples if any family should turn up hope all is well with you all enjoy rest of the day
Pete and mam


Hi All
Just got home today from my brother who lives in Kirkcaldy. We had booked to go to hospitality at Musselburgh race course. We had a brilliant meal and a fabulous DAY. We actually won some of the races…
Just got a few more things to do and organise for Hubby’s 60 Birthday… Going to get some food and drink in for Xmas tomorrow. Looking forward to Xmas very much.

Hoping that you are all well. Babs x x x