Yeah Babswood
Is back .
Hey Babswood I wrote a wee poem for Kieth in jockanese
Type in the topic.
The sound of the police.
Tommy :pill: X


Hi Peter

I bet you have no fingernails left after that game!!! ¡X x x


Not far off glad you enjoyed the races got some booze in ready do a big shop on Friday then just fresh veg, fruit and milk had couple of ciders in Liverpool I, d never heard of orchard thieves to my surprise got some in local Morrisons today going to give my heart a rest after football catch you tomorrow
Pete and mam x YNWA


Morning babs, Tommy, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley really cold here today out early today trying to get as much done as possible so can take it easy in run up to Xmas still trying to get my legs back into shape after Liverpool enjoy your day catch you later
Pete and mam


Hi all musketeers
Just off to hospital as they had a cancellation.
No idea what they are going to do.
Probably they’ll stand around in a group all rubbing the chin
and say to each other " what do you think is wrong with him LOL
Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi Tommy hope all goes well and you get some answers.!!


Cheers Babswood
Still traveling won’t be long now.
Did you know Keith fell down the stairs on Sunday and was in hospital till yesterday .
He had some scans which indicated that his dopamine fluctuate and could possibly have PD after all.
He is raging as he had to sign on yesterday which he did in his pyjamas… only Keith would do that LOL.


Hi Tommy please can you let me know how you get on was in bed before 9⃣ last night absolutely wiped out after Liverpool hope you get the answer to your problem
Pete and mam


Hi Peter

I hope that you and
Mam are doing okay. We have been trying to get our Xmas food shop in. Going for the drink tomorrow.
I was at my physio today and he has referred me to see a physio for parkinson’s which I did not know existed.

I have text Tommy to see how he got on today will let you know when I get a reply. I also text Keith to see how he was after his fall downstairs.
Will speak later hope you are now enjoying your fish tank.
Babsx x x


BIG hugs and love to Tommy and Keith


Hi babs I have been in touch with Tommy and Keith both are OK Tommy is starting physio and Keith says his ego is dented more than he is done our shop today and done drink Tues hopefully only fresh veg, bread and milk ostrich oops sorry turkey is ordered mam didn’t realise only 2 of us will probably have feathers by end of January regards to Phil from the 2of us I have seen Parkinson’s physio 3 times hope it helps you
Pete and mam


Well what can I say Mrs t
Thank you and on behalf of Keith thank you
Double love and hugs right back at you
Tommy X X & Keith XX


Looking at other pots you seem to be pleased ( too strong?) with new consultant.
Am glad if this is the case.


Just popping in to say have a lovely Christmas everyone and wishing you all the best for 2019!
Hope everything goes well Tommy with your investigations, and Keith how did you manage to fall down stairs I hope you are well enough to enjoy Christmas, Babswood - go for it and enjoy your Bacardi’s and have one for me, don’t give your fish any! Mrs.t have a lovely time, and last but not least is pete and mam hope the turkey legs are better than how yours feel, and you enjoy your Christmas meal xxxx

Good times all - sheffy


Hey Roy…S missed you out so sorry - enjoy your Christmas time and keep playing the tunes!


Thanks sheffy have a lovely Xmas and best wishes for a healthy and happy new year
Pete and mam


Thank you Sheffy
Merry Christmas to you
And a comfortable New Year

Tommy X X


Ta Ra Ra boom de A :musical_note::musical_note:
Where is everyone today
It was the same yesterday
Is that why I feel this way😢
Tommy :pill::pill:


Cheers Sheffy, wishing you a great Xmas to.

Good afternoon Pete, Tommy, Babs, Mrs T & poor old Keith (hope you’re recovered from your fall mate). I was out most of yesterday for Xmas lunch with some of my old work crew (sign of the times I suppose but the retired contingent far outnumbered those still working…). We had a reasonable dinner at a Toby carvery but the parts of the meal when you had to wait for service were painfully slow, we sat down just before 1 and didn’t leave the table until after 4! Had a few pints after the meal, some of the ‘die hards’ were going on elsewhere after but I admitted defeat around 9 and hopped on a bus to home. I slept VERY well.


Hi all.

Have had quite a lazy day now in my jammies to relax and watch TV.

Woke up tbisI morning and looked out it was snowing. Made me start singing It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Think I was annoying my hubby.

Anyway I hope you have all had a good day and looking forward to Christmas. Sheila it’s nice to see you on this thread. I hope that you have a lovely time over Christmas.

I’m away as hubby has dinner ready.
Speak later. Babs x x x