Hi babs, Tommy, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley while you had snow all we have had is wind and rain not unusual think there is a song there oops wrong thread anyway went to get photos I took in Liverpool and the shop printed 10 into a poster and framed it my cave is now nearly full just wrapped up the last prezzies going to play new David Gates cd
Pete and mam


Morning all, hope everyone has a great Sunday.

Which CDs that Pete? Any good?


Hi Roy it, s called David Gates songbook - a lifetime of music mix of bread and solo stuff v. enjoyable hope you and Lesley are well and set for Xmas I, m just hoping we don’t lose to man utd teatime
Pete and mam


Always liked David Gates & Bread, I have ‘Essentials’ & Bread’s original album series (5 lps) but not much of David Gate’s solo stuff so I’ll check out track listing to see what I haven’t got (if that make sense?). Yes, we have enough food to feed a small army but then there will be 11 of us for Xmas lunch. I’m expecting the final gift to arrive tomorrow, got Lesley one of those Dyson hairdryers, she’s got me a watchwinder for my main present but she’ll also have a few surprises up her sleeve.


Hi Peter and Mam
Big day today

TOMMY :pill:


Sorry for the late reply but I have been cleaning the aquarium for Xmas cracking day results wise in the football has everything changed here or am I tired thought it was good cd Roy
Pete and mam YNWA


Hi Peter and Mam
I was going to ask you has the forum page changed overnight.
Also where is Babswood?


:notes:Here I am, here I am how do you do.? :notes:

Had been busy today Christmas shopping yet again. Was just lying on couch watching James Corden and Paul McCartney.

Did anyone else watch it was on. Sky one. Peter you have maybe seen it before. Regards to Mam.

Tommy and Roy. Hope you are okay.



Naw Babswood
A huvnea gote sky!
Did you read ma latest poem
Type in . Peppermint Gel.
It’s a wee bit naughty but funny a think.


Why have they changed the forum. I keep getting really old posts don’t know what I’m doing wrong.


Morning Babswood
I know I’m struggling with it too
The print is so small as well
and keeps jumping up too quickly to even see what it says at the bottom
I’m sure we’ll get used to it after I’ve been to Specsavers again LOL
Tommy :pill:


Well Peter how are you And mam doing?

You must have been. Happy with the football result yesterday.!!!

Och well we are nearly at Christmas can’t wait to see my great grand daughters faces on Christmas day.

Won’t be on. The forum on Wed as its Phils 60th birthday. We are all going out for a meal at local Italian. Take Care.



I’m good thanks Babs, how are you?

Hello Tommy, Pete, Mrs T & Keith, hope you’re all well.

Just been exerting myself in the garden picking up yet more leaves. Off to do (hopefully) the last of the Xmas shopping tomorrow. We have a large loin of pork & beef joint but Les reckons we need a turkey crown as well, who am I to argue?


Hi babs we are OK really chuffed with football had some probs with toxins in aquarium just changed filter wish Phil happy 60th from mam and me enjoy your meal just had text from Tommy he, s fallen when out with Sammy badly bruised and sore nothing broken let you know when I hear any news unless he, s been in touch with you
Pete and mam YNWA


:musical_note::musical_note:Oh sympathy where have you gone.
I’m in my cot with no comfy bit to lie on.
I doubt I’ll snore .
Cos I’m really sore.
I’d stamp my feet.
But I’d surely cry
I’m in such pain.
I could just lay down and die. :musical_note::musical_note::nauseated_face::cry::pill::pill::pill:


Hi Tommy how are you feeling now? Don, t let it get you down I, ve been where you are more times than I can remember have you heard from Keith? Keep the painkillers going no mates for me today as they all support man u oh happy days lol
Pete and mam


Just found peppermint gel had us both in tears given you a like hope you don’t mind I saved to my drive to cheer us up when we not up to scratch you are a star
Pete and mam


Cheers you two.
I’m just chatting to Keith now by text he said he might have to wait 4 months for MRI.


Third world service mam been on urgent list for gastro since July good job not on normal list


Outrageous situation