Hi Tommy and anyone who’s up regarding mam, s appointment she doesn’t know why she is seeing someone from gastro and you know I can’t tell her why tried to phone to push things on but she not willing and gets nasty so I reluctantly have accepted her decision how are you feeling now hope you are managing the pain can, t believe what Keith is going through deserves some good luck for a change


Morning Peter and Mam
I’m up and about .
Sneezed in my sleep and wow
So up for more painkillers.
Cancelled physio for arm tomorrow but still have appointment for hospital on Thursday with the pd physio

As for Keith if it wasn’t for bad luck he wouldn’t have any.
Tommy :pill:


Hi Tommy sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you feel a bit better as day goes on. X x x


Morning Babswood and Phil
Oh I’m in the most pain anyone in history has ever been even worse than when I was going through the Spanish inquisition.
My legs went straight up in the air and I paused for a split second then BANG !
My lungs and heart smashed into my rib cage and I couldn’t breathe for ages.
Just like the old guys in Home Alone.
In fact if I saw someone else do it I’d still be laughing.
Oh the pain the pain!
Anyway that’s enough of that
Happy birthday to Phil for tomorrow as I know you won’t be on here.
Oh the pain the pain!
Catch you later pal.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Thanks so much Tommy I will pass your good wishes on to. Phil.

I do hope you are not still in too much pain if you are you had better go back to the doctors or go to hospital.
You Take Care of yersel Tommy.
Babs x x x


Hi Babswood
Och ye ken me hen a dinnea go oan aboot ma sairness too much eh?
Owwww ahhhh awfikitowyabaistirt
Ennywiy ahdinneafeelonyhin
Hivagidyin rammorra
Tommy :pill::pill: XX


You poor old sod Tommy, hope the pain eases soon.


Cheers Roy
Just as well I don’t go on about these things eh?
I’m not one for looking for symphony.
Oooh oouucchh yeeeoow
I hate sympathy seekers oouch ahhaw
Tommy :cry::pill:


Max out on painkillers, I took the maximum possible dose (:wink:) when I had kidney stones, whatever you do try not to suffer


Hi Roy
It would be a problem for mere mortals.
More pain than anything imaginable.
More than 10 childbirth’s.
More than a city of toothache.
More than a forklift running over your toes.
More than was dished out in the tower of London’s history.
More pain than there is in a pain factory.
But luckily I don’t bang on about these things . LOL
Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi how are you feeling now? Late posting today so good afternoon to you all seems like as soon as I finish something mam finds something else for me to do Keith text me this morning he is now on the loose free from wires said it hopeful he will be home Friday hope Phil enjoyed his 60th
Pete and mam


Hi Peter and Mam
I’m alright just a bit uncomfortable .
Glad Mam is keeping you occupied LOL and Keith is on the mend.
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill:


Hi Tommy sorry not been in touch not had very good night on my way to bed just before midnight when saw front door handle being tried they ran when I put light on was hoping they would be back as I had walking stick ready was meaning to see how you are mam has gastro app Jan 14 hope everybody is ok
Pete and mam


Hi Peter and Mam
That’s awful do you think they know who lives there?
I’m ok still in discomfort but made my appointment today but missed yesterday’s too painful.
Regards to my favourite girl
And don’t hit anyone with the stick until they come in .
Don’t be going out in the dark you will only fall.
Stay safe Tommy :pill:


Was sure I put a post on first thing wishing everyone a fabulous Thursday but apparently not…

So, I hope everyone has a restful night & a fantastic Friday.

All the shopping’s done (I think…) but I’ve got an asda delivery slot reserved on Sunday so I can add to that order if I need to.

Enough meat I think


That is shocking Peter
Hope Mam OK give her my love.

Sorry not been about much will be glad when Xmas is here.

You take care. Babsx x x


Hi Tommy is that you and Sue ready for Xmas?
I did not know that Keith was back in hospital.

I do hope that you are feeling so much better.

Asi said to Peter I am sorry that I have not been about much
Take care my friend. X x x


Hi Roy now that’s the food so what about the drink…???


Tend not to drink on the day, will be round Lesley’s & her family generally don’t imbibe. I’ll take some wine with me but if no one wants to join me I’ll stick to mineral water.


Well that’s okay.
I hope you have a Fab time.!!!
Just can’t quite believe we are nearly there.
Babs:x x x