A very merry Christmas to all you musketeers.
I sure hope you’re all full with good cheers.

To Peter and Mam
Thanks for your support and advice.
Who would have thought I’d meet a family so nice.

To Babswood and Phil and you Mrs t
You’ll never understand what you’ve been for me.

To Lesley and Roy with your musical insights
Thank you for getting me
Through all those late nights.

To my London Bruv Keith and his other half Kay
Your friendship and concerns
Have guided me through many a bad day.

If I haven’t mentioned your name this time.
Please don’t be upset it’s just possible that I couldn’t make it rhyme .

To all the moderators and managers too
I haven’t forgotten the work that you do.

It’s really ironic putting this on the insomnia thread in this way.
Because my wish for you all
Is that you’re all so happy you won’t see it till BOXING DAY.
TOMMY :pill::pill:


Morning everyone I hope you are all sober and looking forward to boxing day just like to thank you all for b being there for me
Pete and mam


Happy Boxing day all!

Just popped home to get yet more food out of my fridge (overspill from Lesley’s) & just having a breather before I go back to try out her grandsons’ new football with them.

Laters Alligators


Hi all hope that you all had a lovely day yesterday.
Im having a pyjama day today absolutely shattered.
Babs x x x


Hi babs, Tommy, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley ghostly quiet is everyone OK no surprise no family been in touch today though did have a great surprise Liverpool fc sent me video wishing me a happy birthday always knew it was the best team anywhere in the world a proper family club enjoy the rest of the day if you are all OK
Pete and mam


Hi Peter

When was your birthday? A belated birthday wish is sent your way. Hope Mam is doing OK and enjoyed her Christmas day.
That was good of Liverpool FC as you say a family club. Will speak later off to get dinner. X


Evening all. Had lunch out at Frankie & Bennies then went to see the Grinch with Les’s granddaughter (I fell asleep a couple of times…). She’s still full of life (she’s 5) we’re both knackered!


Happy birthday Pete, how was that Wings cd?


Hi thanks for the birthday wishes and you babs it’s today babs wings CD excellent tho, I may be biased


To the gang,
to all in pain, discomfort and lonely, that feeling is not forever. Tommy you seem to be able to rise above it.
“And still I Rise”, Maya Angelou
a truly inspirational woman. Her poetry is to be devoured. It always gives me strength.
My husband, daughter and myself drove down to the Lakes and took Xmas to my 88 year old mother-in-law.
It takes 2 hours to get her ready for the day and my hubby was all over it, private carers on holiday.
Xmas was very intense but wonderful, she giggles all the time then wets herself, oh the joys.
Am extremely proud of my 24 yr old daughter, so caring and loving. We were joined by my sister-in-law and adopted nephew. A very complex and trying pair…
Now back in Lossiemouth with no plans for New Year.
I shall contemplate my navel from behind a single malt. May I recommend this.

Love to all.


Sounds like a plan, cheers!


Hi my friends hoping that you are all well. Getting ready now for hogmanay.
Best wishes Babs x x x


To ALL the Muskerteers
I have missed not being on, , the last couple of months have not been the best this year and been a bit rough, but i have not once forgotten any of you.
How could i , your my extended family
But i have 2 questions
First question to babs
Now Phil has given up work is he getting under your feet always being home now ?
Second question to Tommy My Jock Bruv
Have you got your bounce back yet and not damaged your ego ?
Did you get padded trousers
My love to Sue as always

Its mid day and im still in bed , my body is catching up on the sleep ive lost over the past year lol
Im feeling good and now all my meds are working as they should although the tremors wont go away but they are more controlable
I hope that everyone had a great christmas and pray the new year will be an improvement for us all
To Roy
When i get my head in gear im afraid war will be declared on the music thread and cruisecontrol will not be your only rival lol
I hope Santa was good to you this year
Send my love to Lesley
To Pete , I still think you are a man to look up to for all you do , but i hope the fish tank dont get too big , and the birthday video you got from Liverpool makes you aware how special you are
Mrs T, may your near year be brighter and be good for hogmanay
On a personal note to you all , thankyou for text messages , knowing i had and always will have your friendship and support ,
I feel humble to have made friends with you all and call you friends


Hi again
Twice in one day
Cant remember if i told you all but, i had a disabilty review ifor my ESA Benifit n October and after 4 weeks i was told i was fit to work and would have to claim job seekers
The person who reviewed me was NOT a Doctor , was NOT a Neurologist infact he has NO medical knowledge at all , he WAS a physiotherapist
My Doctor went ape shit , and when i went to job centre they were disgusted , even the job centre manager ( A very lovely lady ) was sickend and she helped me fill out a mandatory review form and she sent it herself, not only that but ESA were paying me £73.10 a week but the job centre is now paying me £116.60 a week and i do NOT have to look for work or fill out any forms , so when i get reviewed and win ESA can NOT lower the payment, now it was never about money although its a great help it was the fact that some pimped up moron with no Neurological knowledge decided i was fit to work , even though my doctor gave me a letter with all that was wrong
He had no understanding of what a stroke does or how it affects people
Thats what i found disturbing and disgusted
The Stroke assossiation are also involved and they will attend any interviews i have in future


Hi Keith Phil has not got under my feet yet!!!

He is always busy doing all the things I would normally do eg cooking ironing as I am not able to cook and not able to do much ironing. Phil is a bit of a fuss pot around the house and hates any mess. Even if I have a coffee he cant understand why I leave my cup at the sink and not wash it. It is actually getting on my nerves.

I’m looking forward to the better weather when Phil will be playing golf all the time. I hope that answers your question Keith.

Babs x x x


Hi Babs
I can wash up but not try up , , in early november i had to go buy new plates and bowls and some new cups
Wet things are not easy to hold with tremors , so i only wash up dropping things in water is safer than dropping on my tiled kitchen floor lol
Its taken a while but i deal with the cards ive been dealt , yes some things take longer and some things i dont even bother with
As i said before i no longer shower and can only bath when someones home as sometimes i have a bit of a job getting out the bath, the only thing that gets to me is when Kay is home she helps because of my balance , but if my son helps i have to put on underwear in the bath before he comes in as i dont want him to be embarrassed seeing his old man naked like a 5ft 10 inch Baby


This is the very first year i did not get any alcohol for christmas
As i can no longer drink it just seemed odd


Hi all glad everyone seems to be OK my mate took the last of guppies a week ago and last night one of neons. gave birth to I think around 15 babies


Hi Pete
I think you may end up getting a bigger tank lol
Ive got to find a hobby now , i might take up photograhy
Hows my girl Mam
Give her my love xx


Hello Keith,

I got one of these as my main prezzie off Lesley -

‘Can ya tell what it is yet??’

Good evening everybody, hope you’re all enjoying yourselves.