Mmmm is it a flux capacitor?


Don’t need one of those Tommy, my flux is sufficiently capacitored :sunglasses::metal:


It’s a Barbie dolls house
No it’s a puppy
No that’s not right ahhhrrrggghhh
An invisibility cloak that’s it an invisibility cloak .
Yesssss oohh hoo!


Tommy has been watching too many Harry Potter films


Sorry guys I didn’t realize I was writing my thoughts out loud,a kind of Freudian slip in print.

I’ve had them before in speech just saying what’s in my head.
Like my first marriage for instance .
We were having lunch and I was going to say “can you please pass me the salt darling” .
But what actually came out was " you’ve ruined my life you bitch" .


Clue - it simulates what your wrist does


I can’t write that!
I’ve got my reputation to think of.


Clue 2 - nothing to do with onanism, think motion being used for mechanical input :thinking:


Hi Tommy
Thats what i like about you,
No punches say what you mean
After you said that to your first wife
Did she eventually pass you the salt lol


Hi Keith, babs, Tommy, Mrs T and Roy and Lesley late posting today by the time I sorted veg for dinner and cleaned tank (1st big clean) as I, m hoping to get some fish in next few days black neons since you ask Keith hope everything is OK with you all and you are ready for new year mam is OK except for her chest regards to all
Pete and mam


I just can’t engage brain before opening mouth sometimes but it doesn’t always get what you want (although it did on that occasion) at least you get noticed instead of being a head nodder .


Is it some kind of sensor that switches on music.?


Roy , i cant make out the picture , i first thought it was an amp , but now im not so sure
But then im easily confused lol



It’s a watch box for a special collection of quality watches


It does something more :thinking:


Oh you are a tease.!


Bits of it move :thinking:


It rotates the shelves.


You’re close… the round bits rotate and keep automatic watches wound. It’s an automatic watch winder.