I wish i was rich.!



Hi Roy now all you need is an arm long enough to wear 3 watches lol


Hi bruv
Read what you wrote and i left you a reply


Could wear 5 but one might be tricky to look at in public


Ive left my song reply but i have to say im not a judas priest fan


I could wear the fifth one as long as it’s a Minnie mouse one with an elastic strap.

On bonfire night we had a little childish competition to see who could put the fire out and I was the only one who burnt my backside LOL


Morning ladies and gentleman and Tommy
Had the AA out today . Checked my car out and apart from 2 destroyed alloy wheels balance and tracking. I got away lightly. No actual damage.
The AA Mechanic was brilliant checked my whole car.
Had a coffee and a chat. Gave me a report of findings
So next week will take it down to we buy any and sell her
I,m not really bothered . Better safe than sorry
Plus what i will safe in Tax . Ins. Petrol Mot and service
Besides KAY drives and both my boys drive
So its payback lol
Hope everyone is well . I,'ll be about
Have a great new year if i dont hear from you


Hi Keith, babs, Tommy, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley mam and me wishing you all a happy and healthy New year will be around all day
Pete and mam


Hello Keith, Pete, Tommy, Babs & Mrs T &

to one & all


Happy New year to you both from mam and me hope you don’t have to big a hangover!!!


Happy 2019 to all my readers.
TOMMY :pill::pill::pill::balloon::balloon::balloon::paw_prints::paw_prints:


True to my word navel gazing with single malt. Heaven.

I wish you all a very happy new Year.

Hugs all round.


Hi Mrs t wishing you a happy and healthy New year
Pete and mam


There is something special about this group, thanking you all.


Of course there is Mrs t .

Your in it.
Happy new year.
Tommy :pill::pill:


Happy New year Tommy had sent you a message just after the bells. X x x


Roy and Lesley

Happy New year x x x


Hi Babswood
Happy new year to you and your family.
Please excuse me for not responding last night as my phone was switched off and I only read your message at 05.30. sorry pal.
Tommy xx


And to you and yours Babs, here’s hoping for a great 2019 xx