Hi morning everyone expecting a busy day with fish as 2 neons about to give birth waiting for floating hatchery to arrive so I can fish eggs out so if I, m late replying I apologise in advance


Vomit-inducing charm there Tommy. Be very careful, this lady ain’t easily charmed.
Don’t stop though…….


Happy New Fish Pete :fish::tropical_fish::fish::tropical_fish: :shark:


According to all the experts and books it’s really difficult to get them to breed you are supposed to get special plants correct water temperature and need a tank just for them me just throw them in feed them and whoopie!!!


You can be ‘The Codfather’ Pete :blowfish:


What a time you are having Peter. Hope that Mam is doing OK. Is it next week she is at hospital?

Well you are obv up to your eyes in it with all these new fish. Take Care. Xx x


What’s all this then Tommy.
You giving out compliments!!!

What happened to everyone else?

Got my wooden spoon. Out again.x x x


Hi babs sorry for the late reply but been waiting for mam to go to bed she’s got appointment for the 14th in gastro clinic I, ve been up for last 6 nights pain in legs is really bad plus some swelling left foot not shown mam or my mate glad I done football as doubt I, d manage now anyway enough moaning hope you and Phil are well I am here if you want to talk
Pete and mam


Hi there Peter

Sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. Is there anything the Dr could do.?
I kind of thought Mam had an appt soon. Hoping that she is in good spirits. Give her a hug from me.

Well today just going shopping. Phil is still getting used to not going to work. Can’t quite believe that we are both retired. Although we don’t get the government pension for another 6 years. Seems ages away. Prob won’t be here by then. Think that’s what the government wants to happen so they don’t need to pay out.
. Anyway don’t want to be full of gloom. You have a good day and will speak later.



Morning Babswood and all ladies and gentlemen also those of you in the binary.

Hey Babswood you better still be here to collect your pension
Whit wid the rest o us dae withoot ye eh?

Am dishin oot compliments this January and yir jist a wee lassie yit an ye’ll wait yir turn is that clear hen ?

We’ll hear nae merr we’re awe doomed shenanigans .
Tommy :pill::pill: xx :spoon:


Hi babs just off to town mam needs few things will have bite to eat while we are out saves dirty dishes!! Will still be available to contact otherwise catch you later good afternoon to rest of the gang not been on much but getting back to normal now
Pete and mam


Hi Peter have you still got same phone nos.?


Yes is there a problem we just got back from town


Hi Peter what have you been up to Today.
Hope Mam is okay tell her that I was asking after her.
Well today after my fall last night I have a really sore face. I have a black eye and the bruising is right down my face including where I cracked my glasses against my. Nose. So today has been a non. Eventful day. Been in my jammies all day
Will speak later.

Babs x x x


Hi there Roy and Lesley hope you having a good weekend.
Really quiet on here eh.?

Babs x x x


Hi babs sorry to hear about the aftereffects of your fall know what you are going through mam is fine and sends her love and hopes that you will be back to your old self quickly just had lucky escape tipped cup of tea over my wotsits thankfully it had gone stone cold wish you a speedy recovery
Pete and mam YNWA


Hello Babs x been looking at houses today ranging from a 6 bed chalet bungalow where you’d need to be a hobbit to fit in the upstairs rooms to a 3 bed detached which was about £200k overpriced just cos they had planning permission for an extension, lovely house though.

Sorry to hear about your fall, hope that your bruises subside soon.

Hope everyone else is ok tonight, cheers you lot :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi babs how are you feeling today hopefully the bruises are starting to fade hello to rest of the gang eerily quiet been busy putting Xmas stuff away for another year hoping everyone is well
Pete and mam


Hey yoouu guuyys
Hope you are all well and Babswood I hope you are getting over your tumble
Peter hope you saved enough fish from the munching catfish
Kieth glad you’re back in one piece.
Roy and Lesley house hunting sounds fun.
Mrs t how could you reject this handsome visage LOL
Tommy trouble :pill::pill::spoon:


It’s great for nosey people Tommy. Les keeps changing her mind about how many bedrooms she actually needs and what area she wants to live in love her but she’s accounting for what I may be like in the future (downstairs bathroom/bedroom & few if any steps)