You two will soon be on the TV
Escape to the country .

I’ve just spent a few days at a health and beauty spa.
I’m looking good well better than I was don’t you agree?


No answer from Mrs t
Is it cos I is bald?:broken_heart::broken_heart:


You can keep the country Tommy, I’m happier near a bus route within walking distance of a reasonable selection of shops, the odd tree’s ok :+1:

The spas worked wonders for you but they appear to have partially melted your face, too much steam in the sauna? :hot_face::hot_face:


They said I’d grow into my new face.
I’VE had some new symptoms today (genuinely) I had a 20 minute shaking episode in both arms .
But it suited my new look so all’s well that ends well.


Morning Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley really dark, damp miserable day here hoping everyone is well nice to get back to normal well what passes as normal for me
Pete and mam


Good morning all musketeers
Hope you are well.
Babswood I’m still waiting for a reply.
Hope you are just busy hen.
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill: X


Afternoon Pete, Tommy, Babs, Mrs T & Keith. What an 'orrible day!

Been doing some detective work about the planning permission granted for the extension to the house we viewed on Saturday (the plans they showed us purporting to be the current planning approved extension were all dated 2011?). I checked under the local authorities planning portal for applications & the plans they showed us were REFUSED in 2015! There is approval for a much smaller amount of work but that runs out in June this year. Cheeky buggers eh?


Are you not putting an offer in then.?
Parkies eh?
It seems everybody tries to set us up for a fall.(pun intended).

Happy hunting
Tommy :pill::pill:


If the price drops (as it ultimately must) we may revisit it. Les has had a chat with the estate agent & put him straight about the non-existent planning approval although he doesn’t reckon this affects the asking price (really??). He also told her that the sellers haven’t found anything to buy yet so they’re really only testing the market at the moment but it would be criminal if someone did pay their current asking price expecting to be able to add a fourth bedroom when they can’t!


Nice work det inspector you can, t trust anyone other than a fellow musketeer may be slow replying for a couple of hours you all know where I, ll be has anyone heard anything from Keith and babs?
Pete and mam




Think you need a new coat lol


Someone said to me ‘Got a light Mac?’, I said ‘No, but I’ve got a navy blue overcoat’


The old ones are the best on that note I, ll say goodnight to you and Lesley catch you tomorrow


Good night Pete, sweet dreams :sleeping::zzz::zzz:


Well good morning Tommy. Peter. Mam Roy and Lesley. Feeling a lot better today after my fall.
Roy and Lesley I am sure you will find the right house for you. Exciting eh

I just feel as though I’m on a ladder and when I’m on my way eg feeling much better I’m pushed right back down to the bottom. No wonder we get depressed. This PD is really terrible at times.

Och well just need to get? On with life eh.?
Phil ls taking me out to the shops today. That even sounds wrong saying it but its true my days of going to the shops on my own are long gone just memories.

Well enough feeling sorry for myself I just need to dust myself down and start all over again.

Hoping you all have a good day… X x x


Morning Babs, Pete, Tommy & our ‘part timers’ Keith & Mrs T :wink:

Exciting & daunting in equal measure Babs. When I look round at the amount of ‘stuff’ we’ve both got (in two houses at the moment) we’d struggle to fit it all in Buckingham Palace let alone a three bed chalet bungalow!

Off out to register with some more agents today anyway (I’m trying to pin Les down to be more specific about where she wants to live (it’ll still be local BUT Chelmsford has been mentioned this morning…) & how many bedrooms we REALLY need (having a fourth bedroom in case so and so wants to stay maybe once in a blue moon just isn’t practical).

Anyway onwards & upwards! Cheers you lot.


Good morning Babswood and all musketeers.
I just knew you would pull out of your dive .
Glad you’re back in level flight
Enjoy your shopping Phil is a good ol’ boy because I freaking detest shopping and no doubt he’ll be the same eh.

Bad result last night Peter but I suppose they have to protect their league position and champions League income.
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy X :pill:


Hi Tommy yes was hoping to win but if we had to lose the last night was preferred one hi babs good to have you back on line been all afternoon doing a DIY (destroy it yourself) portable tv stand be nice to have English instructions but got there in the end mam sends you all her regards
Pete and mam


Hi Tommy and Peter and of course Mam. Hope that you are all doing okay.

Now I’m being stared at because of my black and blue face don’t know what’s worse.

Tommy you really need to cha nge that picture as I dinnae like it. Babsx x x