Hi Babswood 3000
I will take the picture off when Mrs t see’s what she is rejecting . LOL


Hi all . A belated HAPPY NEW YEAR
Been doing a fair amount of sleeping . Even though im ok. . New tablets have been working up to yesterday. Spent most of yesterday shaking and getting a little annoyed.
Made appointment for doctor to come out on home visit
Anyway . I digress
Babs i hope your feeling better as Tommy said you have been a bit under the weather. Get well soon princess xxx Big regards to Phil
Pete and Mam . Hope Mams breathing is better and Pete big congratulations on becoming a dad again and again and again lol
Roy i will be back in full force soon. As soon as i get rid of these poxy shakes . Had another slip on my stairs luckily i was on 2 steps from the bottom.but still left a bruise on my bottom lol sorry not going to show picture
Say hi to Lesley
Tommy Bruv I hope the plastic surgery works out. That look doesnt suit you lol. Although we are all a bit Goonies
Love to Sue
MrsT havent chatted much recently
I havent been around and when i am you are not . But soon that will change
I will be about all day today
Till then be good


Okay DOKAY. Speak later just got oot ma pit!!!


Hi Keith good to see you back on the forum
Will speak later as only just up got to have ma coffee. Babsx x x


Hi Babs
Its been a while . But now ive decided its time i took care of me
The only thing thats peeing me off is yesterday the shakes returned and havent stopped . But im not going to let it get to me. Apart from that things are good
So i will keep smiling
You can tell me to mind my own business but what happened to you ? xxx


Morning Keith, Babs, Pete & Tommy, I promise not to mention house hunting today (you’ll all be pleased to hear) the sympathetic stress I’m suffering with from Les isn’t doing me any favours.

On a lighter note we booked a holiday to Barbados yesterday.

Good to see you about Keith mate, have you got shot of your car yet?

Hope everybody’s ok today, be good if it warmed up a bit but I suppose it is January.


Good morning Bruv
Good to see you back, sorry you’ve got the shakes and sore backside.
I thought I’d take a leaf from your book and attempted to make some extra cash by putting my butt on gumtree (what a mistake to make).
It’s now stuck firmly and there ice all over my patio.
Also I keep getting strange messages which I can’t go into on here except to say that they are not only barking up the wrong tree they are in the wrong forest ( bless them).
Maybe I should have put in on we buy any butt .com .
The stupid thing is , I’ll have to buy a new water butt in the summer for my hanging baskets.
How foolish do I feel now?

Anyway hi to the rest of you musketeers.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

Woa I’m going to Barbados :musical_note::musical_note:


Hi all im down with the commoners lol
Had to get a bus to sign on . Oh what joys
Its not that i had to get a bus . It was the fact it is bloody freezing waiting for it
Well soon off to do my begging
See you back on here when i get home


I am a one in ten
A number on a list
I am a one in ten
Even though I don’t exist
Nobody knows me
But I’m always there
Statistics to remind me of a world that doesn’t care :musical_note::musical_note::musical_note::musical_note:


On the bus going home
After a chat at signing on with my Disalbity case manager
She Will get me on universal credit and NO REVIEWS
ESA can kiss my backside and choke


Sounds good to me!


Hi Tommy so we are going to see that picture for some time as you know Mrs T does not come on the forum. Very much.

Hoping that Mrs T is reading this and comes on. To take me out my misery.

Bring back Tommy that we know. X x x


Hi Keith I fell in the house tripping over my hairdryer and straightners. I had not put them away and were lying? On. The floor I also had not? Put the bedroom. Light on. So when I tripped I rattled my side off the radiator and smashed my face off the house phone. I had my glasses on so as you can imagine I have a cracker of a black eye.

Glad everything starting to work out for you.?

Take Care Babs x x x


Hi Roy. Sounds like a fantastic holiday.
So you have not found your new house yet?

I’m sure it will all happen soon enough.

Take Care x


Bloody hell Babs
Im sorry about your black eye
When did that happen. I really hope your feeling better
Had a home visit from my doctor today. Bloody shakes came back with a vengeance , shes now put me on diazepam to control the tremors which have now gone to my left leg too
But things are looking up as they say
Take care princess xxx
Regards to Phil


Hello Babs, this is where we’re going but not till September unfortunately (gives us chance to pay for it!)

Got a couple of viewings Friday in the same road. We’ve kind of given up looking at chalet bungalows as the upstairs is usually disappointing so these are both substantial looking houses, fingers crossed as it’s somewhere I’d like to live.


I can’t have you suffering anymore ma wee cronie.

Tommy X X :pill:


Cheers Pal. That’s us back to normal?

Yer wee Cronie Babs wi the black eye. X x x


Well Roy and Lesley good luck for Friday.

What an amazing holiday you both have to look forward to?

Awe Ra Best x x x


Thanks Babs xx