Hi babs, Tommy, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley gone from no posts to loads took mam to town but then had to take new TV stand apart to get hdmi angled connecter in that was after trying to get one sounds like a hell of a fall babs hope your on the mend I, m in sympathy with you Keith only I fell up the stairs just now kicked last but one step just missed wall toe bent back and going nice shade blue hope everyone else is OK regards to all from
Pete and mam


Good evening Peter and Mam
Everybody is falling over , what’s going on eh?
Is your toe neon blue because it could be a fish that’s jumped into your sock for a heat!

I know that sounds silly but these things happen.
Last summer I spent about two hours chasing a daddy long legs only to find I had a crack in my glasses.
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill: :pill:


Good afternoon Babs, Pete, Keith & Tommy. Looks like another quiet day in Gotham City. Hope everyone’s ok & recovering well from their respective bumps & scrapes.

Nothing to report on the house hunting front today other than the developer who’s after Les’s property is applying a little gentle pressure…

Will check in later TTFN


Afternoon people .
Late today. Sorry .
Trying to get used to all the new tablets
Now on Diazepam .
But yesterday was first day and sort of knocked me out
But god i feel so relaxed.


Hope everyone is well and Babs i hope you are not as sore.
Just had a cuppa and need a bath when kay gets home
I kinda stink lol
Kay and boys get annoyed when i bath alone


Good afternoon Roy and Lesley, Kieth , Peter and Mam, Babswood and Mrs t wherever you are.
Hope you’re house hunting goes well tomorrow Roy and echo your sentiments that the rest of the musketeers recover from their misfortunes soon.
Tommy :pill::pill:


Thanks Tommy.

Hope the new pills ‘bed in’ soon Keith, at least you may not need to take your sleeping tablets whilst you’re on these.


Good day my friends.
Tommy hope you are still doing okay and hope also that Sue is well.
HI Peter and Mam what are we like Peter all those accidents. My face still looks so bad.
Hope that Mam is doing well. Is it next Mon she has a check up.?
HELLO TO Keith too glad to hear that the meds you are on are working

Roy and Lesley I think you are enjoying the house hunting. Seeing other people’s ideas must be quite interesting. Any way you. Must carry on looking until you find the right one which I’m sure will happen.
Happy House hunting.
Well folks it’s dinner time so speak later…
Babs x x x


It’s interesting nosing round other people’s drums & they’re all so tidy & clean!


Hi all
Still alive and kicking.
Makes a change for me to be awake at this time
Hope all is well with everyone
I think i may go have something to eat while im awake lol


Hi Keith and the rest of the musketeers.
You may have noticed that we have been two members down today.
Mam lost her balance today and knocked a side table over on to her foot .

Peter has been with her to A&E
and they are now on their way home .
Mam luckily has no broken bones but is painfully bruised.

Peter has asked me to tell you only because it may be late when they get home as he has to stop somewhere to get a butler suit.
Wishing Mam a speedy recovery.
Tommy :pill:


Hi Tommy . I you hear from Pete tonight .
Send Mam my love and a speedy recovery
There was me thinking that our spills were over
Lets hope they are kept to a minimum this year


Mam says thank you for all your good wishes.

Mam & Peter.


Thanks Tommy for posting by the time we had food it was late turns out am was on the floor and crawled to chair in my bedroom to get up told her so many times if she drops anything when I, m out leave it till I, m home anyway nothing broken which is main thing in answer to your question babs mam has appointment with gastro Monday morning thanks Keith for good wishes mam very says thanks to you all to Roy and Lesley hope you find your perfect home soon and to Mrs T hope your OK
Pete and mam YNWA


Morning all, Pete, sorry to hear about your Mum, hope she’s not too poorly and on the mend soon.


Hi mam says thanks for the good wishes only really bad pain when she puts her weight on it otherwise it is bearable probably be 4/6 weeks been long day and still not found butler suit


This may be a stupid question Peter but why do you need a butler suit am I missing what’s going On.?

Well folks I’ve had a rotten day. Went all the way to the hospital waited to be seen to then be told I. Could not get botox because of the bruising on my face. She said that you cannot. Go into muscle that is damaged. So that’s going to be a while before I caN get it again.

So then on to the dentist my crown had fallen out to be then told she cannot fix it and will need to take the root away. So now I have my bruised face and a swollen Mouth. It is starting to feel quite painful.

So hoping that I have the sympathy vote from you all.

Take care all of you. Will join in Conversation once I’ve had a little nap.

Regards to Mam let her know I’m thinking of her. x x​:rose::rose::rose:for Mam

Babsx x x


Hi Babswood
Of course you have our sympathy.
It’s no wonder you need a nap after a day like that.
TOMMY :pill::face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage:


Hi Tommy sometimes you just have a day.

ike this Eh ?

So good to hear from you Tommy. What you. Been up to. Today.?
What’s all this about the butler outfit have I missed the joke…?
Babsx x x


So sorry to hear of the awful day you, ve had mam says thank you for thinking of her when you have enough problems I hope the pain eases for you, I, m back to dentist in few weeks last filling and fitting of shield the butler suit is for being on call24/7 started with breakfast in bed not sure what butlers earn so can, t send invoice for my service
Pete and mam YNWA