Sorry to hear about your crappy day Babs, best wishes xx


Awe right I was thinking you were going to a fancy dress party.

Why don’t you just roll your sleeves up. Put a dish towel round your waist like an apron. Put another dishcloth folded over your forearm. And also if you have a little notebook or even just a piece of paper you can then. Be a WAITER WAITING ON MAM. WRITING DOWN WHAT SHE WANTS FOR BREAKFAST TOMORROW. Eg what papers she wishes to. Read in the could also get a little bell ornament for her to ring when. She needs you. Am I just getting a bit carried away.

Bye the way I do hope Mam is okay x x x


Why thank you. Roy and Lesley. I think we all have times when. We just feel rubbish. X x x


You know I will look after mam the only thing I didn’t like was she never told me that she landed on floor and had to crawl into my bedroom to get up and the fact I have told hundreds of times if she drops anything to leave it for me to get plus I told to go to a and e soon as I came home instead of waiting till teatime stubborn doesn’t come close hop you feeling better give my regards to Phil
Pete and mam YNWA


Morning babs, Tommy, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley hope you all slept well and are ready for the weekend mam still in bed didn’t have best of nights so I, m running on silent (mouse mode) for those with my sense of humour off to sort fish tank weekly clean before mam is up take care all
Pete and mam


All good here thanks Pete although I may have strayed back into the dark side on the music thread…

Morning Babs, Tommy & Keith, how goes it?

Got closer with house hunt yesterday, one was just about what we wanted downstairs but Les didn’t like the upstairs & I was concerned about some maintenance issues I spotted. The search continues…

Family dinner out with Les’s lot tomorrow evening, Les is 65 on Tuesday, we’re off to Prezzos. Just the two of us out for dinner Tuesday night, new restaurant, looking forward to it -


Hi Roy and Leslie enjoy. Your dinner out.

We are also out tomorrow for a meal at the local Italian as its my sons birthday tomorrow. He will be 33 where oh where does the time go?

HI Peter and Mam. Mam hope you are doing that bit better today
Peter hope. You are getting all your chores done and the fish tank is gleaming?

Tommy How’s it gaun then whits happening wi yersel? Ma China.

Keith hope all okay was good seeing you on the forum hoping that we see a bit more of you on the forum.

Well I’m just about to have my first bacardi of rhe evening. It is my first drink of alcohol since the bells.
Just intending to have a couple just to CHILLAX.



Hi Babswood and all the musketeers.
Am awrite hen but a huvnea gote a wee hauf like yirsel ye ken a go pure daft oanra bevvy daint ye.
You jist get wired right in an huv a rerr terr.

And as for the rest of you wonderful chap’s and chappess’s I hope you are all having a jolly spiffing weekend.
As for myself well I’m afraid it’s just been a ghastly nightmare .
Tommy :pill::pill: x


Hi mam says enjoy your bacardi used to be her tipple I just poured myself a beer how, s your bruises now? maybe we should call ourselves blue and black gang
Pete and mam regards to Phil and the family


Well Peter cheers to you and Mam.
Enjoy your beer. Phil says hi too he is having a can of lager.

HI Tommy sorry to hear all is not well
. I wish I could help you. It is not good to hear that a friend is having a nightmare of a time. Hoping things feel different tomorrow. X x x


Thanks Babswood
I’ll be fine it will take time though.
My head has a carnival going on in there. LOL
Tommy X :pill:


Sorry to hear that Tommy, hope things improve for you soon.


Cheers Roy
I’m probably being a little dramatic I’ll get through I usually do .
Well I did the last


Hi my friends
Im know im not good at posting lately but you are always in my thoughts
I hope everyone is well
PETE Tell Mam to get well soon , also have all the babiy fish survived ,
BABS , i hope your better and not so multicoloured now big regards to Phil
TOMMY , why are you have a nightmare weekend , you know im on the end of the phone anytime for anyone you should know that by now bruv
ROY, your new home will find you , mine did , well it found kay i just had to pay for it lol, wishing lesley love
Mrs t , where are you ? , i hope all is ok
Going round my sons flat today for dinner , he is cooking
Dont know if Ryan will be coming, he crawled in about 5am passed out on the sofa
Me and kay had to carry him up to bed , wasnt easy i can tell you , but not once did he wake up lol
Left the puke bowl near his head just in case
Here wishing you a good day


I could not reject you if I tried Tommy. OMG the gang is falling apart ( pardon pun ). Babs , I do hope that you had a good blub. Nothing quite like it.
Heartfelt hugs to all…………especially Babs the brave.
I have also fallen but hey, also got new motability car yesterday………….only 3 months late.
The combination of family and the wrong type of food and drink has left me concussed emotionally. Also my memory is on holiday. I find this quite distressing, I never used to have too write a list…
Have just discovered Lee Child on audio books. 7 down 13 to go. For a literary snob as myself I can’t believe I am in love with Jack Reacher.

love to all.


Hi Mrs t
Good to see you back everyone has been looking for you.
Have you got a note for your absenteeism ? LOL
Tommy :pill: X


Just had some good news my mates daughter has just presented him with a grandson cracking start to new year and I just watched 5 baby neon tetras hatch even though everyone has said you can, t breed those in ordinary tank hopefully by the morning few more might arrive mam got appointment in gastro clinic in the morning so might not post till we are home


Good luck with your appointment tomorrow Mam.
I hope all goes well.

Regards to my favourite guru.
Tommy :pill::pill:


sorry Sir.


Ok Mrs t
Run along now and don’t let it happen again .
Tommy x