Good morning Peter and Mam.
Hoping all goes well at clinic today. MAM.
Will hear from you later on Peter. X


Morning babs and all the gang phone call 9.45 cancelling mam, s appointment hope everyone is well
Pete and mam


Morning Babs, Pete, Tommy, Keith & Mrs T, hope everyone has a happy Monday :slight_smile:


Hoping that you have a Happy Monday too Roy and Lesley. Anymore houses to go and look at.? X


Good morning Tommy and Mrs T. Glad you eventually answered Tommy.

Hoping that you are feeling that bit better Tommy.
Mrs T I cried when I fell as my face hurt so much… It is still badly bruised. I hope that you are well. Enjoy your new car. X


There are a couple of possibles but Les is off to Florida with her daughter & grandsons next month (I was invited but they have quite a relentless itinerary going round the parks which don’t really interest me) so house hunting will go on the back burner while she stresses about getting her dollars/what clothes/case/handbag to take with her etc. etc.

We’re hoping the market will pick up in the spring, not much coming on just now.


Good morning Babswood and all musketeers
I’m off to Aldi (how exciting)
But at least in the centre aisle they have man stuff to look at tools and tech (mmmm tooolls) LOL
Tommy :pill::pill:


Good afternoon everyone,
I wasnt here yesterday as my left side went completely dead , felt like id been cut in half down the middle , but i was told it may happen now and then ,
But all normal again ( whatever normal is these days )
I looked so scruffy yesterday and with my droopy left eye, kay said if i worn a raincoat i would have looked like Lt columbo
I normally only need help getting out the bath but kay gave me a bath yesterday , as my left side was still asleep lol
Dont be concerned though , i actually found the funny side of it,
No point worrying about something i cant control , just need to grt on with it.
My son brought me some blow up arm bands for when i start fishing again , he said if i fall in atleast i wont drown lol
Hope everyone is in good spirits today
Will be around
MALC , thank you , you know what for
Right its time for a cuppa and idiot pills


Hi Keith always good to hear from yoi
I hope that Kay is doing okay.
When Do you see your neurologist again?
*Do you think. Keith that you. Still. Have

Well I have slept for 2 hours this afternoon and I’m still feeling really tierd. So I think I will be having an. Early night
Was going to watch Cold Feet tonight as its starting again. But I don’ think i can stay awake till. 9.

I think Tommy is not doing too good going by. Some of the things he has said. Hoping he picks up soon

Well Keith will speak again later. Babs x x x


Hi Keith, No bother
The arm bands sound a good idea, Pal.
Keep smiling


Morning Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley off to asthma clinic shortly and to do some shopping probably won’t be on here until dinner time hope you are all OK gutted over mam, s appointment being cancelled at. last minute so glad she is on urgent list no7months catch up with you all later
Pete and mam


Good morning to my pals

Hope you are all well this dreary Tuesday morning.
I’m off to the hospital this afternoon to see my occupational therapist to see if there is anything else that I need to help me to make life easier.
Will speak later once I get home.
Enjoy your day!!!
Babs x x x


Snap Babswood
I’m just leaving to go to the doctor and tomorrow the O.C.E
So we’re all going on appointment’s .
May good luck go with us all
Tommy :pill: X


Hope that you get on okay at the doctors Tommy.

Will speak later x x x


Morning all & hope you all get on ok with your respective appointments.


I m off back out doctor says he wants an ecg and x-ray


Tommy here reporting back for service.
The doctor said he could find nothing wrong and could only put it down to the drink.

So I’ve told him not to worry .
I’ll come back when he is sober!
Catch up later
Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi there Tommy

What did the Dr actually say to you.

Only asking as we do care what is happening to you.
Babs x x x


I got on OK today
I saw the OT who was really nice she is goi. G to get me back in after my op on ny hand to go over what I need hellp With.

She is also referring me to a falls clinic which I. Never even knew existed.
Babsx x x


Hi Babswood
A fall’s clinic I have never heard of such a thing.
Maybe it’s a stunt school and we could all learn to fall like Norman Wisdom .
He was a master at that and never hurt himself.

ANYWAY back to seriousness
I had an E.C.G for the pain I’ve been having in my chest and it shows something called sinus tachacardia and I have to have an x-ray on Friday because he said he would not be surprised if it shows a broken vertibrae .

I’ve got the Oxford centre for enablement tomorrow.
So a busy week for me .
Tommy :pill: X