What exactly is the condition he says you have or may have as for falls clinic was offered that 2yrs ago and mam was offered the option last week seems like I, m the only one who has had good news today impressed with my control but changed the way I use my pumps and surprisingly my BP was 120/78 hope everything gets sorted for you guys
Mam is still in loads of pain but won, t rest her foot
Pete and mam


Morning all musketeers
Tommy reporting in.
On my way to sunny Oxford to the hospital .
Fill you in later
Tommy X :pill::pill:


Sounds like Tommy being brave.
Shit day.
Daughter emergency referral coz can read nothing out of left eye on routine test.
Also, bully bro kicked off.


Hi Mrs t
I hope everything will be ok for your daughter . fingers crossed .
I’ve been referred by an optician before and it’s a really scary thing to go through

Tommy X :pill:


Hi Tommy how did you get on at hospital today?


Evening all, sorry to hear about everybody’s trials & tribulations.

Worst I have to report is that I got back from Les’s early evening to find no lights and half the sockets in the house not working, think there’d been a power cut & when it came back on something tripped & now won’t untrip. If that’s all I have to worry about I’m doing ok.

A good friend called today who heard about my PD from a third party, he seemed hurt I hadn’t told him direct. I explained that as we had such a good time when we’d been out since my diagnosis I didn’t want to bring everybody down by broaching the subject & that there just hadn’t been an appropriate moment to bring it up. It was tough talking about it but at least he knows now & he’s the type who I’m sure will be very supportive.


Tommy you ok?


Hi Babswood and Mrs t
I haven’t decended into the murky depths or anything else quite so dramatic.
I just simply fell asleep exhausted and lovely it was too.
Thanks for caring
Caring is sharing
Tommy X X :pill::pill:


Morning Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley another day more appointments mam has eye test today glad it’s not as icy as was forecast hoping everyone is well wishing you all a happy day whatever your plans regards to all
Pete and mam


Good morning all musketeers glad to say no appointment today.
Babswood hope you are ok pal
Mrs t I hope all is well with your daughter.
Peter I hope you managed a rest .
Mam you know we love you and hope you’re discomfort eases soon.
Kieth hope to hear from you today.
Roy and Lesley
Hope you had a great birthday Lesley .
Roy if you need any electrical tips I’m here , not an expert but 20 years experience in the business.
Well I think that’s about it my appointments start again tomorrow with another dose of radiation by way of x-ray.
I shall be glowing like a Reddy brek kid soon oh and I treated myself to a fantastic new bouffant yesterday and I look pretty young but I’ve just backdated.
Tommy X :pill::pill:


Hi Mam hope you’re eyes don’t require any update.

I went into the shop two weeks ago and said “I think it’s about time I had an eye test and as you are offering them free here I am”
The ol’ boy said " yes you do require an eye test , this is a butchers the opticians are next door "
Good luck Mam regards to Peter. LoL.
Tommy X :pill:


Lesley said thanks for that Tommy, she had a great day rounded off by a lovely meal in a new posh local restaurant.

& thanks for the offer of electrical advice, I’ve actually managed to track it down to a dodgy extension lead & we’re all ‘live’ again.

Morning & best wishes everyone else!


She looks beautiful and your not too bad yourself!


Thanks Tommy :blush:


Roy the picture looks lovely of lesley . But couldnt you have moved the ugly old git sitting next to her lol


Ladies and gentleman and others

Yes i have been on the missing list for a few days . But not through ill health
Ive been painting my sons flat with him but he does all the cutting in on the frames
Cant blame him
My new meds make me feel almost normal i still have tremors but hardly noticeable now
Hope all are as well as can be
Back later . Got bathroom to paint today

My oldest son takes the piss
Says i should shower at the local swimming pool
As they have life guards there
And id be good as a wave machine
Miss all you guys and gals


I tried to smile Keith but my face wouldn’t cooperate :upside_down_face:


Hi Bruv
I didn’t know your older son was a culture vulture .
So he likes Jackson Pollock then? LOL


Good evening all

Hope everyone is well I was at the hospital for physio then speach therapy.


What a good looking couple you are!!! Belated birthday wishes for you Lesley.
Hope you had good one.