Thanks Babs. Les had a lovely day & the restaurant was amazing, we’re going back in March for my 60th.


Hi Babswood
Hope you have had a nap after your hospital appointment .
We all need that it’s unbelievable just how much a simple appointment takes out of us eh?
I was in my cot at seven last night and didn’t get up till around five this morning and still had another couple of hours after my pain meds.
Tommy :pill: X


Hi Tommy I’m fine just so tierd so I’m away to my bed goodnight all. X x x


Hi babs Don, t know if you are up but as you can see I am managed a couple of hours sleep but pain is back in my legs due in clinic Feb think need to review meds off to dentist this afternoon final appointment? a filling and impression for shield for sleep (doubt it will get much use lol) then hoping to call in to my mates as he lives 5mins from dentist to see his new (1st) grandson mam still in pain and running me ragged hope you and Phil are well


Hi Roy and Lesley sorry only just picked up on Lesley, s birthday so belated happy birthday from mam and me big 60 for me this year as well old man (I, m Dec) lol any way it, s only a number morning to Tommy, Keith and Mrs T just checked my tank and overnight it, s exploded into tiny blue and red dots must be 80 to 100 baby neon think I need to get them some contraception can, t keep up with it
Pete and mam


Good morning Peter and Mam
Sorry to hear about your pain .
You could certainly do without that right now.

I only got codeine this week after a month in pain .
I’ve got an x-ray today to check if I’ve broken a vertibrae.
Regards to Mam
Tommy :pill::pill:


Good luck with the x-ray if there is a break can they do anything about it? hope you and Sue are both ok and Sammy off to try and clean tank Don, t know how with all those tiny neons catch up with you after dentist how is new gadget working?
Pete and mam


New gadget is good
The GP said he would not be surprised if the vertibrae was broken however they usually don’t do anything to repair it in the same way as if you break a rib but just manage the pain unless there is a loose piece likely to cause any problems with the spinal cord.
I’ll tell you about sue offline.
And Sammy is just a joy to look after.
Good luck with the little fishes
Tommy :pill::pill:


Well good morning Tommy.
Hope you get on okay with x Ray. Hope Sue is keeping better.
It is absolutely freezing here never felt so cold.
I’m out for lunch today my friend and I going for an Indian can’t wait.

Will hear how you get on later. X x x


Morning Peter well you were up early this morning.
That’s not so good about your sore leg.
Well you are certainly going to. Be kept busy cleaning out the fish tank

Say hello to Mam from me sending. Her a big. Hug.

Out for lunch today with my friend.
. Will talk later x x x


Morning Babs, Pete, Tommy, Keith & Mrs T

Thanks Pete, will pass that on. Good luck with the x-ray Tommy & enjoy your lunch Babs x


60 is the new 30 Pete! (tell my joints that lol)


Morning all musketeers
Thanks for your good wishes for my appointment
Enjoy your Friday everyone.

Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi Tommy how did x-ray go today only clean and polish left next appointment and pick up shield cast was done today according to the dentist there is no payment for treatment hope she, s right pavements bit to cold for busking!!! Hope you enjoyed your lunch babs


Hi Peter and Mam
I have to wait 2 weeks for results but if they spot anything dodgy they will be in touch sooner.

Regards to Mam
Tommy :pill::pill:


Morning all weather is lousy here glad got nothing planned for outside hope everyone enjoys whatever they do day in chilling to music and doing some reading for me till kick off at 3 pm regards to all
Pete and mam,


Sounds like a plan Pete. Morning all.


Hi All . Well painting my sons flat almost done. Just kitchen left and hallway
So much white paint in my hair i look like ive aged 20 yrs . Im now up to date with messages
ROY :- im very sorry i forgot to wish Lesley happy birthday
But she does look very beautiful , and you aint that bad either
Having a lay in this morning. Alls good just bloody ache
TOMMY :- Whats up with your back . I hope Sue is getting back to her lovely self
Going down the gym with connor later . They have a lovely hot tub Jacuzzi.
Beats farting in the bath .
PETE :- I hope Mam is well . And your tank isnt getting too crowded now and that you are both well
BABS :- I hope you and Phil are well and hope you are keeping snuggled up . Bet Phil cant wait to get on the golf course
I miss not being on here but my new meds are working better than i hoped for . Me and kay go out more often now and i can do a little bit more to help out round the house . But due to the number of cups and plates ive broken wiping up is not allowed but at least i can wash up
I wish everyone my love and respects
You are all always in my thoughts


Can anyone answer me this
Nothing serious but odd to me
My friends wife to him to Barbados
Cost a fortune
She didnt go anywhere nor did he
Just stayed in hotel for massages and in the bar drinking
Why not stay here in good old england ,. go down the pub get drunk get arrested and beaten by the police sorry a body massage from the police and get a free bed for the night including breakfast before being discharged


You’re supposed to use a brush and/or roller Keith :slight_smile: