I tried but with the shakes i kept dropping it . So i thought what the hell. At least i have an idea what i will look like when im in my 80s


Hi Keith good to hear from you glad your meds are working well mam has new date for gastro clinic after late cancellation now on 31st fegards to kay and yourself from us both
Pete and mam


Hi Peter Glad that Mam has her appt date through.
Did you get the fish tank all cleaned out the other day.? I had a lovely lunch with my friend at the Indians. Have said to Phil I will take him for lunch their maybe this week will see how the days go. I just can’t stop sleeping feel so tierd all the time.
But will need to stop moaning all the time.

Keith so glad that your meds are working. They appear to be giving you a new lease of life. I am happy for you. I hope Kay is doing okay.

Tommy my Pal how are you. Doing?
I do hope that you and Sue are getting out and about. Although it is very very cold. Roll. On. The summer eh. I just can’t wait for my holidays.
Take care eh?

Roy and Lesley I. Hope you. Are both okay. This is the weather for staying in eh too cold to be venturing out. Have you. Decided on. Any house yet? I always think what’s for you won’t go by you.

Cheers for now my friends x x x


Hi Babswood and all musketeers .
We are not getting out together at the moment.
Sorry I haven’t been on but it’s not my fault it’s the painkillers I’ve spent most of the weekend on top of a lazy boy.

Tommy X X :pill::pill:


Hi babs, Tommy, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley glad you enjoyed your lunch more of a Chinese eater myself mam sends her regards to you all and says thanks for asking after her struggling with my legs and with sleep or rather lack of sleep going back on cbd oil tonight hope everyone else is OK and had good weekend
Pete and mam


Evening everyone, just had a brass monkey at the door wanting to borrow a welding torch.

Not much coming on just now & Les is away for most of February so house hunting’s on the back burner for now. I’ve got some decorating lined up for when she’s away to keep me out of trouble.


Hi to all my friends.
Doesn’t look like the snow shall be far away. So cold!

So how is every one doing?
Tommy I hope your pain has eased a bit by now.

Will come back on later to see if anyone about. X x x


Hi babs was wondering if you were OK and if you have any snow as you can see another sleepless night though mam is down as well not seen any sign of all baby fish tho, mam is guarding one corner mam sends big hug
Pete and mam


Hi Peter sorry to hear that you are back to not. Sleeping well.

Hope that Mam is doing okay.
Said on radio that the temperature was minus 3 last night. So very cold…

Hope you have a good day. I’m off to a funeral today.

Take care and love to Mam x x x


Afternoon all, hope everyone’s ok, I’m having a particularly sleepy day :sleeping::zzz::zzz:


Hi Roy and Lesley wish I had a sleepy day only got 3hrs last night absolutely knackered got any new albums just ordered Paul carrack newest album looking forward to seeing him again in feb
Pete and mam


Some off Amazon - Best of Gallagher & Lyle, Three Dog Night collection, Matthews Southern Comfort colection, The best of Family & a boxed set of Status Quo albums (Piledriver/Hello/Quo/On the level/Blue for you, not bad for a tenner!, had them all on vinyl but went off Quo a while back so sold the LPs, heard Paper Plane & Caroline on the radio & decided I liked them again lol). On vinyl I got Shades in bed by The Records, a power pop band from the late 70s, they had one minor hit ‘Starry Eyes’ in '79.

Hope you get a better kip tonight mate.


Got stuff by most of them quo first gig I went to loved roll over lay down just put 10cc on reminder of good boys holiday in torquay


There are some good BBC4 documentaries you might enjoy on the iplayer Pete


Hi Peter…

Sleep well tonight my friend x x x
Best wishes to Mam.

I’m so tierd so off to bed.

Babs x


Goodnight babs happy dreams from mam and me


Thanks Roy ido try to catch up with some of them more often when there is no football :soccer:
Pete and mam


Hi babs, Tommy, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley just to let you know that mam been discharged from renal clinic depending on results of blood tests hope everything is OK with you all lost all babies in tank catfish ate some and killed and left Rest on gravel
Pete and mam


Good evening Pete, Babs, Tommy, Keith & Mrs T.

Hope everyone’s coping ok with the cold weather, I haven’t ventured out today, been tidying some cupboards & found my first mobile phone (museum piece possibly?).

Shame about your babies Pete, nature’s cruel at times :frowning:


Hi Roy and Lesley well we had our first lot of snow
Tonight the temp is to be minus 4. So very very cold.

Hope all is well with you both. X x x