You’ll need a lot of togs later then?

We’re good thanks Babs. Haven’t seen Les today, she’s been barricaded in by Essex water who’ve got the road up outside her house (their even having the temerity to park on her front! - with her permission of course).

How are you doing? x


Hi babs hope the snow not been to bad just ice here 2nd night back on cbd oil 6 hrs sleep last night regards to everyone been shopping and sorting out cables first hence the late post
Pete and mam


Hi all,
oh my word, I wonder whether the weather is contributing to more pain? Have only just caught up you lovely people. In my romantic way, time for a quote:

" You don’t love someone for their looks,
or their clothes,
or for their fancy car,
but because they sing a song only you can hear."

Oscar Wilde


Morning all & happy Friday.

Don’t know what today has in store yet, Les has got to drop her youngest up the station (works for channel 4) & then the days ours. I’m sure it’ll involve lunch out at some stage :blush:


Hi all.
Well thank crunchie its FRIDAY!!!

I just love the weekend. Don’t know what we are up to this weekend.
Going to the local pub shortly for a few wee drinks.

Well hope you both had a lovely lunch today Roy and Lesley x x x


Les had a huge breakfast before we went out so wasn’t bothered about having lunch (that’s a first!) so we just went in the pub for a drink, I made do with a couple of pasties from Iceland.

Scored 17 CDs in the charity shops, all good stuff & cost me about 4 quid. One of them was ‘Wingspan’ Pete.


secret wings fan then I only got one new offering these days Paul carrack, s latest if you like his music you, ll like this hope you and Lesley are well
Pete and mam


Was a good haul Pete

But I hadn’t actually listened to all the ones I got last time, I must try harder.

We’re both good thanks for asking Pete, hope you and Your Mum are ok, at least the temperature has risen a little.


Hi Roy well that was a really good bargain. Eh?


It was Babs, I actually paid more than they were asking in one shop, they were knocking them out at 6 for a pound, bought 7 and gave them 2 pounds. Les got a nice utensils storage pot for a pound & some decent unused body lotion for 50p.


Morning folks hope you all have a good day. I’m just going to stay in. Today and rest up. It is et and miserable here. X x x


You will now be going around all the charity shops. Now. Looking for bargains!!!

Have a good day Roy and Lesley x x x


Morning Peter

Hope you got a good sleep last night. I sent Tommy a message but no reply. I have now messaged Keith will let you know what he says.
Hope Mam is doing okay today. X x x


Hi everyone
Sorry i havent been on
Last sunday i had just a small irritating stroke
But didnt say anything
I spoke to Tommy last saturday
Hoping and expecting to be discharged tomorrow
Doing better
Once i get my breath back and a 2nd wind i will fill everyone in


Thanks Babs, you to. Just playing some of my bargains, rattled the double glazing with some Goldfrapp now ‘middle of the road’ stuff with Wings.

Afternoon Keith, Pete, Tommy & Mrs T.

Nice to see you back on Keith & hope your parole comes through soon mate. Wherefore art thou Tommy? Hope you’re ok & Pete Wings are great, the band The Beatles could have been lol :wink:

Liked the poetry Mrs T. There was one I knew, it involved this young man from Devizes…


You really did grab a bargain Roy hope you and Lesley are not rattling the windows too much why did, nt you say something Keith that, s what we are here for hi babs hope your eyes are a bit better mam not to good as she not moving due to her foot one leg swelling nice to see you posting Mrs T only lead musketeer Is missing hope your OK Tommy regards to Sue


Hi Peter I said the same to Keith not had a reply from Tommy.
Sorry to hear Mam not so good. My eyes are terrible. Can’t wait to. Get Botox. X x x


Thanks for letting me know will try texting T1 myself later will let you know seems like we, re all having problems ran the rule over 5 familys viewing next door to see if I need to test volume out after 10 yrs of neighbours from hell hope to see someone tidy speak soon regards to phil and mam sends big hug to you
Pete and mam


Good afternoon all

Hope this finds you all well.

Phil is making a big family dinner today. So my sons daughter n law and granddaughter’s are coming over.

The Rangers game is also on TV. So we will be watching that too.

Have a good day whatever you are up to.

Babs x x x


Hello all, went for a mooch round Brentwood earlier, saw some of the TOWIE lot, had a Burger King whopper & bought yet more charity shop cds, 4 for a pound this time.

Cheers you lot :blush: