Have you got a special magnet our charity shops a class down on yours I, ve only seen Xmas cd, s regards to you both
Pete and mam


Just struck lucky this weekend Pete :slightly_smiling_face:. Today I got Amy Winehouses Back in Black, Best of Rod Stewart, Orson & an interesting double cd 70s compilation that had some tracks on I haven’t got on any format.


Well Roy you seem to have been lucky this weekend with charity shops.

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend. X x x


Hope you enjoyed your family meal Babs x

After having a BK whopper meal each we STILL had a Sunday roast dinner this evening! (and we wonder why we put on weight…)


Hi had probs with tank lost 7⃣ fish but think I just found prob knackered now will speak to you later all our love to you and Phil
Pete and mam


Hi @itsmylfe,

I’m sorry to hear this. I hope you are on the mend and do let me know if there’s anything we can do to support you.

Best wishes,


Good Morning folks.

Well I hope that you are all nice and warm this very cold Wednesday morning.

Tommy I hope you are feeling that bit bettter. X

Roy and Lesley
Hope you have a good day whatever you do. X

Keith I hope that you get home tomorrow. Take Care. X

Peter I hope you have not lost anymore fish.

Regards to Mam. She will not be going out in this weather.

Have a good day. X

Babs x x x


Morning babs and rest of gang cold here but no snow mam has appointment Thursday when snow is coming took 1 fish out 3am after all others pushed it to corner can, t find 2 but am off to do shopping looks like they will all have to go as nervous o everything Inc food floating towards them will decide when I get back hope you all have better day than me though even though Liverpool fc did not play yesterday good night if we can win tonight at least that cheered me up
Pete and mam


Morning Babs, Pete, Keith, Tommy & Mrs T.

Popped in to London yesterday, I forget how close we are & we hardly ever make the trip. I needed to get a watch strap adjusted so visited the Panerai Boutique in New Bond Street. Popped in to a couple of other watch shops, Rolex, Omega, IWC… so much temptation, I love my watches! Les got some dollars for her Florida trip next week (there’s a place that does the best exchange rate up there). We had a brief pit stop but decided not to eat up there when a coke & guinness came to 8 quid!

Les is busy sorting out her clothes for the holiday so I get regular calls for advice on shorts & tops (vest top, cap sleeved, long sleeves… will she need a cardigan??) don’t know why she considers me an expert on ladies clothes when my own fashion sense is questionable at times & it’s not like I’ll be there to appreciate what she’s wearing anyway lol

Anybody had any contact with Tommy? Was wondering how he was getting on?

Cheers you lot


Hi all musketeers
Sorry for being absent but I will furnish you with a note from my parents if you require.
Although I must stress it would be an old one as I have been an orphan for many years.
Anyway I have been missing for personal reasons being absolutely nuts not withstanding and hopefully now I can start back on the road to normality and be posting again.
I told you I was in pain since my last fall and my GP confirmed today that I did indeed break my back in this instance .
He is now arranging a full body scan.
So lots of things going on but I’m still standing and shaking.
Regards to my favourite girl
And all the gang with a special mention for Kieth at this difficult time for him.
Tommy :pill::pill:


Wow Tommy when you crock yourself you do a proper job! Hope there’s no permanent damage, you’ll maybe have to ease up on the breakdancing.


Cheers Roy.
Not bad our NHS only took six weeks to diagnose it.
I don’t think they believe you when you say your in pain.
I don’t know why they bother asking " on a scale of 1-10" and you say 11 because they just want to make sure you won’t take up a bed.
Anyway I’ve withdrawn my application for Dancing On Ice.
Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi Tommy good to see you back. X


Hi Roy

Did you get a watch.

My son also loves to buy watches. They have got to be really good ones and expensive.!!


Not on this occasion but there was temptation everywhere!

This is the watch I had altered -

Got it in Aruba.

I did get my watch fix today though, won a Seiko PADI Divers watch on ebay :slight_smile:


Hi Babswood
Thanks pal it’s good to hear from you too
Tommy X :pill:


Hi Tommy nice to see you back sorry to everybody for not replying but have been trying to sort out my tank on the verge of putting the eight that’s left to sleep looks like the neon disease has attacked the nervous system of all they even scoot away from food looks like clean gravel out put in new and restock off to Liverpool for couple of hours take care all
Pete and mam


Hi all . Just a quickie. Got home about 5pm .
Glad to hear your on the mend Tommy
Doctors fixed me again. Made the most out of private health insurance
I have a stroke nurse popping into see me tomorrow to check i have what i need
Pete sorry about the fish . Next time will be better
Babs . Thanks for your kind messages they meant alot
Roy. Look forward to catching up
In case i havent told you i have now surrendered my driving licence . Its NOT worth the risk
I will catch up with you all tomorrow
Take care my friends i will fill you all in later


Glad you’re home Keith - best place to be.

Pete, sorry to hear about the fish.

Well look at that, we only need Mrs T for a full house tonight!


Good morning my friends.

I’ve never felt it so cold outside. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Well I’m off to the hospital today for my speach therapy.

Got a message on house phone yesterday about my date for my botox. Now I have been telling them how bad my. Eyes have been. So you would never believe it my date is the 15 March.

I will yet again need to phone my PD nurse just don’t know how I’m expected to get by till then. As most of the time now my eyes are closed.
Speak later folks.

Have a good day all.
I think it’s a day for the Hoose!!!