Hi babs morning all just to say mam has gastro app in an hour will let you know what happens when I get back my last 8 fish survived the night and look more lively catch up with you all later
Pete and mam


Morning Babswood and all musketeers hope you are all on good form .
Good luck with your appointment Babswood and I hope you get your Botox sooner than march.
Also rooting for you Mam and wish you well.
Kieth hope you’re recovering well and glad to be home.
Roy thanks for your kind thoughts.
Peter , Babswood and Kieth thanks for your help recently.
Mrs t missing you already.
Tommy :pill:


Hi Tommy no worries just got back will pm you later


Afternoon all, hope everyone’s keeping warm.


Afternoon Roy
I’m a sweaty sock so no worries about the cold LOL
Tommy :pill:


Well good evening Roy and Tommy.
Hope all is good.
Yes I’m keeping nice and warm. Heating is up full so I’m lovely and toasty but not sweaty like oor Tommy…

Just going to have a snooze as a bit tierd. X


Hi Babswood
Enjoy your rest ma wee China.
I’m not really sweaty that was cockney rhyming slang.
I am however a tad smelly LOL
Tommy :pill::pill: x


Couldn’t let a day go by without a post on here. Hope everybody’s coping ok with the weather. Snow was a bit pathetic here about half an inch through the night that had melted by lunchtime.

Quiet weekend for me, just chilling with some vibes man (so not so quiet…)


Morning Roy where is the picture that you took.?

We have on ly. Had a sprinkling of snow but. I. Think that there is more on. The way.

You and Lesley have a good weekend.
Babs. X


That’s Lesley’s back garden (on a clear day you can see the QE2 bridge).

Hope you have a good one to Babs x


Hi guys Don, t know what all fuss is about we, ve have not even had a flake of snow Tommy’s OK just heard from him but not from Keith stay warm everyone only got 3 cat fish and loads of babies
Pete and mam YNWA


Hi all musketeers
Just to let you know Kieth has emerged and is fine .
He only has self imposed CBAS and said he sent a text to us earlier but I know I didn’t receive it.
Anyway that was the latest news and now for the weather
Tommy :pill:


Hi Tommy and all the clan I never heard from Keith either how are you feeling now Tommy Big hug on way from your fav girl also big hugs to babs mam says thanks for all your good wishes anyway just off to have a wine glass that is not a bottle
Pete and mam


Morning babs and all hope you are all well and enjoy your Sunday veg all sorted (no tank to do) at least mam is happy hope she realises how long it took me could have done enough for another 6 before pd everything takes forever regards to all
Pete and mam


Good afternoon Pete, Babs, Tommy, Keith & Mrs T, hope everyone’s well on this crisp Sunday.

Cheers one & all!


Hi Roy

Some size of garden eh?

Hope you are both okay? X


We’re both good thanks although Les continues to get stressed about what she’s taking to Florida with her… Hope you’re ok, sorted out you’re botox yet?

Les’s house sits on a third of an acre plot, hence why a developer’s after it & why we’re househunting. I’ve got my own much more humble ex council house.


Morning babs, Tommy, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley early good morning from me hoping for quiet day other than trip to butcher to stock up old rugby injury to my ankle flared up so need to keep weight off it 2 more treatments to my tank and then start restock hope everyone is OK and mam sends regards to you all her one leg badly swollen again but at least she taken on board things not to do
Pete and mam


Well good morning all.
Hope everyone okay.

I have to go in for my botox on19 Feb so not too long to wait.!!!

Got a text from Keith saying he has bought a moped to get around sounded really happy.

Peter glad to hear that Mam is doing okay.

Babsx x x x


Morning Babs, Pete. Keith, Tommy & Mrs T, Les off to airport tomorrow, flying on Thursday so I’m footloose & fancy free for a couple of weeks! (will miss her loads if I’m honest).