Afternoon all

Sorry to hear about your night terrors Tommy, Les has said I shout obscenities in my sleep sometimes but don’t thrash about. I only ever recall my dreams on point of waking but not after that.


Cheers Roy
Me too .
If I don’t talk about them as soon as wake then they are forgotten.
Thanks for your help
Tommy :pill::pill:


Good afternoon everyone
Here are the weekend headlines from News At Tommy.
President Trump enjoys a Guinness with his friend Liam Neeson…Bong

Insomniac tyre fitter falls asleep at the wheel…Bong

Well known Oxfordshire rule breaker dies and has his hot ashes put in wheelie bin in last snub to council…Bong

Alcohol cause hangover shock report reveals…Bong.

Scientists discover there is a knack for everything except taking a dump and pulling rhubarb…Bong.

And finally… dyslexic gorilla goes pea in greengrocer shop.

I’ll be back next week with your headlines .


Hi Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley hope you are all OK first chance to post been changing the gravel in tank ready for new fish really looking forward to Paul carrack on Sunday need to have some me time mam, s leg not so swollen
Pete and mam


Hi Peter and Mam
I’m glad things are looking a little brighter .
Enjoy your weekend.
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill::pill:


Morning Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley really windy night still blowing a bit and wet not a day for outdoors so quiet day feet up watching sport hopefully everyone is well and got a good night’s sleep just finished coffee off in the shower after a quick water test on the tank catch you all later
Pete and mam


Morning Peter and Mam , Roy , Kieth, Babswood and Mrs t
Weather here is awful but Sammy doesn’t care he just wants out NOW.

Roy hope Lesley is enjoying her break I bet you think you have gone deaf . LOL
Peter and Mam . Hope all is well and that you are ready for the new arrivals.

Babswood . I hope you and Phil are ok . Not long now till your appointment and get your eyes sorted . Good luck my friend.

Kieth how is the new toy .
Has Kay taken the stabilisers off yet and set you free ?

Mrs t hope the weather isn’t too bad .
I’ve been reading my wife’s Oscar Wilde book .
Haven’t really read anything for ages but he’s so clever and funny I can’t put it down.
He has a new fan now .
Tommy :pill::pill:


Morning Pete, Tommy, Babs, Mrs T & ‘Easy Rider’ :wink:

Must be awkward drinking your coffee in the shower Pete, would be like you can never finish it.

Les is in constant touch Tommy, she has wifi & uses facetime audio to make sure I’m not getting up to any mischief (hardly likely I’ve got a stinker of a cold).

Have a great Saturday/weekend all!


Yep, am great fan of Oscar. His ability to use language only akin to your own Tommy.

Anyone else a Jack Reacher fan? Am a complete literary snob but this author Lee Child has bitten hard.
Listen to them on audio books………another world.
Refuse to talk about the bleedin’ weather.

Daughter at Murrayfield, now in pub with Scots and Irish. My idea of perfect evening.



I’ve seen the films, not bad, other than Tom Cruise being cast as a character who I understand should be over six foot & built like a brick outhouse.

Sad to say it’s been some time since I read a book, used to enjoy sci-fi, E E Doc Smith, Ray Bradbury, Ben Bova etc.


Hi all

Hope you all doing okay. Got a text from Keith looks like he is having a fantastic time going everywhere on his moped. He is also keeping great.

Well I can’t wait for the 19 TH to get my eyes fixed hoping that it works if not will have to see my neurologist.

Well hoping that you all have a good Sunday.

I won’ t menion the weather anymore eh.!!!


Hi babs and afternoon to Tommy, Mrs T and Roy and Lesley I, ve already heard from Keith sounds as if he, s having fun maybe we should all get one hope you get your eyes sorted babs nothing worse well my tank is empty of swimmers but emptied it all cleaned everything tests are all clear now I can restock off to see Paul carrack in a while hope it will give me lift if I am late back will catch up with you all tomorrow mam sends her regards to you all
Pete and mam


Afternoon everybody, sold some speakers yesterday so been checking all my connections and rejigging kit positions now I’ve got more room. As the remaining speakers weigh in at 53 kilos each it’s no mean feat!

Babs, fingers crossed for the 19th x

Pete, enjoy Paul Carrack.

Cheers for now, I have more speaker juggling to do!


Hi Peter enjoy the concert. Regards to Mam x x x


Hi ROY HOW’S Lesley enjoying the holiday? You are keeping busy anyway. Is that all the decorating done.!!!


They’ve been walking her feet off, she did 6 miles the other day. They’ve moved on from Walt Disney & they’re stopping in a villa for the rest of the holiday. They’re hitting shopping outlets today, I’m sure Les will enjoy that more than the parks! I haven’t actually lifted a brush yet, been poorly with a stinker of a cold but feel a bit better today. I must go out tomorrow, got a few bits to do & my cousins coming down Tuesday afternoon and I’m also booked into the apple shop Tuesday morning to get a new battery in my iphone.


Hi all musketeers
It’s great to read that everyone is so positive today.
And all so busy too .

Also I can imagine Keith on his new moped and his text brought a smile to me and Sue’s faces .

Hope all this positivity continues for us all as I’m sure you will be in total agreement that we are indeed overdue some niceties.

Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi all . I know im a bit hit and miss. But i feel like a kid again
Havent felt like this in a long time
Not long been home after going for a nice ride on my bike
Music loud on the built in bluetooth speakers blasting out. Been round to see my mate mick. As he got some bad news friday. They cant repair all the nerve damage in his leg . He only has about 20% of feeling and he will never ride his bike again . He had a go on mine and loved it. So on wedensday he is going to buy an electric bike like mine to get about on
But the freedom to go anywhere now has changed my outlook . Im no longer a prisoner in my home because i cant walk far
It only does 25mph for about 40 miles but i can charge it free when im out
Never ridden a moped before but i love it
Just need to join a motor bike gang now lol
I feel alive again
Battery is on charge for tomorrows journey
But you are all always in my thoughts


Hi Bruv
I’m really happy for you as is Sue and I expect everyone else.
You do sound like you have found something you really enjoy .
Therefore you are absolutely right to grab it while you can and now your friend can join you even better.
I was going to quote “Two little Boys” until I recalled who sang it .
So I slammed the anchors on
" What a shame I did like him too but he let me down "
(There’s room on the horse for two , I’ll bet there freakin was eh?)
Anyway I digress !
Have FUN Bruv
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Hello Tommy I too have the same problem getting up at stupid o clock then sleeping throughout the day,this morning I got a lie in ,I got up at 03,50 normally it,’, about 01,30 or sometime earlier,then people say your face changes when you have PD no wonder were all Zombies having no sleep,bye.