Due to the low turnout for the spongexit vote today
I have decided to let the polling staff home early.
And close the polls

My staff have collected all votes (it didn’t take long)

The results are as follows
The ayes to the right …2
The no’s to the left …0
Abstentions … your guess is as good as mine.

The ayes have it.
The decision shall be implemented A.S.A.P
As I have triggered article 0
With immediate effect.
And policy shall be carried out on behalf of the British People and Citizens the the world.

Tommy :pill::pill::pill::pill::pill:


Hi just read your post i,m with Reah on one side without people to test how do you find new meds but fact is you are m ain carer for sue so please don’t rush in to it regards form mam and me


Hi Peter.
The Tommy party thanks you for your input and indeed will consider your proposal .
A green paper shall follow .
However I am duty bound to remind my constituents that the vote is now closed.

And the will of the people all two of them shall be carried out.

On a more serious note I do have family history with this issue.
Also I personally suffer from acid reflux and I’m on stomach protection pills for this problem which why I’m deemed to be a good candidate.

Anyhoo nice to see you on the forum.
Hope all is well.
You are missed on here.
(I hope you know that?)
Regards to my favourite girl.



Been a busy boy decided to clean the 10 litre tank I bought for first fish to give birth done the measurement of length, volume of water and fish body length and can get 6 blue neons in which is what I really wanted will be easy to clean but will have to freshen everyday so fingers crossed my mate called and couldn’t believe I took lights off other tank and put 2 over door hangers under glass cover of my unit to suspend lights over tank will try send you photo
Pete and mam


Thanks I’d like that.
Tommy :pill:


Hope this is OK


Tanks Pete :grinning:


Hi Roy where have you been . I’ve been thinking wow must be some hangover after your party.
Tommy :pill:


Honestly hadn’t realised it had been that long since I’d checked it.

Tommy, make sure the knot on the sponge is tight. My Mum suffered with that condition but as I do struggle with swallowing on occasions I’m afraid it would be a no from me.

Babs, good luck for Friday x

Pete, hope those aquatic nightmares aren’t stopping you rocking out.

Mrs T, my cousin lives in Edinburgh & I pop up when I can but where you are is a whole different ball game. Is it within the arctic circle?

Keith, KEITH, KEITH! oh don’t worry, hope you’re riding easy again :slight_smile:


Normality is almost restored
All we need Kieth.Kieth is all we need :musical_note::musical_note::musical_note:

Roy unfortunately you missed the vote as did Kieth and Mrs t.
Despite the£1.50 I invested in flyer printing and some one to deliver them.

Anyway that is all water under the bridge.

I shall carry on with my plan
for the benefit of people kind (can’t say mankind now)
For I am Tommy , Brave, intelligent, handsome, and all round good egg.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Hi everyone as you can see not giving up yet just downsiizing only getting half a dozen of my faves just in case i forget good luck babs for Friday enjoyed our hour last night Tommy keep rocking Roy and funny Keith and Mrs t missing again at same time off to munich tonight for few hours
Pete and mam


For tomorrow ma wee cronie.
Gonyersel hen.
Tommy X X :pill:


For what it’s worth: you must think of yourself. No more heroes any more…


You got us, Keith and I at it again…


Hi Mrs t hope you haven’t been on his new bike ?been busy after virus hitting my tank second time decided to downsize rejigged my 10 litre tank new roof and lights going to put smallshoalof neons in mam keeps calling me blue peter here is my prototype


looks amazing. oh to be a fish.


Looking good Peter

A big thanks to all my good friends will let you know how I get on.
Speak soon x x x


GOOD LUCK both thinking of you morning everyone hope my last trip to dentist this afternoon hope when they said its free they were right or else I, m looking at a mega bill!!! need to take a big cap to pass around lol
Pete and mam


Morning all & good luck Babs x


Morning All

Got home last night all went well so the surgeon
Says. I’m in agony this morning. Waiting for meds to kick in? Thanks. For all good wishes. Xxx

Snow really bad here😞