Glad all went well for you off to get half a dozen fish for my baby tank and that is it for now mam sends her love to you speak to you later
Pete and mam


Tell mam thanks x x x


Hi Tommy I’m home but in a lot of pain
Are any of your poems on Radioparkie tonight. I will deffo be listening in
Hope you are OK.


Morning Babswood
Glad all went well.
I’m afraid bone surgery is very painful as I have experience of it in my elbow.

Seems to have slipped my mind to tell you that before your op though ( my memory is getting worse)

Not got anything on radio parkies tonight although Johnny did say he’d plug Sue Hammond’s book.

Keep taking the pills and I wish you a speedy recovery and the outcome you’re looking for.

Tommy :pill::pill: XX


Thanks pal was taking Codydramol but not touching pain. I found a tub of.
Paracetamol/ Di hydrocodeine so hoping that they will touch the spot. X x x :frowning:


Hi babs hope you are coping I, m here if you want to chat thought this might cheer you up my fav fish


Looking good eh


Thanks I, m staying small fry
take care regards to phil. Pete and mam


Hi all musketeers hope you are all in good fettle.

Are you all having a Sunday rest .
Hope you have all been to church and been good boys and girls.

Peter I really did like your poem and hope carry on posting them and when you decide on a favourite you could record it for radio parkies.
You may like to try some spike Milligan short poems even if you’re not a fan like me his humour appeals to me .
You’ll definitely find all-sorts of to feed the imagination .
I recommend the alphabet poem it is so complicated but very cleverly done and shows just what can be achieved by just letters.

Richie rich have you been on holiday again ?
Say Hiya to Lesley.

Kieth come back our gang is short of your wit.

Mrs t the same goes for you
We miss you.
And I’m not about to put two and two together.
Because you seem to take it out on me because I’m a ginger LOL

Barbara hope you were listening last night to the scooby

Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill:


Hello Tommy, next stop is Butlins Bognor over Easter then Barbados in September, looking to book a cruise next year that starts from the Caribbean and comes back to the med.

Babs, hope The painkillers have kicked in now and you’re more comfortable x

Pete, hope your aquatic friends have settled down now.

Keith, hope you’re ok mate.

Mrs T, hope the weather didn’t cause you too many problems, been better today I understand.

All the best everyone!


It’s a late check in from me you lot, hope the day’s been kind to everyone.

Les is rowing with her youngest & I seem to have been dragged into it, I hate confrontation & neither Les nor I seem to able to say the right things to her, she seems shocked we have our own opinions about her choice of boyfriend? It’s a case of don’t ask the question if you don’t like the answer…


Morning Roy and Lesley, babs, Tommy, Keith and Mrs T sometimes Roy no matter what you say if people Don, t like it you can, t win since I, ve had pd I hate confrontation or getting dragged into things anyway today is another new start came home from taking mam to town yesterday to find fish in small tank struggling to get air seems like ammonia spike got them while I was out so calling it a day hoping to go to hmv for some therapy
Hope your over the worst babs will catch you later
Tommy I, ve done 2 more odes I need to check before posting one is about our clan hope our missing twosome are ok
Pete and mam


Morning Peter and Mam
I want to see your work!
Morning Roy and Lesley.
Morning Kieth and Mrs t
Morning Babswood hope that Frankie Vaughan is feeling better.

Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill:


Hi try first attempt hope you like it hoping you and Sue are well
Pete and mam


Have you heard from babs today?


Hi Peter and Mam
No I haven’t heard from her today.
She’s probably a little tired.

Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi all

Hoping that you are keeping well
That’s me on painkillers that take the pain away. But they also send me off to sleep.

Thanks Peter for noticing that I had not been on.

Xx x


Your always missed just as long as we know your OK I put another little ode on first attempt if you want to read it how is your hand now? Regards to Phil from us both
Pete and mam


Hi Peter. Roy. Tommy and not forgetting Mrs T.
Hoping that you are all going to have a good day.

Regards to Mam and hoping that she is keeping OK.

Thanks again for all your kind words when I had my op on. My hand.

I look a pretty sight with my boot on My leg and my hand in a cast.

Can obv only go out if I take my wheelchair.

Tommy anything from. Oor friend Keith.

Take Care All. Babsx x x


Morning all musketeers
Hi Babswood no I’ve not heard from Kieth.
I’ll probably phone him later.
Good to see you back on the forum.
Roy and Lesley hope you like the poem .
Mrs t can you please ask Kieth to get in touch when he’s not too busy? Ha Ha.
Hi Peter and Mam
Peter it looks like you’re enjoying your new found talent .
Keep it up it’s good for the mind.

Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill::pill: