Hi Tommy can, t find anne1 but thanks to you and babs for kind critique got a feeling you started me off now a sort of Welsh shakey spear


Not been on, had vile attack of diverticulitis.
Babs, you hero. Kinda pain you can do without. Keep on trucking.
Keith even out of my sphere of influence.
Roy golden rule: never, ever, ever express an opinion on partners, ever.
Peter, new talent on the block, is loving it.
Shall be forced to put some of my art work up…
Beware, be very aware.
Hugs to all.
More later.


Good evening everyone.

Things have been somewhat sombre today, Lesley lost her best friend of 20 years this morning, she was only 52, luckily I was with her when she found out to console her & her girls are all rallying round now.

Babs, hope your free of boot, cast & pain soon x
Tommy & Pete, did you hear the one about Shakespeare walking into a bar? The barman said ‘Get out you’re Bard…’
Mrs T, my opinions align with Lesley’s & her daughter has kind of taken it on board (they say the truth hurts)
Keith, hope you’re ok mate?


So sorry to hear about Lesley, s friend life can be so cruel all our love
Pete and mam


Thanks Pete, I’ll pass that on. Lesley was more upset because she hadn’t been to see her friend in hospital this time (she’s been poorly for some time), she fully expected to see her when she got home but unfortunately this time it wasn’t to be. Love to Mam.


Hi Roy and Lesley
Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of Lesley’s friend.



Thanks Tommy, I’ll pass that on.


Hi Roy.
Please tell Lesley that I’m thinking of her. So sad.

Peter so you have found out you are a
talented poet.

T good to hear from you.

Tommy hoping that you and Sue are well.

Enoy your day folks. Babs x x x


Hi Babswood
A good start to the day for me anyway!
Just watching Jeremy Vine .
And Storm Huntley was reading the Daily mail .
With all the new words that have made it into the Oxford English dictionary from Scotland.
Eachie Peachie
It made me laugh interpreting them to Soo.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Thanks Babs, will do. Les used to ring her when she got back from dropping her daughter up the station, she told me this morning as she was driving home she thought ‘I must call Maxine…’ then remembered.


Hi morning everyone hope you are all well Don, t really know what to say to Lesley except try to think of the good times and fun moments you shared with your friend it works for me when I think of my father hope it, s a good day for all my mate now calls me Welsh shakey spear v. funny


Morning all. Lesley’s ok thanks Pete, went out last night for a curry, then Easter egg shopping after (there was a Tesco’s opposite the curry house).


Hi there hope everyone getting on. OK? Regards to Lesley x Roy.
Peter how’s your new tank coming on?
Hope Mam OK. X

What’s happening with you Tommy? Hope all is well. x…



Hi babs how are your hand and leg now? Thanks for reply on poem Don, t know where they come from tank is in garage taking a break seems like tank is on small side for what I, m aiming for so waiting to go to clinic as legs are bad mam sends her love Don, t know what, s happened to Keith
Pete and mam


Hi babswood
I’m OK thanks mate just checking out my new phone

Tommy :iphone:


Hi Tommy what have you upgraded to? Still getting used to my new payg Nokia hope you and Sue are well as you can see up early had my 3hrs have you read my poem for dad? been trying to put something on paper for ages all the best
Pete and your fav girl


Hi Peter and Mam
Yes I have read your poem.
Very touching!

Sorry I’m so late answering as I am currently working on my phone
I was having a couple of problems with wap settings as I don’t have any Internet at home.
I have one of those Huawei handsets and it may take a few days to get used to it.

Regards to my favourite girl.
Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi Tommy that’s the same phone that I have well same make anyway.



That,s what make my tablet is you,ll get there
Pete and mam


Can’t get the parkinson’s uk icon on home page or notification.