Not sure about notification but what I did was type in Parkinson’s UK Forum when page comes up press 3 dots you should have option add to homescreen click on that for notifications should ask you when you first sign in check in set up if it, s turned on


Thanks Peter
That worked.
Now just the notifications
Tommy :pill::pill:


Sorry struggled with that myself only got them when forum changed and they asked for my permission


Cheers Peter
Looks like I’ve got it.


Thanks for the photo of Sammy we can see why your a sofftie with him


Morning all hope you are all well stunning morning here except for some toerag nicking pot from my garden
Pete and mam


Morning Pete, morning all. Yes, lovely day. Moved the compost bin and it’s contents yesterday, quite a workout! Got a big concrete bird bath to move today.


Morning musketeers
Hope you are all well today.
I myself am just a little tired
Probably due to playing duelling banjos till the wee small hours with a certain quiz maestro.
A beautiful day here today
Regards to my favourite girl

Tommy :pill::pill::pill:



You were a very worthy opponent Tommy


I did enjoy it Roy.
Haven’t played for ages.



Hi All

Hoping that you are all enjoying the lovely day it is. Although still very cold here.My family are coming over this afternoon? We are just going to get dinner from. Our fav Indian restaurant. As pPhil does not feel up to doing dinner for everyone. He is absolutely shattered doing everything around the house and also caring for me as well.enjoy your sunday folks.


Hi morning everyone another glorious start to the day just wanted to say the Welsh shakeyspear has struck again (our gang) off for my 3 month B12inj later will catch up with you all later mam sends her regards to everyone
Pete and mam



Did you find the new link to parkie radio?


Hi ma wee cronie
I sent an email to jp and he said that he didn’t do the show on Saturday.
He said he’d be back next weekend.
Hope you had an nice dinner yesterday with Phil and the family.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Cheers ma croni e it was just when I read it it said new link but obv not?
As I did not manage to listen in on sat.

Hoping all is well with you.


Hi babs how are you feeling now with pain hope you are managing to get some sleep mam sends her love any news on when the boot goes?
Pete and mam


Hi Tommy guessing you sorted your phone out did you solve notifications? Mam sends her regards and big kiss for Sammy hoe Sue is well
Pete and mam


Hi Peter and Mam
Yes I have emerged triumphant in my battle with my new phone.
Please ask Mam is it possible to deliver her kiss to Sammy tomorrow as he has rolled in something disgusting and is a bit ripe at the moment so he is going for a shower.

Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Hi Peter yes doing a lot better. Hoping to get boot off next Wed and also. Get my stitches out my arm and re plastered for another 4 weeks. Feels like a long haul.

Regards to Mam let her know I said hello



Morning babs, Tommy, Roy, Lesley and Keith and Mrs T our absent friends hope you are all well rested been up since 4am had my usual amount of sleep sort of hoping whoever stole ornament from my garden will return for something else can’t wait to put a dent in my baseball bat :grin::+1:anyway off to town forgot it, s mother’s day till last night need to get a card or I, ll have another bruise lol
Pete and mam