Hello Pete, Babs (glad you’re feeling a little better), Tommy, Mrs T & Keith. Had quite a productive day so far, sowed some grass seed where I’ve been moving stuff round in the garden, popped to post office, cleaned car (right down to dressing tyres!) & just put some washing on. Car goes in for MOT & service tomorrow, just thought cleaning it might help it through? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hi babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley I’ve already spoken to Tommy I hope you don’t mind I, ve invited Laney star to join us Laney is one of first people I spoke to on forum and she is really nice I know you, ll all welcome her on board mam not so good think her iron levels are down ringing gp tomorrow
Pete and mam


Hi Peter Laney Star is more than welcome to join our wee gang. The more the merrier eh?

Sorry Mam not too good give her my love.

Well Roy you’ve been busy. Hope the car passes. I also hope Lesley is doing okay.

Babsx. Well off to bed will speak tomorrow. X x x


Well good morning Tommy, Roy, Peter, Laney Star.
Hoping that you are all well this Wednesday morning.
My Sister is off work today so she is going to take me in my wheelchair around the shops today. So looking forward to spending time with her as we get on. So well.
Will also give Phil a well earned break from me.

What are you all up to today.?

Hope Mam feeling a bit better today and if not that you get appt for doctor.

Best wishes



Morning Babs, Pete, Tommy, Laney Star & all our part timers :wink:

Babs, enjoy your shopping, after anything specific?
Pete, hope your Mum’s better soon.
Tommy, glad you’ve won the battle with your new phone, ‘Richie’ got a new iphone yesterday which doesn’t want to restore from the cloud or itunes so reckon it’ll be a manual download of all the apps :confused:

Hopefully the car will pass with flying colours, it’s only 4 years old & only got 20,000 miles on it but I’m on a servicing contract & have got away with it for the last couple of years so they’re bound to ‘find’ something this time that I’ll have to pay for.

Lesley’s been a bit down about her friend &, to add to her worries, she’s found a house she’s quite keen on and the reality of moving, with all her stuff, is kicking in.


Mornin’ man wee cronie
you jist enjoy yirseltheday hen.
An dinnea furgett tae tell Phil thitawizaskin furrim.
Ken he’ll be thinkin’ he’s gondeef ra day eh?

And good morning to all the rest of the the musketeers.
It has not escaped my notice that we have acquired a new member today.
Isn’t it absolutely splendidly wonderful.
Welcome Laney star
Please send
your membership fee to WWW.tommy’semptypoakit
Richie have fun with your new toy.
Tell lesley that she is in all of our thoughts.
Keith, where are you?
Mr’s t how the devil are you up there?
Peter I’m lovin’ new found talent.
And last but definitely by no means least good morning my favourite.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Hi Peter

Sorry to hear that Mam not too good. Let me know how you get on at Dr’s?



Morning all, hope you’re all well?

Car passed MOT with no problems but there was some work they recommended I had done & as part of it was related to the braking system I let them do it, I suppose after 4 cost free years £260 isn’t too bad?

New phone is up & running. I ended up manually downloading the apps rather than rely on a restore of my old phones settings. There were some apps that I didn’t use any more & this exercise served as a bit of housekeeping to tidy things up. It’s a fait accompli now in any case as my old phone has been reset & is in a parcel to send back to Apple who offered a generous trade in against the cost of the new one.


They actually did a video about me tyres!


Morning all
Happy motoring Roy.
Hi Lesley hope you are well.
Hi Peter and Mam
hope mam is feeling better today.
Hi cronie, hope you and Phil are well.
Mrs t and kieth were are you both?
Lane star are you going to be a musketeer?
We’re waiting!.. LOL

Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Well Roy you must be pleased about your car

Hope you are having a good day today. The sun is out here but the wind is really cold…

Babsx . (, what happemef about the house that Lesley liked)


Lovely day here to Babs but about 61 degrees, went for a walk & got quite warm with just a thin coat on.

She’s been for another viewing today with her youngest daughter who liked it to & believe me she’s not easily pleased!

Sticking point is the price, although she can afford it it’s a bit more than she wanted to pay. I suggested she make an offer and see what happens.


Hi Roy glad mot went well I invited new member Laney star to join us but she, s struggling to find us how do i invite her onto thread


Am I here :roll_eyes::blush:


Woohoo yeahhhh :clap::clap::clap::clap:Welcome to the gang Laney star.
Nice to have you on board.

Tommy :pill::pill::pill::pill:


Oh my god have I done it, or have you all helped me I’m bloody useless at Internet dead slow thank you you will be fed up of me in a bit can you be barred or sent to Coventry :roll_eyes:


Oh god I want to cry so emotional these days doesn’t take much :sob:


You would cry if you could see the visage of the poor man replying to now. LOL

And the answer to the question is no.
No one wants to be sent to Coventry
Nice doggies you have I’ve got a 14 year old spaniel or I should say the spaniel 's got me.

Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


You are! Hello Laney & welcome to ‘Insomnia’ (sounds like an 80’s nightclub)


Cheers guys for welcoming Laney on board how, s the house hunting going have you found one big enough for your music there are a couple of empty castles down our way!!!