Possibly Pete, Lesley’s found one she likes but price is a little high. She’s panicking a little because actually moving is becoming more of a reality.


Morning Roy and Lesley, and here we go Babs, Tommy, Keith, Mrs T, and our newest member Laney another nice but nippy morning off to do the food shopping this morning and then hopefully a quiet weekend ahead with big game on Sunday oh and I get to lose an hour of my life putting clocks forward in all I have 22 to do any body got more? Good day to all will be around from mid morning
Pete and mam YNWA


Welcome Laney Star to oor wee. Gang.

I hope you. Enjoy. Our company.



Good morning all.

Hope you all have a good day.

I’m taking Phil out for lunch to a lovely Indian restaurant which is in the next village.

Will speak later.

Babsx x x


Good morning one & all, lovely bright day here.

What curry do you go for Babs? I like a Dansak. Anyway, enjoy!

Mending a gate & clearing gutters for Lesley today (must remember to take my own ladder, her’s is very rickety)


Be careful Roy no heroics enjoy your lunch babs I, m in for the day
Pete and mam


Morning musketeers
Peter we only have 6 clocks to change.
22 must be some kind of record.
Although if Roy was to count the watch collection then he’d win methinks.
Be careful up the ladder Roy.
Remember if the worst happens.
Bend the knees and roll forward!

Babswood and Phil… Happy Friday lunch.

Mrs t… Please come back and mark our homework.

Laney star… You don’t have to be nuts to be in the gang… However it does help.

Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill::pill::pill::wink::wink:


Hi all
Peter why do you have 22 clocks in your house.
I only have 3 clocks

ROY. mind those ladders!!!

I usually have chicken tikka but today I went for the buhna which was lovely
We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch.

Tommy what have you been up to today?
Is the shopping and all the housework done?
PHil has done all his chores for today too. And he got all the shopping In yesterday. .

Laney Star I hope you have a good day and look forward to speaking to you later.
I’m sure you will love being part of oor wee gang?

Babs x x x


95% of the collection are automatics (wind with the action of your wrist matron) so I just reset whichever one I feel like wearing before I put it on. I have a mantle clock, wall clock in the kitchen & my alarm clock to reset so just 3, the rest are either linked to computers or dab radio so reset themselves (fascinating eh? I’m boring myself…).

Mended Les’s gate & checked the gutters. Not a lot up there really, what there was I accidentally threw over Les who was holding the ladder :slight_smile: . One corner had dropped though and Les said it had been dripping so I raised that a little so it was no longer the lowest point.

Les has gone off to collect her youngest from the station & I’ve come home & am just enjoying a nicely chilled pinot grigio, cheers!


Hi babs not all clocks I had 3 watches but now have 3 of my father’s as well mam has 4 watches plus 2 bed clocks 2in kitchen Inc Cooker 2 liv room my bed cen heating 1in garage my tab and mam, s mob so bad I have a list how sad is that


Good Morning Gang.

Hoping that you all have a good day. Was speaking to oor Keith last night. By text. He is doing well.

Well I’m off to Stirling this morning early shopping. I will be in. My wheelchair of course

Babs x


Here i am, hi to all thankyou for iviting me il enjoy getting to know you all .laney


Hi Laney have sent you a message hope you get it OK.

BABSX. This is where we usually speak to each. Other.


Hi musketeers
I’m afraid I have to resign the gang leadership.
As I am so f#**#*g embarrassed.
Picture this!
I’m in M&S waiting or shaking in the queue, listening to a podcast on radio parkies with dj Claire when my headphones lost the Bluetooth connection and out of my pocket comes the wonderful sound of Y. M. C. A.
It was crowded in there and most of the people turned round to see me with my tartan trolley shaking to the happy little number by the village people.


Tommy :pill::pill::rainbow::rainbow:


I can’t stop laughing could picture it tartan trolley. n all… Babs x x x


Hope you were, nt wearing Indian headdress or worse still the dungarees can, t believe you listen to village people really worried about your sanity now all our best to you and Sue hi Laney as you can see we are all barking
Pete and mam


Hi there are we all going to be listening to oor JP on Radioparkie tonight at 8 till 10 great music. X


Forgotten how to find it think I won, t score 100% this time on memory test


Hi Peter the link is on the thread that. I mentioned it on. If you go to parkinson’s day below the insomnea link and just press
The link.


Ah hid a right brassy, hen.

Peter I don’t like the village people but however on the way down to the shop the dj did play Jimmy Somerville which I did like.
(guilty pleasure)
But I have worked in his mums house in Maryhill Glasgow.
Anyway the point is, I didn’t pick the playlist, it was the radio.

Tommy :rainbow::rainbow::rainbow: