Hi i’m here😀


Hi Laney as you can see Tommy is the gang comedian who will always cheer you up i,m going to restart fish but this time it’s looking like goldfish just need to decide on what tank


Thanks babs will tune in so long as my mate doesn’t phone


They seem lovely pete looking forward to chatting with them and getting to know them thankyou for inviting me :grinning:


Hi everyone good evening or buenos notches have i spelt that right .


No problem glad you are here


Hi there Laney Good Evening to you too

TOMMY whit ur ye like certainly gie us Awe a laugh.:blush::blush::blush: X


I’m a little teapot
short and stout
here’s my handle
here’s my… oops I’m a sugar basin :musical_note::musical_note::purse::high_heel::high_heel:


Nice one are we doing poems tonight , mummys day tomorrow and dont forget to put your clocks forward :sleeping:

                                        👩‍👧 MA.  ALRIGHT NOW 💖 

When i was wee,
I would sit on your knee
And hear you say
Its going to be
alright now

And as i grew
You always knew
When i was blue
I would hear you say
Its going to be
alright now

Now ive grown big and strong
And i have a family of my own
But when i need you
You are there
For your in my heart
And i hear you say
Its going to be
Your alright now

Love you mam :heart::broken_heart::two_hearts:


Hi Laney thought you said you didn’t do poetry really good my mothers day poem is on our gang thread I, ve just written it in card fell asleep can, t remember anything after 7.40 tonight just woke with fleece over me mam gone to bed


Hi Laney really good, another poet eh? You all put me to shame as I would not even know where to start.!!!

Babs, x
Ive just woke up so hopefully get back to sleep.


Morning babs, Tommy, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley and Laney after crashing out on sofa can’t believe I slept all night feel really sluggish o. jce and shower before breakfast will be missing for a couple of hours 4.30 you all know by now why hope everyone has a good day mine depends on the result later
Pete and mam YNWA


Morning all & happy mother’s day where appropriate x


Cheers Roy I hope that you and Lesley. Have

A good. Day.
Babs x


Hi Tommy. Did you listen to parkie radio last night. . I thought that the music was great.
Babs. X


Hi Babswood
Yes I did and I said to Sue that my Spotify playlist has most of the the tunes that JP played in it.
The cranberries
The Smiths & Elbow etc
The man has good taste in music.
And we gote a menshie annaw
Tommy :pill::pill::pill::musical_score:


Hi tommy sorry i didnt get back to you love it cute busy mothers day family tea and 6 grandchildren ,not that i cook hubby does it all they be waiting forever for me ,texting with one finger really hard and tremor at it foreverrrrrr.L


Hi morning everyone hope you are all well looks like another nice day here mate is picking me up this morning to go and get stuff I need for goldfish need to get new filter and bits and pieces mam still getting over fright I gave her yesterday when my team scored in last minute she already thought I was mad she said she was convinced now lol catch you all later
Pete and mam YNWA


Morning Pete, morning everyone. Waiting in for Parcelforce to collect a parcel (selling some excess hifi - got plenty of that!). They’ve given me a collection window of 9 - 2:30, so they’ll probably turn up at 2:25.