You know that will be the case think they just do it to wind people up downsiizing are you ?


Just moving on some stuff that was on the ‘subs bench’ Pete (I’d sold a lot of stuff a few years back but, somehow, the amount of spare kit had mysteriously grown in numbers again?), that’s apart from having 4 separate systems around the house anyway…


Hi all
How are you. Was up the shops this. Morning absolutely freezing.

The weather forecast for us tomorrow is snow. It is cold enough anyway.

Now ready to go for a sleep. Feel as if that’s all I do no wonder time is flying by.

Had a lovely day yesterday with my 2 grand daughters

Peter hope you get the fish tank all set up again.
Also hope Mam is doing okay today.

ROY have you heard from Tommy today?
What happened about the house that Lesley liked.?
Are you clearing out ready for the move. Hope that you are both well.

Babsx x x


Hi Laney

Pleased to hear that you had a great day with your grand children what ages are they.? My 2 grand daughters are nearly 3 and the oldest one nearly. 6

Hope this finds you well. Babs x x x


No, not heard from Tommy today Babs but he doesn’t tend to message/text me directly.

Lesley had a second viewing of the house she’s keen on but is getting differing opinions from her daughters about it (‘I don’t care what you do, it’s up to you but…’ often prefixes their opinions). Her eldest reckons the lounge is too small - it’s 22 feet x 15! & there are 2 other reception rooms/areas! It’s also scaring her a bit now actually moving might become a reality!

We’re viewing another property tomorrow afternoon & Lesley has said if she doesn’t like this one she’s going to put an offer in on the one mentioned above. She’s right to wait for something that ticks most, if not all of her boxes with the money she’s spending but outside influences aren’t helping.


Hi Roy yes Lesley is correct it has to be the right move. As it’s a lot of money involved plus I’m sure she will get one soon as it will feel right the moment she walks in
I wish her the best of luck and I’m sure something will turn up. As what’s for you won’t go by you and if it doesn’t work out it obv was not
For her. And something else will. Be around the corner.
Enjoy the rest of your day Roy.



You to Babs.

I’m messing with an outside security light I had installed last week, it was far too sensitive & was coming on when a mouse in the next street sneezed!

The controls aren’t too clear, I think I’ve adjusted the sensitivity but we’ll see when it gets dark.


Hi musketeers
Babswood… I have been doing much this same as you
Except I went down to the shop instead of up.
Roy I didn’t think that you would have wanted me to text you after my Village People confession. LOL

Laney nice to see you again.
Peter I hope your new tank is successful.
Regards to my favourite girl.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill::rainbow:


Always good to hear from you Tommy no matter what the format/content :cowboy_hat_face::man_firefighter: (they don’t have a biker or a red indian :frowning: )


Cheers Roy.


Hi all sorry not been in touch but spent the day setting up the new filter all sorted have to wait a week before adding fish this may sound stupid but my first 2 goldfish are going to be black ones no I, ve not lost the plot check out black Moor goldfish mam says she is OK and sends regards to all
Pete and mam


Hi everyone good evening to one and all, I’m having a mother’s ruin, it is gin isn’t it, and tonic then bed I’m knackered don’t know what it is with 4am I’m getting bags under my eye and I was always told I had lovely blue eyes not with bloody parkies no chance picks you up and chucks you as far as it can, then you look at your babes and then the resentment kicks in and the fight is back on also the look in my hubby’s eyes when he just wants to take away the pain the hurt the sleepless nights the continuing twitch and spasms but I would not give this to my worst enemy, anyway today has been a good day and how are all of you doing babs thank you for all your help Roy for messaging me and Tommy and last but not least Pete for being there thank you, I’m going bed now sweet dreams to the gang and a here’s to tomorrow Laney :sleeping:


Hi babs
I have 2 daughters and a son in the middle eldest is 40 this year and then 37 and 31 between them they have 6 children eldest at university 20 in August then the boys are both 9 and baby Ted is 6 months, the girls are 5 and 3 well keep me active just slump when the door shuts but they know when nans not so good, love them to bits


Definitely going to bed soooooo tired zzzxx


Afternoon all, just checking in. Hope you slept well Laney.

Went to get a haircut but my coiffure man James said there would be an hour wait, just have to stay shaggy for a day.


Well Good Evening Roy, Tommy Peter & Mam and Laney.

I hope you have all had a good day. I have not been. Over the door today.
I have spent most of the day tyding things away in my room. As since I had parkinson’s I have be come. Very untidy so says the boss.
Anyway I have actually felt OK today. So tomorrow I have the hosp in the morning re my. Foot and in. The afternoon another hosp re my hand so a busy day…

Take care all. X x x


Evening Babs, evening all.

Good luck at the hospitals tomorrow Babs.

Viewed another house this afternoon, ok-ish downstairs but the 3 bedrooms upstairs were ludicrously small & I think Lesley has talked herself out of the one she initially liked. Got another one to look at on Thursday.


Evening gang good luck with the hospital appointments tomorrow babs keep us posted nothing wrong with taking your time re. House make sure it, s right or else it, s costly mistake hope everybody else is OK
Pete and mam


About 4 hours roy and here i am again would you believe 3’30am getting worse hope you slept better than me .goiing make a hot drink and try again.


Hi babs
Been awake a while , fell asleep downstairs earlier so thats my fault as i would have had till around 5am , hubby can sleep dozing on and off all night then sleep all night in bed ,sorry if i went on a bit other night apolgies to everyone :disappointed: see if i can go off again night Lx