Morning musketeers
Today I’m going to Oxford to see my urologist.
No hang on that’s not right
I’m going to see my neurologist.
And tomorrow is the day I take one for the team.
For Britain
For Europe
For mankind
For the world
For the universe
(probably a little otp)

Anyway tomorrow I have the Cysto sponge.
That’s where I swallow a capsule attached to a string, and when the capsule melts out pops the sponge which expands the nurse pulls on the string and as I gag for the nation retrieves the sponge.
All for C. R. U. K.

Tommy :pill::pill::pill::pill:


Morning all all the best for today Tommy and babs been up since 3.35 my self laney going to see if chiropractor Can fit me in good luck with the house hunting Roy and Lesley


Morning Pete, don’t say anything to Les but I’m losing the will to live with this house hunting, in my opinion a few of the houses we’ve seen would have been more than adequate. In reality she doesn’t really want to move which is causing an internal conflict but her house needs a lot spending on it so she knows the sensible option is to move but ‘sensible’ doesn’t come into it when you have an emotional attachment to a place.

Morning Tommy & good luck with Spongebob, hope he goes easy on you.

Morning Laney, go on a bit as much as you like, it’s what we’re here for :slight_smile:

Morning Babs, hope your hospital appointments aren’t too onerous.

Sorry to be the exception but I actually got my full eight hours last night & I feel pretty good today (that was after about a week of four to five hours of sleep a night so I guess it was a catch up?). Anyway must get my a**e in gear and go and see the lovely James to have my barnet sorted out before I start saying ‘cool man’ etc.


Hi Roy we were talking about moving but thought the stress would be a bit too much hi Laney wondering if you are as tired as I am nearly fell a sleep on chiropractors bench
Pete and mam


Roy and Lesley I send you heartfelt condolences.
A big welcome to the new gang member.
Hugs to everyone else.
This is short because hubby and I are off to Tenerife on Saturday via Carlisle: Luke’s mum has just moved into a care home there.
Just packing and sorting, we only take hand luggage, floors me completely. We are also taking a wheelchair.
Shall have much more time in Tenerife to chat.
Love to all.


Hi have a good time feeling jealous as I was stopped from flying years ago because I am prone to blood clots
Pete and mam


Hi Mrs T

Enjoy your holiday. Will speak again soon.

W go away end of June can’t wait like you I am taking my wheelchair.

Babs x x x


Hi Tommy how did you get on at hospital.

Hi Roy hope you manage to get a hair cut today.

Peter how you feeling after seeing the chiropractor. Love to Mam.

Hi Laney hope you are enjoying being a member of the gang.

Well folks I have to keep my boot on it for another 3 weeks and then int my own footwear. To go back to hos in 6 weeks

Also went to another hosp for my hand and. Got stitches out re plastered and and bandge put on and go back in 2 weeks to get it checked.

Babs x x x was absolutely shattered by the time I got home


Hi Babswood
I got on OK at the hospital just a teeny weeny bit of difference of opinion with him too much to explain on here but we did leave on good terms although he still thinks I’m a smart ass but I think he is the same.

This morning I did my bit of volunteering for cancer research and had the cyto test… Not pleasant but the aim is to save people having the camera down the throat test which of course is better and cheaper for the NHS and more importantly less intrusive for the patients.

Tommy xx :pill::pill:


Hi babs, Tommy, Roy and Lesley, Mrs T, Keith and Laney seems like your on the mend babs, well done Tommy hope everything is OK with you all still sore from yesterday but am going to try something new this is for you Laney as I know you have tried it before cbd oil is 25% off and my new treatment cbd muscle balm 50% off in HandB new range of cbd Inc. spray for bedroom and lots more going to put balm on now
Pete and mam


Ps Welsh shaky speer struck again


Thanks Mrs T. I had never actually met the lady but she’d been Lesley’s best friend and confidante for some years since they met on a bereavement group. She’d suffered with various health issues over the years but was always on the end of the phone whenever Lesley needed her.

Have a great time in Tenerife, where are you staying?

Hello Babs, I managed to get to James & his big pudding bowl yesterday & now my heads cold. We viewed a lovely chalet bungalow this morning but apparently it’s on the wrong side of the station… begs the question why did we view it? Think Lesley’s just stalling putting an offer in on the other one I know she really liked. There hasn’t been much interest in it according to the agent but, he said, at that spend level there aren’t as many potential buyers as there are for your run of the mill 3 bed semi, a niche market. Les intimated she might offer 10% off the asking price, the agent just laughed, you have a lot to answer for Phil & Kirstie.

Rock on Laney, Pete & Tommy!

I’m off to spatchcock & marinate a chicken for me dinner.


Hi PeterI just read your poem ‘Growing’ fantastic

You really have the knack.
Do you read them to Mam as I think she would be so proud.


Mam, s not said much there than not bad, quite good I showed chiropractor the one about flame and because she treated both dad and me for around 12hrs and she had a tear in her eyes she said it, s a good way to release your frustration and to give you something positive to hold on to thanks for taking time to read it glad your on the mend am sends her love
Pete and mam


Hi babs morning to all wet and miserable here that, s the weather as well as me off to do weekly shop soon will catch up with you all later

Pete and mam


Morning all. Day in today, got a couple of parcels due, one’s a watch I won on ebay the other is a piece of Lladro for Lesley (she collects it), thought she was due a treat as all this house business is getting her down.


Awe so cute she will love it. I have a few pieces that belonged to my mum.

Hope all is well with you



All good thanks Babs, how you getting on?

Been pottering in the garden, have planted some marigold & california poppy seeds & scraped the weeds out between the paving. Almost shirt sleeve weather here, very pleasant.

Dumbo’s arrived but it doesn’t look like my watch will arrive till tomorrow, Dumbo came quicker all the way from Spain! DHL - 1, Hermes - 0 :slight_smile:


Hi babs and all the gang meet jurgan

hope I, ve done this right


Hello Jurgan, how’s every-fin?