Nice one Roy sorry for the late reply been watching Liverpool hope you and Lesley are well
Pete and mam


Well someone’s got to :wink:

We’re both good thanks Pete, hope you, mum & Jurgan are ok.


Thanks mam much same my knees are killing me but just rubbed cbd balm on them tell you in morning if it worked
Pete and mam


Hi babs, Tommy, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley and Laney nice morning here hope you are all well used cbd balm last night have to say really effective on knees no reaction to it so will do my back as well bit worried if I go out may have all sniffer dogs in area following me!! regards to all from mam
Pete and mam


Hi Peter

Sorry to hear you have not been too good.
Hope the CB D oil works.
Regards to Mam. Tank is looking good

Hi Roy weather not too good here today is raining. You are so organised Roy getting you plants in

I am not allowed out in the garden as we have decking ubtil I get my boot off. Just in case ¡!!! ¡!!! ¡

Hi Tommy how are you.? Hope
that you and Sue are well.

Hi Laney what’s happening with you this weekend. I’m off to my sons this afternoon with. Hubby. PHil.v

We. Have just came into our local pub for a drink before my daughter n law picks us up.


Hi all musketeers
Sorry I haven’t been posting lately but I have finally gone officially nuts., (long story,)
Sammy has kept me busy today as he got a nasty tick just under his eye which I wouldn’t even consider trying to remove.
So it was off to the vet and I’m now £50 lighter for 2 minutes work.
Still he’s a L’Oréal dog… He’s worth it!
Regards to my favourite girl.
Tommy :pill::pill:



Hi Tommy just glad you are okay hope Sammy will be OK you know he, s worth every penny my legs not been great but tried cbd balm with capsicum as it was first time didn’t put much on but got no reaction so will use proper amount tonight h and b got a fair range now Inc cbd spray with lemon for bedroom just thought I, d let you know
Take care Pete and mam


Evening all, just a quick late night check in before I start binge watching bargain hunt until the wee small hours (been napping on and off since dinner round Lesley’s so feel quite fresh). Hope everyone’s had an enjoyable weekend & hope Sammy’s ok Tommy.


Hi good morning to all of you off this afternoon to get jurgan a playmate (not a bunny one) hopefully klopp will be here in time for tea mam sends regards to everyone
Pete and mam


Morning all.

Be good for Jurgan to have a playmate Pete



Cheers had enough probs with fish still v. funny


Just don’t give 'em a see saw lol


Hi all. Hope you have had a good day.
It has been nice here today but still very very cold brrrrrr.
How did Lesley like her ornament Roy?
I hoe that you are feeling much better Peter.
Regards to Mam.

Away to have ma dinner as grub is u.p.


b[quote=“babswood, post:3747, topic:12845”]
How did Lesley like her ornament Roy?

she loved it thanks Babs, she has a large Lladro Elephant her Mum got her years ago & Dumbo’s stood next to him :slight_smile:


Brilliant Stuff. :+1:


Well. Good morning folks.
Hoping that you are all well today?
Looks like it’s going to be another nice day here.
Just hope that it heats up a bit.


Morning Babs, morning all. Bit damp here & I’ve woken up with a big pain in the neck, think I fell asleep with my head hanging off the bed or something, Radox bath in a bit.


Morning all
Can I join in the weather reports.
It’s no takin enny time tae come doon here.
Am ferr drookit so a um.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Huv ye dried aff efter gettin drookat.

When I hivnae any thin to say am asweel talkin aboot whether it’s sunny or naw.

Or shud a just say nufun atawe.?

Babsx🤔 x


Hi hen
Tokkin aboot ra werra.
Ah see yell huvtae get ra winta woollies oot ra nite
coz it’s gonny be pure ded baltic up rerr ra nite. :cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_snow::cyclone::cyclone: