Morning musketeers
Good news! I have got my old 2004 lawnmower in good working order again. I have re-wired it from the plug through new switchgear to the motor which I also took out cleaned and re-greased all for the massive sum of £20. Including 20 metres of cable and a new impeller and blade carrier.
Sorry if I have bored you but I have actually achieved. LOL.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Morning gang must be catching Tommy as after giving up on fish spent the afternoon getting my bog standard record player to play through my cd player with built in amplifier cd doesn’t work, radio fine as is the amp and now I have new sounding record player good day for us both hope everyone is well taking mam to put flowers in the Crematorium later
Pete and mam


Morning all. Well I sold a turntable last night within 10 minutes of advertising it (should have asked for more…), celebrated by buying another watch.


Morning everyone hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend as for me plan on doing nothing as been so wiped out over last few days luckily I have appointment in pd clinic on Wednesday got a list of questions I need answers to will be here all weekend if anybody wants me
Pete and mam


Morning folks.
How are we a today.
Well ive been up early and been to the shops
. Got a good deal on two pairs of sketchers. ( so pleased).

Looks so nice outside but is so cold.
That’s me in for the day now.

Babs x x x Regards to Mam also


Peter let me know how you get on at PD clinic o.n WEDNESDAY


OK will do that see early bird caught the worm then mam sends her love say hello to Phil for us catch you later
Pete and mam


Afternoon all. Off here in a bit

Accompanying Lesley & her granddaughter :slightly_smiling_face:


Enjoy your day!!!


Had a great time thanks Babs, Milkshake Monkey was on top form, best song in the show was ‘Lucky hat, eating bananas’ :metal:


Glad you enjoyed yesterday another quiet day for me till 4.30 when reds play only thing I look forward to except chatting on here my mate is taking me to nearest hmv end of week to splash some cash and have monster breakfast just posted a poem on parkinsons poetry thread if your interested
be nice to get your thoughts regards to all from us both
Pete and mam


Morning Pete & Mam, morning all. Looking to buy anything particular at HMV Pete or just browsing? Haven’t bought any music for a while, still catching up on charity shop purchases.


Nothing in particular just seeing if anything catches my eye just be glad to get out for a few hours to do my own thing


Hey Peter

Hoping that your team wins today
YNWA x x x


Thanks I, m hoping we win and man City Don, t regards to you both from mam and me


Morning / afternoon all, hope everyone’s ok.

Bright day here but still a slight chill in the air. Hoping for good weather over Easter, we’re off to Butlins at Bognor for the weekend, me, Lesley & her family, 11 of us altogether! Also hoping to see my cousin who lives in Selsey which isn’t too far away :slight_smile:


Hi Roy been many years since I went to butlins last weather is supposed to be good for the weekend you should be OK
Pete and mam


Hello Pete. It’s changed a lot over the years, we’re staying in the Ocean Hotel which looks quite plush

and they spent £40m on a new pool complex.


Hi Roy
Accommodation looks excellent.
I hope you all have a marvellous time.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Hi I agree does look nice totally different to what I remember enjoy your weekend hi to everyone else hope all are well
Pete and mam