Hi Peter and Mam, Barbara, Roy and Lesley, Laney, Mrs t and kieth.
Hope you are all well.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Hi Tommy we are both ok, well as OK as we can be listened to Freya not my usual taste but will have another listen just had best of mott the hoople from amazon loved all young dudes and honaloochie boogie hope you are all well have to say cbd balm is definitely helping pain in my knees
Pete and mam


‘Mott’ was first LP I ever got (Xmas '74 I think?). Still got it & still a favourite.

We’re good thanks Tommy, bad tremors in right arm today but that was after exertion in the garden.


Hi Peter
David Bowie gave mott the hoople all the young dudes when they were having a bad spell and it helped raise their profile again.
Incidentally it’s not the law to like Freya LOL.
It was good to see that you were going to hmv just to have a look.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Mam said if I come out of hmv with nothing she will have a heart attack


Golden age of rock n roll was my first 7inch single


I never really bothered with singles, stuck to LPs. Will have to give this a play tomorrow


When I growing up I played mostly my 3 older brothers records from hurricane Smith and Eric Clapton t rex but was mostly influenced by Bowie.
Then I bought parallel lines, pink Floyd and quickly moved to stiff little fingers and the sex pistols mainly because they hated it and it felt like I’d found my own niche.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Looks pretty decent there Roy, hope you all have a good time at the reunion with your cousin! :hugs::partying_face:



Thanks Sheffy. It’s weird but I see a lot more of my cousin who lives in Scotland, he comes down to London every couple of months for meetings etc. & stops with me rather than stop in a hotel. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen Barbara in Selsey but we keep in touch through Facebook.


Well hope you and Lesley enjoy meeting up with her it’s nice to keep in touch, most of my cousins live up the north-east, and sorry to say we only seem to see them birthdays, weddings and funerals.



Hi gang tommy babs pete roy an all,
Just bobbed on to wish you all a lovely easter and dont eat too much chocolate
Hope the weathers nice and you all get lots of eggs, thanks again for being there for me, feeling much better and il keep bobbing on so you dont forget me love Laney x​:rabbit2::rabbit2:


Morning Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley, Laney and sheffy really does look like the Waltons hope all is well with you all still wet here though Easter weekend is looking good just off to shower before breakfast will catch up with you all later
Pete and mam


Morning all musketeers
It’s a beautiful day in Oxfordshire and wow it j got better.
Laney 's back.
Have a great Easter weekend, Roy and Lesley, Babswood. Peter and Mam, Keith and Mrs t.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Hi gang strangely quiet on here the last few days full day tomorrow mam in clinic and I, m in pd tomorrow so may be slow replying to everyone but will get back to you soon as I can
Pete and mam


A late good evening Pete,Tommy, Babs, Keith, Mrs T, Laney and Sheffy. Cousin’s down, he had a meeting in town, we’ve just had a curry washed down with a glass or 3 of Shiraz, He’s just resting his eyes, been up since 3!


Hi Roy have a Fab weekend. We are having a barbecue tomorrow? Hoping the sun comes out as promised. :blush::blush::blush::sunny::sunny::sunny:X


Hi babs and all the gang see you are wifi is up and running just text you any how swelling is caused by pramipexole so I have to get flight support socks hope they do suspenders to match lol if I have 3 or more episodes of shaking or shuffling I will have to change siemet tabs for different ones hope you enjoy your barbie will be off for couple f hrs from 8pm you guessed it reds on the box
Pete and mam


Hi Peter and Mam
I’m going to be listening to the game.
Hi good to see you back enjoy your barbecue tomorrow.
I’ve sent jp a poem we’ll see if he likes it.
Roy what is shiraz?
Something a magician says maybe?
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

Tomorrow’s dinner!


Thanks Babs, you to x