United 's manager needs to win on Wednesday or he’s for the sole.


Hope you all enjoying this sunny weather.x x x


Hi Peter I read your poem yet again very good(I am one of the lucky ones as I don’t suffer from Hay fever.

Babs x x x ps say hello to Mam from me


Hi Tommy how did you get on reading out your poem on parkie radio.i was sorry to have missed it but will probably be able to look back at previous shows🤔 x x x Babs


Hi Babswood
I missed it too i fell asleep
So I don’t know if Johnny played it or not.
I’ll have to wait for the podcast.
Hope everyone is well and enjoying the weather.
Off to see the nuero trick cyclist tomorrow :bike::bike:
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Let me

know how you get on?



Ah wull hen.
Bit ah fink he’ll be ra want oanra couch wi me coonslin him bayri endo the appointment. Ha Ha. :couch_and_lamp::couch_and_lamp::couch_and_lamp::joy::joy:


Hi morning Tommy and all the gang not been great last few days days posts may be intermittent but have posted poem on parkinsons 2019 thread really don’t know where all these words are coming from!! Anyway take care all will catch you all later maybe
Pete and mam


Morning Peter and Mam
I’m just going to take Sammy out early as I have a hospital appointment today.
Update later
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill: :pill:


Morning all, survived Butlins, got back yesterday, a good time was had by all.

Sorry to hear you’re not so good Pete, hope things improve soon.

Good luck at the hospital today Tommy.

How are you Babs, Sheffy & Mrs T? x


Hi Roy all ok here. Glad you enjoyed your weekend away.
The weather was brilliant eh?

Peter sorry to hear that you not feeling too good.
Regards to Mam x

Tommy how did you get on with your Neuro. I hope you did not give him too hard a time.

Babs x x x


It was gorgeous Babs, even I had my shorts on, who needs the med!

Bognor wasn’t that busy for a bank holiday either, mind you there’s not much there anyway.


Hi all musketeers
Sorry I’m late but I have a note.
I left the the neuro trick cyclist :biking_man: looking like Norman Bates, sucking his thumb and shouting for his mum.
Get this through he only wants me to buy a YOGA mat and attend a mindfulness course for 8 weeks starting in June.
Maybe when I’ve completed the course I could be the forum’s Dalai lama.
I’m off to get some joss sticks catch you later.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


We used to have two of those in our garden peter, the cats didn’t come into the garden for a little while but then they began not to take any notice of them hence they were soon leaving their ‘little parcels’ everywhere again! Then we tried cucumbers (when they were cheap) we thought whoopee! we found something to keep them away but they soon got used to them! We have tried red hot chilli pepper, ground pepper, garlic pieces, orange peel skin, but the little buggers still get the best of us no matter what we have tried, so I hope you have better luck than we have. We have a corner garden so it’s a thoroughfare for eight cats at the moment. Grrrr…I’m coming back as a dog when my time comes!

sheffy x


Hi sheffy so far not seen a cat hoping it stays that way!


Good morning Sheila, Laney, , Tommy Roy and Peter and Mam.

Hoping you have all had a good night’s sleep. I am actually not long up.

It’s good to see that you have joined us Sheila.
I have the same problem with cats. I have ordered a contraption. From Groupon so will let you know if it works.

Have a good day all and mind buy that sweat band for? Your. Hair. TOMMY. Ha ha.

Babs x x x


Hi babs you wouldn’t know the name of the contraption you ordered would be nice to know incase ours doesn’t keep working mam sends her love regards to phil from us both still feeling rotten prob. go back to bed after dinner
Pete and mam


Hi Tommy was wondering if you are still on our cloud or have you drifted off with the pixies
Pete and mam


Hi Peter and Mam
I’m still here it’s just that my phone has stopped its notification sounds again.
Have you thought of trying a dog to deal with your cat problem.
Not my Sammy though because he lies on the lawn with the cats and if they get too close to him he comes back inside and looks to me to deal with them.
Also if a fly or a wasp comes into the house he hides in the bath.
Hi Babswood
Yes I have got my sweatband and all the rest of the kit from jd sports.
All I need is a tennis :tennis: ball hitting thingy cos I look like Bjon Borg’s grandad.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi Peter once it arrives I will let m you know as it is supposed to make a noise that cats don t like but we can’t here it.
I do hope you are feeling better soon.

Tommy let us know when your classes start…
What does the Neuro expect you to get out of doing yoga.?
Was just wondering. Hope you doing okay.

Babs x x x