Hi morning all just to let you know that mam has copd appointment and has to have blood tests done today so might be a while before i post hope everyone is well
Pete and mam


Hi all musketeers
Please excuse me in advance as I am currently in the process of changing my medication On a trial basis therefore it is likely that I may not post as often.
Or it may possibly go in the opposite direction and be for the want of a more appropriate adjective. (nuts).
I know nothing new about that eh?
Thanks for the “like” Reah, they were a good gang of girls to work with, they, bullied me silly at the time but I have to say I loved it!
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi musketeers
Just a quick note to inform anyone who has never seen a neuropsychologist
(Don’t Joke)
Here’s a brief part of my conversation with one.
“Well Tommy you seem to be in a state of permanent arousal”

“Sorry doctor I didn’t think you’d have noticed but you are a very good looking chap”

Well I watched that joke flutter across and float over his head and straight out the open window.

“Do you always use humour” he said with a deadpan face.
“I meant psychologically speaking”

“Well obviously not as it certainly did not make you laugh” I replied.

To be honest I think he was incapable of humour and the last time he smiled he had the hives.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill: :pill:


Hi all

Hoping that you are all okay.My neice had been up for the weekend from Normanton Nr Wakefield. We had a great weekend. We went to the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall to see a tribute band they were playing the music of Fleetwood Mac from Rumoirs. They were Brilliant.

Babs x x x


Thunder only happens when it’s raining.
Glad you had a good time
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Cheers Tommy. X x x


Hi both seems we may have found answer to part of mam, s breathing probs she has not been getting full dose so mam going to start new pump with Sall cylinder attached so she can get more into her lungs for once I will brag as I have been onto her for ages she used to tell me you Don, t know it all so I told her true just know everything lol go easy on meds Tommy I, m here if you need me glad you had good weekend babs all best to you both from mam and me


Hi Tommy babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy, Lesley, Laney and sheffy hope you are all well looks like another nice day here debating whether to risk some retail therapy or not lost my minder for few days as he had cataract removed yesterday so is laying low for a couple of days quick shower and some weetabix before I decide at last seems like chest infection is clearing catch up with you all later
Pete and mam


Well good day my friends. Hope that you are all well. Glad to hear that chest infection is clearing up Peter. Love to Mam.

Well now I have a sore big toe I saw Dr this morning and he says I will need to see the nurse to get my big toe dressed. So I have to go back tomorrow as no appts left today?
So now tomorrow I also have the dentist and it is messages. Day so a very busy day ahead.

Not that any of you will be interested.

Sheila I was just thinking about it how long ago was it that we met up in York? You sometimes think of the eople that were there and wonder how life is treating them eh?

Anyway will speak later I’m starting to ramble on.!!! Babsx x x x


Hi Babswood
Nice to hear your Scottish accent coming across the forum
(messages) eh? Huv ye gote a rerr message bag then?
Oh and I hope your toe is not too painful
Tommy xx :pill: :pill: :pill:


Afternoon Babs, Tommy, Pete & Mam, Sheffy, Laney, Keith & Mrs T. I’ve continued with my bin theme today, bought an oil drum on line to use as an incinerator (the bottoms almost fallen out of the old one). So had to give that a clean out with white spirit & then drill holes all round it. It’s significantly more robust than the incinerators you get from B&Q etc. (as I found out when I almost burnt my drill out) so should hopefully last a good few years (you can always rely on me for fascinating conversation).


Hi Tommy
Aye a know when I read it back to masel a did think naebody will know whit am on aboot except yersel.

Cheers ma China.

Babs. X x x


Hi all
Just retiring to my cot but someone has beaten me to it.

Awe cute
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:


Likes home comforts eh


You really are a softy big game tomorrow 98 thousand in nou camp all after the scouser perhaps Sammy could melt them how are you doing with new meds aftermy rant about no family calling mam, s brother turned up today think he had shock when he seen mam though he did, nt look too good himself anybody heard from Laney?


Good morning my good friends and how are we all today.? Have not heard from Laney Peter.

Will speak later as its off to the nurse I go.

Babs x x x


Sorry I did not get back to you mam and me had appointment with nurse for 6 months mot both are OK decided to go for lunch on spur of momentonly just caught up with all little jobs going to finish paper before our semi final v Barcelona hoping everyone is well
Pete and mam


Hi babs, Tommy, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley, Laney and sheffy another nice morning here managed almost 6 hrs sleep last night best for ages back on whisky with honey, lemon jce, sugar and hot water food shop after breakfast and maybe a tidy up in the garden hope everyone is well no probs in clinic yesterday can, t believe my BP 120/80 shame rest of me does, nt match
Pete and mam


Morning Pete, morning all. Might join you in the garden later Pete other than that no plans at all today, might take a leaf out of Micky Flanagan’s book and do ‘proper f**k all’


Wish i had taken his advice as only did bit of wee ding and now l,m knackeredon think stretch out on .bed is calling plus some music to chill to
Pete and mam