Cleared a bit more of ‘Ivy corner’ (can’t take it all down, only thing holding the fence up!)



Don’t look much but filled the green bin.


Nice and tidy like you done weeding does, nt look like I done a lot but had 3 big buckets full bags council give out are tiny filled both good excuse to leave garden for 2 wks till they empty them
Pete and mam


Just the bit on the left to weed & the bit at the back to tidy up now :open_mouth:


When you finish that you can come and finish mine off seems like it, s never ending


It’s very much fighting a losing battle especially at this time of year when everything has a growth spurt. The lady next door to the left doesn’t even go out in her back garden so that’s like a rain forest with sycamores growing from seeds & brambles coming through to my garden & likewise at the back which are communal gardens for the council maisonettes to the right. There is a fella who does a little gardening but he’s very much ‘half a job Bob’ who’s soul purpose seems to be to try and wake people up by scraping his spade on the ground at 6-7am (doesn’t bother me these days). The garden to my immediate right is well cared for but the ivy I’m battling comes from there.


Good morning everyone & a happy bank holiday weekend to one & all!

I’m stopping round Les’s for the weekend, we’re off to North Weald market tomorrow so I’m told?

Got a Doctors appt later but not PD related.


Morning everyone another bank holiday weekend hope you all have a nice time whatever you decide to do 2 games to go in football big game tonight for us need man City to slip up Mon night weather is OK here at moment though a bit on chilly side
Pete and mam


Hi musketeers
I’ve really got to think about a smaller house & garden.

I’m absolutely knackered!



Just get 2 maids and a butler


Aye Tommy you can but dream eh just like me.

Hope you all enjoy this weekend. I’m thinking of looking back out the winter woollies as it’s bl___y freezing up here.

We are off to the Fife coast tomorrow for a couple of days so will pop on once I’m back. Just hope the snow they are talking about keeps away. :snowman::snowman::snowman:X x x
Ps hope Mam doing okay X


Hi Babswood
I’m afraid you have caught me out.
I was trying to downplay it a little bit by just showing the gatekeepers cottage.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend hen.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Hi babs enjoy your break mam sends her love to you and Phil Big game tonight for us so maybe quiet for few hours or if it, s bad result could be few days!!! Hope everyone is OK
Pete and mam


Where did you get pictures of mine & Lesley’s houses Tommy?


Hi Roy
It’s just too big for me now.
I’m literally “rattling” around all day. LOL.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Hi Tommy just read your latest work impressed have you given any thought as to getting another opinion I know it, s a pain but it seems to have worked for Keith you really deserve to find the answer to your problems mam been having choking episodes on and off for a while but came really close to the end tonight I, d just gone to music cave luckily had, nt started to play anything or might not have heard anything seems OK now hope you and Sue are OK same for rest of gang
Hoping for a favour from Leicester tomorrow night so close now
Pete and mam


Oh well that was our only hope of winning league gone can’t see Brighton doing us a favour so near yet so far


Hi Tommy just wondering if you heard the game I, m lost for words even mam watched the end never seen scenes like it if you can find it on YouTube watch the kop sing walk alone to players and staff tears everywhere
Regards from mam and me
Pete and mam YNWA


Hi Peter brilliant game.



Hi Tommy I agree with Peter. Can you not go and speak with your own doctor and ask for a referral to another hospital. I know it’s not as easy as that but you really do deserve another opinion.
I hope this finds you coping. X x x


Hi babs hope you enjoyed your break I, m on cloud 9 never seen anything like the kop singing to players at end so moving
Pete and mam YNWA